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Saturday Snippet: Friends
Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Get your free copy of Strokes while you can. See yesterday’s blog for details!

* * * * *

Enjoy today’s little snippet which highlights the unusually close friendship Bo shares with the Kinzie brothers…

“…what you get is explosive, emotional and endearing, something Delilah Devlin does better than anyone…”
4 Cherries, Whipped Cream

There’s a wild child trapped inside her, and they’re hell-bent on unleashing it…

As the pretty daughter of the town whore, Shanna Davies has always tried hard to toe the line. But she just can’t help it. Her boyfriend, Bo Crenshaw, has lured her untamed spirit out to play once too often. It’s time to get the hell out of Dodge and make a new start where no one knows her past. After she fulfills one last, wicked fantasy.

Shanna is Bo’s first everything. First kiss, first sexual playmate, first love. Yet he’s never managed to convince her that he accepts her—good girl and bad—just as she is. So, she wants a memorable send off? No problem. He’ll give her one that’ll make her think twice about leaving.

On the appointed night, Shanna expects nerves. Yet once she crosses the threshold, the prospect of surrendering to a night of unrestrained passion with Bo and the three Kinzie brothers makes her mouth water—and her courage dry up.

But she asked for it, and now she’s not about to blink first in this game of sexual chicken…

Warning: Four lusty cowboys prove a little domination goes a long way in breaking a stubborn woman to saddle. Lots of spanking, binding, flogging, and double-dipping can keep a girl on her toes, her back, her belly, her knees…

Bo rehearsed the request a dozen times, pacing in front of the Kinzie porch. He’d come early enough to catch them before they headed into town to hit the saloon, getting a rash of shit from his foreman because the old man had guessed his distraction had something to do with a girl.

Fuck. How did you ask friends to help you blow your girl’s mind without looking like a fool?

“Do you think he knows we’re out here?” came an overloud whisper.

Bo turned, shooting a glance over his shoulder. The three Kinzie brothers were lined up on the other side of the rail, eyeing him. Josh grinned. Cade’s expression was wary, his eyes narrowed. And Ezra? Well, Bo never could get a bead on what Ezra thought because the man’s expression never strayed from neutral.

He chose to address Cade’s wary glance first. “I’m not here to borrow your tractor again.”

“Weren’t gettin’ it even if you did. Got it stuck to the axle last time.”

Josh leaned his butt against the rail. “Only thing ever gets you so worked up is Shanna Davies.”

Bo snorted and narrowed his eyes. Josh wasn’t a mind reader. He’d been drinking with Bo Saturday night when Shanna had approached him.

Josh grinned. “Well, that got a reaction. Better come in and get a beer while we get cleaned up.”

Bo blew out a deep breath, glad for the reprieve, and climbed the porch steps.

Inside the house, Josh headed down the hall toward the bedrooms, Cade on his heels.

However, Ezra pulled the tab of the beer he already held and settled onto a settee in the family room, not caring that his clothes were sweat-stained and covered in dust. “So what’s botherin’ you? You finally tell Shanna you’re in love with her?”

Bo winced. How was it everyone else knew and Shanna still didn’t have a clue? “I uh, have a request. Something Shanna wants.”

Ezra’s gaze narrowed as he studied his face. “Better blurt it out now before the other two get back.”

Bo knew he was right. At least Ezra could give him a quick read. If he didn’t think that his brothers would go for it, then he wouldn’t have to take a lifetime of teasing from the other two. “I’d like to give Shanna something special. A Chrissi-at-halftime special.”

Ezra grew still. “She knows about that?”

“She does now. Don’t worry. She’s not a gossip.”

“As I recall, you weren’t all that into sharing. You played lookout while we got busy. You hardly got a kiss in.”

“This is Shanna we’re talkin’ about. I’d do anything for her. And she has it in her mind that she’d like a ménage.”

“Sure she can handle it afterwards?”

Bo knew exactly what he meant. After that football game, Chrissi gave them all the cold shoulder, too embarrassed to meet their gazes.

“Shanna’s plannin’ to leave town. Been job-huntin’. She doesn’t figure she’ll have to see any of you again.”

Ezra took a long pull of his beer then relaxed against the back of the sofa. “Does she figure on seein’ you again, Bo?” he asked, his narrow gaze pinning him.

“She’s leaving me too.”

Ezra glanced away. “Sorry about that.”

“Don’t be. She’s never led me on. It’s my own damn fault I didn’t believe her.”

The pad of bare feet sounded from the hallway. Josh and Cade trailed inside, their glances going to Ezra.

“He wants us to do Shanna,” Ezra said, his tone dead even.

“Is that right?” Cade asked, his eyebrows rising.

“Yeah,” Bo said, his face growing hot. “She wants to experiment. It’s a favorite fantasy kind of thing.”

“She ask for us?” Josh said, his eyebrows meeting the blond hair falling over his forehead.

“I made the suggestion,” Bo said, his tone gruff. “If you decide you’re not interested, I trust you won’t say a word to her.”

“We don’t gossip,” Ezra said. “There’s been enough of that around your girl.”

Bo nodded his appreciation.

“Anything we should know about her?” Cade, the middle brother, asked.

Bo eyed each brother, knowing by their curious expressions that they’d agreed to the request. He let out a deep breath. “She doesn’t like people mentionin’ her mama. And she’s self-conscious about her breasts. They’re small. And I don’t want her hurt or scared. So no rough stuff.”

The two younger brothers looked to Ezra. Ezra’s narrowed gaze fell on Bo again. “We decide what happens.”

Bo’s shoulders stiffened. “And if I don’t like it?”

“We aren’t gonna give a shit about what you want. This’ll be all about her. We swear we won’t do anything to harm or frighten her—too much.”

Bo nodded again, slowly this time. “I’m curious. You fellas haven’t shared since Chrissi, so why would you be willin’ now?”

Ezra shrugged, then his face broke into an uncharacteristic smile. “It’s good practice.”

“For what?”

“For the day we bring a wife among us.”

Bo’s cheeks got hotter. He’d always known the brothers were a little crazy, but he hadn’t known the depth of their kink. He couldn’t imagine wanting to share a woman he loved on a permanent basis. If he ever had the privilege of marrying Shanna, she’d have to settle for just one man in her bed.

* * * * *

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  1. Becky Ward
    · January 21st, 2012 at 7:48 pm · Link

    I got Strokes the other night, not to find time to read it.

    I loved this excerpt for Four Sworn. I have this on my list to get.

  2. Mary Preston
    · January 22nd, 2012 at 2:39 am · Link

    Thank you for the snippet.

  3. Delilah
    · January 24th, 2012 at 8:54 pm · Link

    Uh huh. This is book 3 in the series. There are now 5. Time to catch up!

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