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Archive for November 26th, 2012

Guest Blogger: Sable Hunter
Monday, November 26th, 2012

Who Shot J. R.? or What Happened to Aron?

When I heard Larry Hagman had died a few days ago, I felt a sense of loss. It was as if I heard of the passing of a friend. And in a way it was. Larry Hagman played J. R. Ewing (John Ross Ewing, Sr.) on the television show, “Dallas.” I was born in 1980 and if I had been born a boy, my name would have been John Ross. My mother was completely enamored with the show DALLAS. I guess I should be grateful my name isn’t Sue Ellen or Miss Ellie.

Mom’s penchant to watch the show about Texas cowboys and free-flowing oil may be the reason she married a Texan nine years later and we moved, lock, stock and barrel, from Louisiana to the Texas Hill County. I grew up hearing that tune—the theme from Dallas—and it sorta resounds in my blood—TADAH—TADAH—DUM DUM DUM DUM. . . well, it doesn’t translate well here, but I have attached a you-tube video to remind you of how catchy it was.

One of the things that I grew up hearing about was some of the wild twists that the writers of Dallas would pull on its viewing audience. One of those was when they killed off one of the more popular characters—perhaps the most popular—Bobby Ewing. America went into a complete uproar and the producers listened and when the first episode of the next season emerged, we were all partly pacified and partly horrified to find out that the entire season before had been a dream.

But the biggest, most successful stunt they ever pulled on Dallas was the cliffhanger—“WHO SHOT J. R?” The 1980 season ended with the attempted murder of J. R. Ewing, being shot twice by an unseen assailant. Larry Hagman had started out as a secondary character, but he ended being the indisputable star. From the episode that showed the shooting till the new season began, a summer to remember transpired. There were “Who Shot J.R.?” t-shirts everywhere. That’s one of the reasons that I know about it because I slept in my mom’s “Who Shot J. R.?” T-Shirt every time I got the chance. “I Shot J. R.” t-shirts were prevalent also. During the 1980 Presidential campaign, one of the Republican buttons proclaimed that “A Democrat Shot J. R.” and Jimmy Carter said he could completely finance his campaign if he knew the answer to that pressing question—“Who Shot J. R?”

The Queen Mother of England was caught up in the mystery. The Turkish Parliament was allowed to go home early so as not to miss the revealing episode and Larry Hagman was offered $100,000 if he would reveal the culprit, but he didn’t know who it was. No one did—it was sorta like when is Jesus returning—only the Father knows. HA! But Vegas laid odds—the whole western world and some of the eastern was caught up in the mystery of “Who Shot J. R?”

Larry Hagman profited. He refused to film the revealing episode until he renegotiated a contract that gave him $100,000 per episode and rights to all J. R. merchandise. Once the long-awaited episode did air, it was a surprise to everyone that Kristin had shot J. R. He didn’t press charges, however, because she told him she was pregnant with his child. Kristin was played by Mary Crosby. Who would have thought that J. R. Ewing would have been shot by the daughter of crooner Bing Crosby?

Jess, my brother, and I, really got into the new DALLAS this season. I had wanted to watch it because of my early memories and because I had linked another of my books to the show—BOBBY DOES DALLAS. I made several Dallas and Ewing references in that book and even mentioned the song was played when Bobby Stewart would run out on the field.

One night while we were watching an episode with all of those sexy new Ewings—John Ross, Christopher and others—Jess got a glint in his eye. He turned to me and smiled. He said—“Let’s do something like that with your books.” I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about, so he explained.

I have a series, “Hell Yeah!,” that has become quite popular. It is about a family of six brothers—the McCoys—who live on Tebow Ranch. Their names are Aron, Jacob, Joseph, Isaac, Noah and Nathan. And while each book has been well received—most love Aron the best. He is just sexy as hell. I laughed once and shared with a reader that I really had no intention of these books becoming a series. I wrote Cowboy Heat and it took off so I decided to expand. I’ll be honest with you, if I had known this was going to be a series I would have picked different names for the brothers. When they received their first names, I had just gotten through reading my Sunday School lesson and everyone got a biblical name. All of them are pretty good–except Noah. I giggle. Every time I say Noah, I just think of a guy with a robe and a long beard leading animals two-by-two onto an ark. But my Noah McCoy has turned out to be a sexy guy. Who knew?

Anyway, Jess’s idea was to create a mystery surrounding Aron. I have written five “Hell Yeah!” (the newest, I’ll See You In My Dreams, will release this week) and two cross-overs in a series called “Cajun Spice” and in every one of these books the lives of the brothers and their loves continue to unfold. The stories are connecting and some even overlap and in the last Cajun Spice, Forget Me Never, it is revealed—dun dun DUN!!!! that Aron is missing! He went missing on his honeymoon. I had no idea how this would go over but I have received dozens and dozens of emails from readers wanting to know what the heck is going on – ARON IS MISSING??????????

I love it. In the latest “Hell Yeah!,” we learn more, and more will be revealed in Noah’s book—Hell Yeah VI and in the next two Cajun Spice books. A lot of time in the “Hell Yeah!” universe won’t have elapsed because the books take place rather quickly, timeline wise. But like Jess thought, the idea that Aron is missing has caused quite a stir. My street team just made me a Café Press store. Maybe I ought to do t-Shirts—WHERE IS ARON???

Thank you for listening to me ramble. Like I promised, the YouTube link is attached for Dallas and the newest “Hell Yeah!” cover is attached. I’ve linked it back to my website where the purchase information will be made available as soon as possible. Today, HOT ON HER TRAIL—the 2nd in the Hell Yeah! series is free on amazon. Check it out. I have also attached my website link and my fan page link and I do answer every email.

An excerpt from the new book is attached and – oh yeah – one more thing.



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“Touch me, please.”

“Where, Presley?” Her desperation just fueled his passion. Being desired and needed was incredibly addictive.

“My breasts,” she whispered.

“I am touching you,” he crooned to her, suspecting what she was really asking.

“With your lips,” she said so softly he almost couldn’t hear. “If you don’t mind – that is.”

Sinking to his knees, he pushed her tits together and molded them in his hands, caressing and shaping them – rubbing his thumbs over the nipples. “You want me, don’t you?” Read the rest of this entry »