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Archive for March 20th, 2014

Keira Kohl: Spring has not sprung…
Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Spring Has Not Sprung

Today is supposed to be the first day of spring. It certainly doesn’t feel like it. We’re supposed to have scattered flurries today.  Winter is my least favourite season because of that fluffy white stuff. I look forward to spring every year because that means the weather is getting warmer, the snow will melt away and more sunshine is always good. I live in a university town so spring also means the mass exodus of students in May. The town goes back to normal, no loud parties keeping us up at night. The coming of spring makes me want to clean out the house, open the windows and enjoy the longer days.

The start of spring last year was when I got the idea for my short story Laundry Day. How can doing laundry be sexy? I didn’t know either when the idea first came to me. I mean, to me, laundry is a chore I’d rather not do. So it piles up until I have no clothes to wear and have no choice but throw a few loads in the washer.  When I thought about a character walking down the stairs carrying a laundry basket full of clothes, wearing nothing at all, the idea evolved to a co-ed laundry day party.

The story was a blast to write but a challenge. The whole turning an every day chore into something sexy stumped me at first. I had the image in my head of a woman holding that basket but no idea how she got there or why she did laundry naked.  Gradually the idea developed  into a kind of key party but with a twist. Carmela runs an apartment complex for swingers. Her key party of choice is actually a laundry day party – clothing prohibited.



Naked, sitting on the sofa with her legs crossed, Carm studied Declan as he pulled his clothes out of the washing machine and tossed them into the dryer. Spending the day naked with a hot guy had seemed like a good idea when she’d first dreamed it up. But after so many months with Declan not applying she’d almost given up on the laundry day she envisioned. She shifted on the sofa wishing she’d put down a towel. While comfortable when fully clothed, the blue fabric irritated bare flesh, making her itch. If she stuck with the naked all day rule she needed more comfortable furniture.

She resisted the urge to cover herself. Being modest now would shatter the confident impression she’d given earlier. Finished loading the dryer, he began sorting through the clothes on the floor in front of the washing machine. He grabbed a pile of her delicates and a pile of his boxer briefs and threw them into the machine. The image in her head of their intimates rolling around together brought to mind them rolling around on her bed. The play of candlelight across his back emphasized corded muscles. She could stare at him all day but she wanted him inside her again.

If they were going to repeat their performance they needed food. Now that the next load was in she stood and marched into the kitchen. She eyed the stove, fleetingly rationalized wearing an apron to make a hot meal but tossed the idea aside. Start breaking the main rule and they’d start breaking other rules. There had to be something in the apartment they could eat that wouldn’t risk third degree burns.

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About Keira

Keira is a former strip club bartender. Nights at the bar gave her lots of sexy ideas to work on. Working nights meant her days were free to dream up characters to put in sexy situations. Now, in the IT industry, her steamy stories are an escape from numbers and computer code. She writes thrillers, paranormals and contemporary stories, usually exploring an erotic twist. Her characters have never complained.

Her fiancé keeps her home life hot and romantic. She lives with him and their three cats.

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