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Tilly Greene: The Best Gift
Sunday, May 4th, 2014

I think one of the best gifts is the one you don’t expect and I’ve been lucky enough to be on the received end of one.

Let me back up a bit.

I’m not a purse lady. On a daily basis I load up my pockets with what’s necessary, otherwise I don’t take it with me. If I’m traveling then I take a backpack so I can have my laptop with power cord at hand. The few times I’ve been abroad without my cutie to carry stuff for me I carried a sling type backpack.


It’s funny but I don’t normally carry a purse and if I do, they’re usually small and not appropriate. My cutie has actually bought me all but one of my purses. The brown one was from my mom gifted decades ago, yes, DECADES! The red one doesn’t zip closed and so he happily bought the blue one which does. It’s bigger and I can carry my laptop in it and load it up so I nearly break my back from the weight – oops. The last one was gifted to me a few Christmas ago by the cutie. He gave a hot pink gem that is small, holds a Coke and my phone, and only snaps closed. I need to admit security is his thing, not mine, but I pay attention now and again.

One day last year we went shopping so I could point out birthday ideas and he took me to the purse section. I liked them, many were stunning, but none were for me until I laid eyes on one in particular.

I picked it up, held it on my forearm and then in my hand, and wow. It felt so right. I tried the zippers, checked inside to see what it had in the way of pockets, and dang … it was perfect for me.

My birthday wasn’t for two weeks and the cutie was going on a trip until the day before my birthday. I didn’t forget about the purse, but I did put it from my mind while he was gone. After I picked him up at the airport we went back to the mall in a bid to keep him awake for a few hours. [That’s a trick we’ve taken on for our trips abroad. Make it until 8pm local time and then a half hour or later each night after. Most trips we have no problem and don’t have to do this, but coming home is always a tough transition.]

Anyway, we were walking through the mall and went back to look at the purses. It wasn’t there and I was little sad until the cutie handed over a receipt. He’d prepurchased the bag, and I now owned my Trophy Purse. I’m very careful with it and only use it in Spring/Summer as I don’t want the ugly weather to mark it in any way.

tgTrophy Purse

Okay, it’s time to share. What’s you favorite gift … your trophy item? Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00025]My latest release is Branded, a collection of my contemporary western erotic romances. They all have BDSM and toys, some are multicultural and have ménage a trois, and one has some sensory deprivation. There are four books in the collection: Konnichiwa Cowboy, Giddy Up, Jon Black’s Woman and A Kinky Ride – the latter can only be found in Branded. Ride ‘em was the first in the Branded series and isn’t in the collection but can be found for $0.99 at Ellora’s Cave.

I adore my cowboys from Montana that are looking for a life behind bushes of roses and the white picket fence while enjoying BDSM with the woman they love. They’re all adorable and different. Their unique qualities make the catches but once they find the right lady, they cannot be steered away from getting them in their beds.

Thank you, Delilah, for giving me the time and space to share about my Trophy Purse and the Branded cowboys.

Tilly Greene
Scorching romances full of twists, turns and ties.

Whether traveling or sitting in her office, Tilly Greene researches and writes erotica and erotic romance novels in a variety of genres and sub-genres like shape shifter, paranormal, contemporary and futuristics, and themes such as BDSM, multiculturalism and ménages.  Every day she looks forward to writing about women who are independent and confident, the men who love them, and their twisting passionate path to each other.

4 comments to “Tilly Greene: The Best Gift”

    · May 4th, 2014 at 7:56 am · Link


  2. Tilly Greene
    · May 4th, 2014 at 12:44 pm · Link

    Thank you, Linda, he is a keeper … I stole him from England 🙂 Hugs for the kind words for my books as well, big happy hugs!

  3. Ginger Robertson
    · May 4th, 2014 at 9:33 pm · Link

    Hi Tilly,

    I have to admit I’ve never read any of your books. However, I plan to change that soon. I enjoyed reading your post and believe I would enjoy your books.

    I have to say that my trophy item would be my home. And, no it wasn’t a gift but one that I dreamed about and try to take care of to the best of my ability. Now I do have to say that I love my bling, handbags and shoes (though the shoes aren’t name brands) just ones that I love to wear.

    Many thanks,

  4. Tilly Greene
    · May 5th, 2014 at 3:18 pm · Link

    Hiya Ginger!

    A home is bigger than the best gift than can ever be given, most people will never have one and that puts its importance way up on a pedestal … congratulations … I bet you love taking care of it!

    Hope you enjoy books as I love writing them 🙂


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