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Archive for March 21st, 2014

B.J. McCall: Happy Ever After
Friday, March 21st, 2014

Happy Ever After

I love a good book and I have been an avid reader since childhood. I read a variety of genres, including romance. I write sensual romance and a happy-ever-after ending is a must. I’ve written contemporary, sci-fi, urban fantasy and paranormal stories, but the core of my story is the romance between the hero and heroine.

A romance story has several key moments. The first time the hero and heroine meet, their first kiss, the first time they make love and the moment they realize they are in love. As a sensual romance writer I want to build the sexual tension between my hero and heroine so their first kiss must sizzle and the first time they make love must rock their worlds. The first love scene between my hero and heroine is a moment of commitment, even if one or both may not realize it at the time. When the I’m-in-love moment arrives their lives and hearts are changed forever.

In my dragon and werewolf books the concept of a true mate, life commitment and no divorces are part of my shifter’s culture. In my contemporary, sci-fi, futuristic and fantasy stories my characters must meet his or her soul mate. My hunky hero must be willing to put it all on the line for his woman and my feisty heroine has to adore everything about him, even his flaws.

BJM_NightSins_thumbThe idea of forever may present a conflict for time-travel, fantasy and vampire characters. What happens when one of your characters is almost immortal and the other is human? In Night Sins, my cop heroine is faced with the dilemma of joining her vampire lover in his dark world or remaining in a society where she is now considered a criminal. In Kela’s Guardian, my heroine is confronted with falling in love with a man who has lived for centuries and can only be killed by demons. The author must resolve these issues for the reader and having the hero and heroine walk away from one another on the last page isn’t an option.

Not all of my books may end at the altar, but there is a deep commitment between my main characters, an understanding of a future together and hopefully a satisfying ending for the reader.

bjkelasguardian_ medmsr


Vampires, demons and a sexy hunk from a mystical galaxy? Kela’s life has taken a decidedly supernatural turn.


The vampires lunged at Kela. Using both stakes she slashed, striking arms and lacerating hands. Their attack came in waves of four. Wounded, the first group retreated. Hissing, the second group flew at Kela. One grabbed her cross and shrieked, releasing it as black smoke streamed from her hand.

Despite the gashes and cuts Kela inflicted, Roland’s creations continued their assault. Arms burning with fatigue, Kela backed farther into the alley. Long, claw-like fingernails slashed out, ripping at her leather jacket. In the mayhem, Roland had vanished. Why hadn’t he stayed and finished her off?

Kela stabbed and jabbed, forcing two vampires to retreat. As quickly as the attack had begun, it stopped. As if on cue the vampires lifted their heads and sniffed the air. The vampires ran toward the street, then shrieked at the top of their lungs.

A head flew across the alley and smashed into the wall. Another head tumbled through the air, hit and bounced over the asphalt. A man with long, black hair, dressed in a black vest and black pants, holding a thin-bladed sword waded through the group of screeching vampires.

The remaining vampires split apart, slinking back against the walls, their fear of the sword-wielding man palpable. Leaving their fallen sisters behind, the vampires scrambled up the walls of the alley and disappeared over the rooftops.

The stranger turned toward Kela.

The path to the street blocked, fear spiked through her. Despite the adrenaline rush, she was no match for this guy. Raising the wooden stakes, Kela prepared for his attack. At least she’d go down fighting.


B.J. McCall’s Night Sins and Kela’s Guardian are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and All Romance Ebooks.