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Getting out the party hats? Take a quick glance back at 2015…
Thursday, December 31st, 2015

Before you head out to celebrate at the club or with friends (or like me, with family), here’s my wish that you all stay safe, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

New Year

December 31st is always a strange day. The last day of a year that flew by way too quickly.

I set two shoot-for-the-moon kind of goals for myself in 2015.

First, I would have a new post every day on my blog. Between guest blogs and my own posts, I didn’t miss having something fresh up on my blog every single day! Woot!

Second, I teach a class called “Write 50 Books a Year”. Now, you know that title is a hook. I couldn’t write 50 stories in a year unless I devoted the year to writing short stories, but I decided to see whether I could release 50 stories in 2015. Something to prove to my Rose’s students that with planning and perseverance, you can accomplish almost anything. Following is my list of releases. Keep in mind, some are reissues of stories I got back from a publisher (they had to be re-edited, so there was definitely effort involved!) and some were stories that appeared in collections or box sets and were re-released as single titles.

But with yesterday’s release of “The Out-of-Towner”, I hit #50!!!


2015 Releases

  1. 01/22/15 – WATCH OVER ME, Uncharted SEALs series, break from box set (Indie)
  2. 01/28/15 – WET DOWN, Cowboys on the Edge series, break from box set (Indie)
  3. 01/28/15 – ONE TRACK COWBOY, short story (Indie)
  4. 01/29/15 – LOVE IN BLOOM, short story (Indie)
  5. 01/30/15 – NIGHT AT THE WAX MUSEUM, short story (Indie)
  6. 02/04/15 – THE OBEDIENT WIFE, short story (Indie)
  7. 02/10/15 – SWEETER THAN HONEY reissue (Samhain)
  8. 02/11/15 – DRIVE ME CRAZY, short story (Indie)
  9. 02/20/15 – DR. MULLALEY’S CURE, short story (Indie)
  10. 02/25/15 – RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, break from box set (Indie)
  11. 02/27/15 – DREAMING BY THE SEA, short story (Indie)
  12. 03/06/15 – THE PLEASURE IN SURRENDER, short story (Indie)
  13. 03/13/15 – CATNIP, short story (Indie)
  14. 03/20/15 – PITCH BLACK, short story (Indie)
  15. 03/27/15 – LONG RIDE HOME, short story (Indie)
  16. 03/30/15 – SM{B}ITTEN, reissue, Night Fall series (Indie)
  17. 04/03/15 – JOHNY BLAZE, short story (Indie)
  18. 04/09/15 – THE RUNAWAY BRIDE, short story (Indie)
  19. 04/15/15 – WARLORD’S DESTINY, reissue, Seven Sinful Stories antho (Indie)
  20. 04/17/15 – TAILGATING AT THE CEDAR INN, short story(Indie)
  21. 05/15/15 – NIP-N-TUCK, short story (Indie)
  22. 05/12/15 – UNDER A BLOOD MOON, Beaux Rêve Coven series (Samhain)
  23. 05/18/15 – WARLORD’S DESTINY, break from box set (Indie)
  24. 05/28/15 – THE MORNING RIDE, short story (Indie)
  25. 06/18/15 – TRULY, MADLY…DEADLY, reissue, Night Fall series (Indie)
  26. 06/24/15 – LILY’S LAST STAND, short story (Indie)
  27. 07/07/15 – HER NEXT BREATH, Uncharted SEALs series, SEALs of Summer box set (Indie)
  28. 07/14/15 – CONQUESTS (Indie)
  29. 07/15/15 – WITH HIS PARTNER, Stepbrothers Stepping Out series (Indie)
  30. 08/04/15 – THROUGH HER EYES, Uncharted SEALs series, Cat Johnson’s Hot SEALs Kindle World (Indie)
  31. 08/04/15 – CONTROLLED BURN, Cowboys on the Edge series, 12-Alarm Alpha Box Set (Indie)
  32. 08/11/15 – HOTTER WITH A POLE, Firehouse 69 series (Samhain)
  33. 08/18/15 – HER NEXT BREATH, Uncharted SEALs series, break from box set (Indie)
  34. 09/01/15 – KNIGHT IN TRANSITION, reissue, Night Fall series (Indie)
  35. 09/04/15 – CONTROLLED BURN, Cowboys on the Edge series, break from box set (Indie)
  36. 09/07/15 – LORD GRIM’S WITCH reissue (Indie)
  37. 09/22/15 – WOLF IN PLAIN SIGHT, reissue, Night Fall series (Indie)
  38. 09/23/15 – WITH HIS BOSS, Stepbrothers Stepping Out series, short story (Indie)
  39. 10/09/15 – KNIGHT EDITION, reissue, Night Fall series (Indie)
  40. 10/13/15 – STILL, Love, Lust and Zombies anthology (Cleis Press)
  41. 10/19/15 – HOW TO TRAIN THE SKJALDMAER, short story (Indie)
  42. 11/03/15 – FAMILY VALUES, Lone Star Lovers series (Samhain)
  43. 11/04/15 – IT TAKES A SEAL, Naughty SEALs box set (Indie)
  44. 11/10/15 – DREAM OF ME, Uncharted SEALs series (Indie)
  45. 11/17/15 – NIGHT FALL ON DARK MOUNTAIN, reissueNight Fall series (Indie)
  46. 11/24/15 – WITH HIS PROFESSOR, Stepbrothers Stepping Out series, short story (Indie)
  47. 12/04/15 – THE HIRED HAND, short story (Indie)
  48. 12/12/15 – BAD MOON RISING (Indie)
  49. 12/18/15 – THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN, short story(Indie)
  50. 12/29/15 – THE OUT-OF-TOWNER, short story (Indie)

And if you’d like to check out any of these titles, go here: The Kindle Store

Stay safe! And see you in the New Year! ~DD

One comment to “Getting out the party hats? Take a quick glance back at 2015…”

  1. Edie Ramer
    · January 1st, 2016 at 7:44 pm · Link

    Happy New Year, Delilah! How awesome to publish 50 stories in a year. That’s truly amazing. And I LOVE the Our-of Twoner cover! Congrats on doing so well!

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