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Archive for April 24th, 2013

Guest Blogger: Kalissa Wayne
Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Hello all! First, I’d like to thank Ms. Delilah for letting me join the fun on her blog! I love reading what gets posted on here and I’m delighted to join the “crew” of guests!

Anyway, my name is Kalissa Wayne and I’m a virgin romance writer who’s getting her cherry popped on July 16th. No, no, no! Minds out of the gutter! (Although I do appreciate the company!) I’m just saying, although I’ve loved writing my whole life, this is the first story that I’ve had published.  So when Ms. Delilah told me I could write about anything I wanted to, I had to decide on a topic. Aspiring author, inspirational ideas, hobbies, likes, dislikes, hmmm, all typical newbie author topics. I wanted to pick something different and it dawned on me. What do I want to know about a new/new-to-me author? I want to know if they can write, the rest I can learn later. So I decided to share a really short story with you! (psst! If you make it through the story, you’ll find the eye candy that inspired it! Lol) So, without further ado…

The Captain’s….

Shaking my head to clear it, I realized my wrists were tied above me. The ship rocked, voices coming towards me, arguing amongst themselves. Hands grabbed my shirt and ripped it open to my waist. Snapping my eyes open, I stared at the rough and ready crew of the Knight’s Revenge. Confusion ruled, my sloop had been attacked by two of The Royal Navy’s finest. Why was I now a prisoner on this privateer vessel? A sudden twisting pain brought me back to the present. The crew crowded even closer, one going so bold as to grab my exposed breast and twisting the nipple. I gritted my teeth and kicked out, hitting his shin. He howled like a banshee and hopped backwards into his crewmates.



“I told you to leave her alone. She’s the Capn’s.” The bald burly first mate said as he forced his way through the crew. “If you don’t think it’s fair, talk to the Cap’n.” The crew started grumbling amongst themselves when a voice from the back sent a sensual tremor down my spine.

“Yes, by all means. Talk to me if you think it’s unfair.” That deep voice was well known to me. He’d be trying to buy my vessel, Lady of the Sea, and get me into his bed for quite awhile.

Antonio de la Vega. I should have known. “Since I wouldn’t sell, you decide to take. So much for your gentlemanly attitude.”

“Ah, but my beauty, I haven’t taken anything that isn’t my due. We came to your rescue and chased off those nasty Navy sharks.”

“Then where is my crew and why am I restrained to the mast?”

His broad shoulders blocked out the sun, and as I looked up into his dark eyes, the spine tingles traveled south, centering on my clit. “Your crew are on their way to a safe port to fix the damage. I told them we’d meet up in a month or so.” His hand reached out, sliding from my cheek  to my breast, where he cupped and squeezed.

“That doesn’t tell me why I’m tied to the mast.”

“You owe me for saving your hide, your ship, and your crew.” His hand moved to my other breast. His crew elbowed to get a better view of what he was doing.

“I’m not a whore! I don’t pay my debts on my back.”

The wind whipped his waist length black hair across his face, partially hiding his wolfish grin. The unholy twinkle in his black eyes brought my guard up. “You’ll willingly work it off with me, or” he said as he backed away from me “you’ll work it off unwillingly with the crew. Your choice, my sweet.” As I looked at the eager expressions of the crew, I knew I had only one choice.

Thank God it was a choice I would have made anyway…

pirate 01

Sigh…. What was I saying? Oh, right.

I have a short story in the Smokin’ Hot Firemen anthology by Cleis Press  called “The Fireman’s Rescue” that is coming out on July 16th.  Here’s the link for the webpage: Also, I have a blog, though I didn’t realize it had been so long since I’d written in it until today!  and of course, my Facebook page .

I’m glad we got the chance to chat and hopefully Ms Delilah will let me come play again soon!