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Archive for November 5th, 2012

Guest Blogger: Paisley Smith (Contest)
Monday, November 5th, 2012

NaNo Day 5:
SS-2—3017 words

Writing Kink 

When my editor sent out a call for submissions for kink stories, I wasn’t quite sure how kink was defined. I discussed it with her and determined that kink was turning something non-sexual into something that aroused and titillated. Think shoe fetish or foot fetish. Or Seinfeld’s George Constanza and his velvet couch. Disturbing images of a naked George Constanza on a purple velvet sofa aside, the idea of writing kink intrigued me.

As an avid watcher of HBO’s Real Sex and Billie Piper in Diary of a Call Girl, I’d seen some pretty kinky stuff. I’d also read Anne Rice’s Beauty Trilogy which turned me on more than I cared to admit. Some of those scenes still play out in my head.

I enjoy the psychology of sex. And delving into characters whose psyches had been twisted, resulting in the association of everyday events or things with sex fascinated me to no end. But as a plain vanilla bonne vivante in real life, I realized one doesn’t have to participate in kink or bdsm to enjoy reading about it. 

For my first foray into the steamy, taboo world of kink, I drew on my own memories of playing doctor with the kid next door. To this day, a sexy nurse stars in many of my fantasies. Research revealed that more people than I ever dreamed of not only fantasized about medical fetish scenarios, but acted on them!

After two failed marriages, Avery Walker is encouraged by her therapist to explore her secret obsession. She can’t get off without fantasizing about submitting to intimate examinations—performed by a hot female nurse. When she joins a medical fetish website, she expects to find a partner who’ll provide a little probing and maybe some sexual release to help Avery get in touch with her kinky side. 

Then she meets Nurse Lovette… 

The consummate professional, Darby Lovette is determined to keep her relationship with Avery one of nurse and patient—nearly impossible when the gorgeous woman is on the exam table, willingly submitting to unspeakably intimate “procedures”. The fact that she’s loved and lost helps Darby maintain her resolve; falling in love isn’t part of her treatment plan. But Avery’s determination to explore sex with a woman just might be the cure for what ails them both. 

Reader Advisory: This book employs myriad toys created especially for erotic exams, no holes barred, and, ahem…perhaps a sensual enema—or two.

Surprised by how well Nurse Lovette was received by my readers, I probed into the world of kink again after reading Adele Dubois’ She’s Furry Yiffy, in the She-Shifters anthology, and seeing an episode on a crime drama about people who enjoyed dressing up as various critters to be treated as pets. The kink is called pet play and I drew on it for Purr, a lesbian historical about Katzenhalle, sort of a home for wayward women that’s ruled by a dominatrix who requires her charges to dress as cats and do all manner of kinky things.

Having been caught kissing a servant girl, Arabella suddenly finds herself shackled and bound for Katzenhalle Villa, where she expects to be forced into servitude. Instead, she discovers the mansion is home to other young women with Sapphic penchants—and good behavior is rewarded with kittenhood. All who reside at the villa dream of donning cat ears and tails and earning status as one of the mistress’s “pets”. 

There’s one caveat. Romantic entanglements are strictly forbidden, and this poses a problem when Arabella catches the eye of a favored pet, Giselle. 

Risking discovery, the women indulge their mutual desire, heated looks escalating to thrilling touches with fingers, mouths…tongues. Until Arabella discovers things are not as purr-fect as they seem at Katzenhalle. While breaking the rules may see them punished, the treachery of falling in love may come at a fatal price. 

Reader Advisory: The kittens of Katzenhalle can’t get enough hedonistic sexual attention. They enjoy female/female sex, light BDSM, ménages, multiple partners and even the occasional sensual enema. Meow!

***CONTEST*** Share your fetish fantasy or comment about kink to be entered in a drawing to win a free download of my latest Ellora’s Cave release, Purr!

Intrigued? If you’d like to read more, visit my website at

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About the Author

I’m Paisley Smith! I am a full time freelance writer and can usually be found in front of my computer either writing, chatting, promoting or plotting. It’s a glamorous life…working in one’s pajamas.

I attended college in the Deep South where I obtained a slew of totally useless degrees and developed an unrelenting sense of humor.

My books can be found at Ellora’s Cave , Loose Id, and Cleis Press!

I’m a member of Romance Writers of America.