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Archive for March 6th, 2014

Teresa Noelle Roberts: What is it about a print book?
Thursday, March 6th, 2014

What is it about a print book?

For one thing, I’ve never had a print book go completely crazy and lock up because the cat walked across it, like my Kindle did last night. That was a moment of panic, let me tell you. I know all the books are backed up in the cloud so all wasn’t lost even if the device was somehow screwed up beyond redemption. But I was in the middle of a book and had just reached a suspenseful point when my big ginger cat managed to hit way too many buttons at once and confuse the poor device. I didn’t want to be interrupted to deal with a technology fail!

Books, on the other hand, don’t care if you drop them, sit on them, even spill your drink on them within reason. For several years, I had a copy of Interview with the Vampire that I’d left out in the rain. It looked funny, but was still perfectly readable, and since I was just out of college and on a tight budget, I hung onto it until I found another copy at a yard sale. Can’t do that with an ereader.

And of course, it’s easy and perfectly legal to lend a print book you’ve just finished to a friend or loved one, thus spreading the love, while only some ebooks are legally shareable. (We do not advocate book piracy!)  I have a long list of urban fantasy books I need to seek out in print just so my husband can read them. He’s not a fast reader and I don’t want to let the Kindle out of my hands long enough for him to use my device to read them.

But more than those practical factors, I find physical books comforting. Sometimes I actually cuddle them, like a child and her favorite stuffed animal. Piled up around me, they make me feel rich. (Drowning in clutter, but rich.)

All of this is a long way of getting to the announcement that Knowing the Ropes, a BDSM contemporary romance, is now available in print. Get one to hug and love. Share it with your friends. Send a copy to your technophobic elderly mom. (Okay, maybe not. But if your mom, like mine, is open-minded and unflappable and likes the occasional sexy book, it’s an option)


They’ve got the sex factor in spades. But can love survive the “ex” factor?

Selene has harbored kinky, submissive fantasies most of her life, but her experience as a domestic abuse counselor leaves her leery of giving up that much control. Case in point: the ex-fiancé she didn’t love quite enough to test the limits of trust.

At a BDSM meet-and-greet, she sets out to learn how far is too far. Nick seems like the ideal dom to show her the ins and outs of ropes, floggers, and paddles—with no commitment clause.

After losing a sub he loved too much, Selene’s country girl common sense and smoking sensuality is like a dream that Nick never dared to have—a perfect blend of kink and long-term domestic bliss.

Yet it’s tough to figure out just how far they can push their limits when they’ve both agreed to a no-strings affair. Especially when an ex needs Nick’s muscle and Selene’s counseling skills to get out of a dangerous situation. By then it may be too late for love to survive all the things they’re afraid to say.

Warning:  Sexy, kinky, geeky dominant guy. Smart submissive woman. Crazy ex. A little experimentation between girlfriends. And lots and lots of kinky sex.

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Excerpts at Samhain and here

Visit Teresa at, like her FB author page ,, and follow her on Twitter @TeresNoeRoberts. Be warned she talks a lot about cats, gardening and yoga, as well as books, at all these locations.