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Archive for April 27th, 2013

Saturday Snippet: Twice The Bang
Saturday, April 27th, 2013

I have a couple of books in the works. Already written. One is Twice the Bang.  It’s scheduled for release June 18th. Following is a tease and not completely edited, so if there’s a typo, it’s mine. And the blurb isn’t final either. I hate writing them. You can tell. Samhain’s copyeditor needs to work some magic on it.

I’m sharing this today so you’ll be inspired to get ready for the release. Meaning: Make sure you’ve read the other Delta Heat stories, Five Ways ‘Til SundayFournicopia, and A Perfect Trifecta. Enjoy the sneak peek.

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Twice The Bang

It’s a tug-of-war for her heart—cop vs. firefighter… 

Pansy Patton knows she’s playing with fire when she refuses to choose between two handsome men, both intent on collaring her. A rugged firefighter, a mysterious cop—how’s a girl to choose? Answer? She doesn’t!

Beau McIntyre knows he screwed up, opting for a drawn out seduction rather than claiming her long ago, when at a friend’s sexy gathering another man steps between him and Pansy. Now, he has to share her affections with another man. Pansy gives each man his own night of the week to pursue her, but Beau isn’t going to play fair. He’s studied Pansy too long and knows the key to her heart.

Billy Sorensen knows he’s out of his league with a submissive like Pansy, but it was lust at first sight, and now he’ll do whatever it takes, even sharing Pansy with another man.

The tension inside Billy’s Ford Raptor was thick enough to slice with a knife, but was it because of the confrontation with Beau at the bar, or because Billy was alone with her at last and didn’t want to proceed according to his plan? Was he wishing he’d cut straight to the fun and games?

Pansy hid a smile and glanced out the passenger-side window. She liked to play in public. Would he be appalled or into it? If this budding relationship was going to work, she needed to know.

The backlit sign for the restaurant appeared just ahead. She waited until he pulled into the parking lot and began to open his door before she turned in her seat and let the bottom edge of her dress ride up. Enough to give him a peak of her ass—if he needed reminding she’d gone commando.

Behind her, his breath caught, and she smiled, eager now to see just how far she could push him.

The concierge was a pretty teenager whose eyes widened as she gave Billy an up-and-down glance that ate him up like a sweet dessert. Since Pansy understood the reaction, she ignored the girl’s blatant infatuation and followed as the flirty twit and Billy chatted all the way to the quiet booth in a dark corner.

Pansy slid across the vinyl seat, her bare bottom cooling deliciously, and waited for Billy to slide in beside her. His thighs halted inches from hers, giving her polite space, but she wasn’t having any of that.

While the girl handed them menus and ignored Pansy altogether to gush over her handsome date, Pansy slid her hand between Billy’s legs and gave his impressive package a squeeze.

His chest billowed. His back stiffened.

The girl hovering over them glanced down and shock had her jaw dropping. “Um, I’ll bring you water.”

Her hasty retreat was followed by a long silence, and then Billy cupped his hand over hers.

Pansy ducked her head as heat bloomed in her cheeks.

“Seeing as you don’t seem to mind who sees us gettin’ friendly, keep your hand right there.” Then he slid his away and rearranged his thighs, widening them and slumping lower in his seat, as relaxed as he could be.

Pansy glanced at him from beneath her lashes. Her heart rate kicked up a notch, excitement skittering through her. The tone he’d used, smooth and deep—controlled—had her pussy clenching.

Drinks arrived, served by another girl, whose gaze went from Pansy to Billy, and then dropped surreptitiously to the hand between Billy’s legs.

So the first girl had mentioned it to the next. Did they have a little fan club going? Pansy gave Billy a blatant squeeze and tipped up her chin to give him a wide smile.

His eyes narrowed and his smile was tight, but he aimed a glance at the girl and placed an order for salads and spaghetti, not giving Pansy a choice.

When the girl hurried away, no doubt to titter in the back with her girlfriend, Billy leaned to the side, until his breath gusted warmly against her ear. “Eat fast,” he said, his tone deep and hard.

Pansy swallowed and slowly withdrew her hand, sitting up and squaring her shoulders. Her head dipped automatically, her responses driven by her training. If they’d been in a private setting, she’d have slid to the floor and knelt beside his knee. Billy might not be familiar with happened between a Dom and his sub, but he slid naturally into the dominant role.

How exciting. How completely delicious. Thoughts swirled in her mind. Possibilities mounted, one atop the other. Could she help him? Coax him into the being the Dom she needed?

They ate their meal, not speaking. Billy didn’t appear to pay her any attention at all, smiling politely at the girls who took turns filling their glasses and checking to see if they needed anything, but purposely ignoring Pansy beside him.

Not that she felt slighted. She understood. The tension in the thigh snuggled beside hers was unrelenting. He was as attuned to her as she was to him. Every breath, every slow chew, every nudge was noted. By the time the check arrived, her nipples were tight, hard beads and there was a wet spot beneath her where her pussy lips sucked at the vinyl.

As she rose, she dropped her napkin to hide the evidence, but not quickly enough that Billy didn’t notice.

His firm mouth curved.

That smile kept her hot all the way to his truck.

He opened the door for her and stood to the side.

She stepped up, her ass nudging his belly and slid inside before reaching for the safety belt.

But he was there first, leaning around her to snug it close to her waist and adjust the strap crossing her chest, and then he held still.

Her attention captured, she held her breath as he lowered his hands and slowly tugged up her skirt until it bunched under the belt at her hips.

“Good thing my seats are leather,” he whispered.

Pansy wet her bottom lip with a slow swipe of her tongue.

He drew nearer.

She knew he was going to kiss her by the quick downward flick of a glance he gave her mouth, and she tilted back her head. It was funny, but despite everything they’d already shared, despite the fact he’d seen her nude, they’d never shared a kiss.

When his mouth touched hers, her whole body vibrated. His mouth was hot and firm. His lips gave, rubbing against hers, parting slightly.

She opened beneath him, creeping her hands up his chest to grip his collar as he sank his tongue inside her.

Just as quickly as it had started, it ended. He drew away and backed out of the doorway. But not before she’d seen the tension tightening his jaw and causing the skin to stretch over his broad cheekbones. Although brief, the kiss was enough of a taste of things to come, and she was even more eager to be alone with him.

He walked briskly around the front of the Raptor. When he let himself inside, inserted the key and ignited the engine, she parted her thighs, liking the feel of the rumble beneath her, the low growling intensity of his vehicle, which now perfectly matched the bunched muscles of his arms and taut abdomen. No button-down dress shirt and dark pants could hide the trim, taut waist or thickly muscled thighs.

He changed gears with a controlled jerk and then rested his hand on her bare thigh. “I’m taking you home.”

* * * * *

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