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Archive for December 12th, 2011

A Question….
Monday, December 12th, 2011

I love posting questions because the answers y’all give me are always so much fun! And if you need a bribe, remember that next Tuesday I’ll choose the name of the winner of that pretty dragon mug from all commenters!

I was making my Christmas list yesterday. It’s Christmas in this house, although some of us are atheists/agnostics, some Christians, some Catholics…some still exploring our options. Off topic, but do you know some Protestants don’t recognize that Catholics are Christians? I get, “What church do you belong to?” “Not any at the moment, although I’m baptized in the Catholic church.” “Oh, so yer not Christ-y-in?” When I get that from someone that ignorant, I want to say, “To Catholics you’re all a bunch of cultists!” But I refrain—especially given my ambiguous relationship with any higher being.

Anyway, I’ve bought a few gifts, but not in any organized way. In fact, my daughter had to remind me I had some things tucked away I’d bought during the summer. So, now I know what I have and who I still need to buy for. I’ve made notes for most of the people on my list, except for one.

My father’s gift is ALWAYS the hardest one to purchase. He loves tools, but he has every tool known to man. He loves John Wayne, but he owns every John Wayne movie ever made and has a collection of John Wayne clocks, lunch boxes, coffee mugs, toilet paper—yeah, rough and rugged stuff for the rough and rugged man. I’m still stumped about what to get him, but I’ll figure it out.

So my question to you is who is that person in your life for whom you can never find the right gift? What have you gotten him/her in the past
that he/she loved or hated?