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Archive for April 30th, 2013

Guest Blogger: Red Garnier
Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

What’s in a kiss?

Okay, I don’t know about you guys, but I always love, love, love a good first kiss! Kisses are magic, especially when the anticipation has been building and both the hero and heroine start craving it really badly –as a reader (or author), so do I! So let’s look at some types of sexy first kisses, and tell me what your favorite is. I’d love to know!

The urgent one: Where the hero and heroine have had it with all the sparks leaping between them, and by the time they go at it, the hero grabs her, or she grabs him back, or they both do (at the same time) and they just lose it and kiss like crazy. Mmm. Love this kiss.

The tentative one: Alright so here, the hero is usually the one who’s more tentative. He might brush her lips first, then he pulls back with a question in his eyes, and goes in for more. Tentative kisses are so sexy because they start building and building until you can’t take it anymore and want them to just LOCK LIPS ALREADY! Jajaja.

The exploratory one: This is delish, too. Who doesn’t want to be explored? And that’s precisely what happens in the exploratory kiss. They’re getting to know each other. They’re attracted. Curious. And even maybe a little hot. So they go for an exploratory kiss that usually begins slow, and ends up deep and consuming when they go wild about what they “find.” Which is passion and hunger to match theirs (usually.) Love these kinds of kisses, too!

There are other kinds, as well.

The angry, punishing kiss: where the hero is angry and means to chastise the heroine with a kiss (which is actually a prize, if you ask me!)

The dry, soft kiss:  this is usually a very tender, nonsexual kiss, which speaks volume about where their relationship is heading. For a guy to give a kiss that’s not meant to take a woman to bed, well, let’s just say: he likes you, girl!

What other kisses can you come up with that you like to read about? And can you think of a book or a movie with a really memorable kiss?

I’ll never forget the kiss in Catch and Release, oh my, I had to rewind that several times on my Apple TV because it just made my stomach drop (in a great way)! I love that the heroine is utterly furious and things have been building and building. If you haven’t seen this kiss, I beg you to see a clip here!

Now share your favorite kisses with me!

I truly LOVE Graves and Chloe’s first kiss in Claimed by Him where she practically dares him to, and he draws it out to torture her a little. Oh, it’s delicious. I hope you’ll check it out! Visit my website to read more or for buying information!

Red Garnier

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