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Archive for June 7th, 2015

Heather: How I keep track of the books I read…
Sunday, June 7th, 2015

Hey Everyone.

I’m Heather.  I am a reader.  I write a little too (mostly reviews) for the books I read.  I read a great deal actually, so when Delilah was looking for guest bloggers I figured I would share how I keep track of the books I read from Year to Year.

I have a blog where I record my reviews.  But I don’t review every book I read.   I am going to share one of my Dirty Little Secrets with you.  I read a lot of books over each year and I MEAN A LOT.  I read a book or two a day, and that is with a full teaching schedule and working on my dissertation.  TV holds no appeal to me so my nights are filled with books.

New books are read on the release day, and I need something to fill my time. Since I reread a lot my system is great.

Have you head of Pinterest?  Well if you haven’t, google it.  Open the APP and find the boards section.  Name the board 2015 books.  Then search for the book you read.  And Pin it!  Easy right.  What’s great is you can leave little comments to yourself about the book. A mini review in a way.

I like to go back and read my comments from book to book.  Its funny what views stay the same and which ones don’t.  Sometimes I read a book months before I review it, I can make notes there and then when its time to review it I have my thoughts handy.

When I read a book that isn’t in the Pinterest data base, I grab a picture from the internet and upload it.  Pinterest is a pretty easy app to work.

I also enjoy the ability to check and see if I read a book while on the go.  I rarely buy print books anymore, but sometimes my aunt or a cousin will ask me about a book and I can get to my thoughts easily.

There are a million ways to keep track of books, but this way is mine and it’s helpful for reviewing and scrapbooking.

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