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Archive for March 7th, 2014

Sam Cheever: An Apocalyptic Hero
Friday, March 7th, 2014

An Apocalyptic Hero

A hero is strong. He’s kind and sometimes ruthless. He’s protective of those who need to be safeguarded and, though he can be very tough, he’s also extremely fair. By definition a hero is larger than life…someone who goes above and beyond what most of us would do.

In romance fiction a hero is all of these things. He’s also a strong jaw, a muscular pair of arms, a broad chest, and a cut pair of abs. He’s sexy because of his strength as well as his physical attributes. So how do you take a romance hero to the next level?

Drop him into an apocalyptic world.

In a world plunged into chaos, where there are no rules to influence his actions…no guidelines for how to live…an apocalyptic hero unerringly finds his way along the right path even as his domain explodes around him.

Great physical strength, a finely tuned sense of right and wrong, and a soft heart hidden beneath a rock hard exterior…these attributes have even more significance in a deadly environment where it would be oh so easy to take the wrong course. Worse, in a world where everyone is fighting to survive, it’s a constant battle not to abuse power, succumbing to greed, hate, and selfishness. The true hero…the one with his moral compass firmly tuned toward North…is not only easy to love. He’s impossible to resist.

My hero, Audie Kord, in the soon to be released Tall, Dark & Apocalyptic, is just such a man. I can’t wait to share him with you on March 8th! In the meantime, here’s a taste:


A grand passion in an apocalyptic world. A love beyond reason and without boundaries.

He’s a warrior, a bounty hunter in a world turned upside down. She’s a target, a creature of dark magic. His job is simple. Kill the target. Her goal is more complex. She must stay alive until she finds and destroys the source of death magic staining the twenty worlds. But the passion burning within them may be their undoing. It’s going to take an apocalyptic will to overcome the distraction their bodies are creating…and not lose themselves in the process.

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5 Shooting Stars! Redz World Reviews:  “…reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet with a post world war feel. Even the secondary characters were unforgettable… Tall, Dark and Apocalyptic by Sam Cheever will engage you on multiple levels; many you won’t even realize until long after you finish the tale.”


Yeira screamed as the delicious invasion sent her past the point of return. “I’m…” She screamed again as wave after wave of pleasure assaulted her…spinning her thoughts into formless creatures. Overwhelmed by a fireworks display of sensations repeatedly pelting her awareness, Yeira’s muscles tightened and the knot in her belly opened like a flower, letting the bliss it had been hoarding flow like lava through her unresisting body.

She barely hit the bottom of her orgasm before Audie had her in his arms. He carried her a few feet and lay her on the bed of leaves, covering her with his big body and clasping her hands in his, holding them above her head. Her knees opened of their own accord and she shimmied, trying to get his lovely cock between her legs.

But the hunter held her gaze, his face tense with need. His navy-blue gaze was serious, intense. “Are you sure, Yeira? I’ll suffer no regrets from our joining. I want you in my core. But I won’t do this if you aren’t certain.”

Yeira looked up into that penetrating gaze and felt a jolt of despair. Why was he asking her that now? She’d pushed her doubts away…hadn’t she? Of course she had concerns about what they were doing. It wasn’t smart…it wouldn’t end well…but she wanted him. So badly. Oh god, she didn’t want to think…

The hunter’s handsome face had turned more the iron mask with every thought that passed through her mind…as if he could hear each, damning one. Finally, frowning, he pushed away from her and stood.

Yeira sat up, terror clawing her throat. “Wait! Where are you going?”

Audie grabbed his discarded pants. “I told you, I’ll not take you if you aren’t fully sure it’s what you want.” He started to walk away.

“But I am…why are you leaving?” Even as she leapt to her feet, Yeira realized how desperate she sounded. She couldn’t seem to stop herself.

He turned back, closing the distance between them in two, large strides, radiating frustration. Every muscle in his body seemed made of iron. But his voice when he addressed her was filled with pain rather than anger.

It was like a razor across her heart.

“I’ve no doubt your body wants me, woman. I can smell your need…taste it on your lips. But it isn’t only your body I mean to claim. It’s your mind.” His lips opened as if there were more he wanted to say…but he shook his head and turned away from her.

Yeira watched his fine, naked form stalk away from her until it was consumed by the velvet darkness, and felt everything inside her melt down into a puddle of despair.

What had he seen in her eyes? And, whatever it was, why the hell hadn’t she hidden it better?

Available March 8, 2014!

Book page with excerpt
Watch the video

scTD&A box set cover_1440x1717Tall, Dark & Apocalyptic will initially release as part of a box set entitled Tall, Dark & Alpha. As the name implies, this set features 10 hot Alpha heroes and the women who keep them on their toes.

Tall, Dark & Alpha Box Set

He makes your heart pound and melts your resistance away. He promises you a world of passion and you find it impossible to resist his dark charm. When he catches your eye across the room, you know he means business. He could be an executive, cop, shape shifter, or a bad boy looking for a little fun. Once he has you in his sights, you can’t get away—and after one sizzling night in his arms, you won’t want to. He’s Tall, Dark & Alpha. The alpha male is the ultimate indulgence…the richest dark chocolate…and we’re offering him to you in abundance.

Delve into the sensual worlds of award-winning authors: Randi Alexander, Koko Brown, Sam Cheever, Delaney Diamond, Eve Langlais, Afton Locke, Dawn Montgomery, Farrah Rochon, Paige Tyler, and Eve Vaughn. Immerse yourself in the alpha male experience.

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scIMG_7837Award winning Sam Cheever writes romantic paranormal/fantasy and mystery/suspense, creating stories that celebrate the joy of love in all its forms. Known for writing great characters, snappy dialogue, and unique and exhilarating stories, Sam is the award-winning author of 50+ books and has been writing for over a decade under several noms de plume.

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