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Archive for June 22nd, 2015

Barbara White Daille: Cowboys, Conflict, and Kisses (Contest)
Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Hi, Readers!  We’ll be chatting today about one of my favorite subjects:  romance.  I’m betting at least a few of you will be able to relate.

Sometimes I think we read romance to fall in love with *love*.  Know what I mean?

When we’ve had a hard day, a spat with our partner, a tough time with the kids, or added stress at the day job, escaping into a story can be just the thing we need.  Watching the hero and heroine deal with life’s troubles, large or small, gives us hope we can overcome our problems, too.  And seeing them work their way to a happy ever after reinforces the power of love.

Sometimes, I think we also read romance to fall in love with the *hero*.  At least, I know I do!

For me, that usually means a cowboy because, hey, what’s not to like about a down-to-earth, rugged rancher in form-fitting jeans?  LOL  But if you’re not that into cowboys, feel free to substitute the hunk hero of your choice.

Whether the guy’s a cowboy or cop, doctor, baseball player, or rich playboy, he’ll be easy to love if he’s an all-star kisser who turns us inside-out with one long, soulful glance from his smoldering eyes.

Easy for *us* to love, that is.  The heroine…not so much.

The heroine can’t just give in and fall for our hero.  She’s got to face the fire because *we* need to be kept guessing.  And, like us, she’s got to solve those large and small life problems before she arrives at her happy ending…before she seals the deal with a kiss from her [insert hero of your choice].  : )


Here’s a quick peek at the hero and heroine from A Rancher of Her Own, which releases next week. Pete and Jane haven’t spoken to each other in years, but their mutual antagonism flares to life the first time they meet again:

“That was my first full-time job,” he told her. “I was trying to make an impression.”

“Oh, you did that, all right. I’m glad you didn’t say ‘a good impression,’ because you didn’t come close to one. I don’t like men—people—who think they can order others around. And you definitely had a case of that back then.”

“I was in charge of the horses—”

“Under my grandpa’s direction.”

“—and watching out for them was part of my job.”

“He’s given you another job now, too, so he tells me.”

“Yeah. Playing nursemaid.”

“Thanks, old man,” she shot back, “but I don’t need that kind of help. An assistant is more like it. What’s the matter? Is the job beneath you?” She shrugged. “If you don’t like the idea, I won’t have a problem getting someone else.”

He’d bet she wouldn’t. As long as she managed to keep that smart yet sexy mouth of hers shut, any of his boys would be happy to assist her. He wouldn’t.

But turning down his boss’s order wasn’t an option.

I’m happy to chat.

bwBarbara White DailleAlso, I’m giving away an autographed print copy of one of my available backlist titles (US mailing addresses only, please).  To get your name in the hat, tell us:  when you read romance, what type of conflict do you like best and why? 

You have till Friday!  Winner’s name will be posted this weekend.


Barbara White Daille lives with her husband in the sunny Southwest. Though they love the warm winters and the lizards in their front yard, they haven’t gotten used to the scorpions in the bathroom.

Barbara’s new series, The Hitching Post Hotel, features a matchmaking grandpa determined to see his three granddaughters wed. The series began in April 2015 with The Cowboy’s Little Surprise and continues with A Rancher of Her Own in July and The Lawman’s Christmas Proposal in December.

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bwA Rancher of Her Own

A Rancher of Her Own


Ranch manager Pete Brannigan has no interest in playing tour guide to a city slicker like Jane Garland. But spending a few days with the headstrong photographer is a small price to pay for everything her grandfather has given the single dad. Though Pete’s drawn to Jane’s sharp wit and striking beauty, he won’t hurt his young children by falling for another woman who puts her career before family.

Jane’s seen the world through her camera…and used it to shield her emotions. With Pete, she can finally let her guard down. If only he could do the same. Despite their powerful bond, Pete still can’t trust Jane with his kids or his heart. But if he keeps pushing her away, he may ruin any chance their relationship has to develop.

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