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Archive for July 22nd, 2018

Vonna Harper: Midnight Touch
Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

I haven’t taken a psychology course for mumble-mumble years but assume Freud’s teachings/theories/observations are still part of psych programs. Back when I was a student, his beliefs were presented pretty much as gospel, but I’m here to announce he didn’t know what he was talking about, at least when it came to one thing.

Back in 1908 Freud declared that a happy person doesn’t fantasize, only a dissatisfied one. Well, he was dead wrong.

As an erotic romance writer, I’ve written a lot of stories with submission/bondage themes. Not BDSM so much as capture and helplessness because, being honest here, the theme pushes my personal buttons. I’m also the product of a very conservative upbringing which means I used to ask myself if there was something wrong with me. There probably is, just not when it comes to the directions my fantasies take me. I came to that conclusion after doing some research and want to share some of what I learned since I know a lot of erotic romance readers are drawn to the same themes I am.

According to psychiatrist Ethel Person of Columbia University, 51% of women imagine being forced to have sex and another third are turned on by pretending to be a slave who must obey a man’s every wish.

What’s behind those mental journeys? Psychologists Harold Leitenberg and Kris Henning state that women who find submission fantasies arousing have no wish to be raped. Thanks to fantasy they are able to control every aspect of what happens. Via thoughts of ropes and bondage, they’re the ones in charge. University of California Santa Cruz professor Eileen Zurbriggen’s research led her to conclude that women who fanaticize about submission have a more positive attitude about sex and are less sexually guilty.

My latest erotic romance, Midnight Touch, is probably the darkest story I’ve ever written. The true darkness took place during Sara’s past when she was married to an evil man. She’s now free and determined to forge a new life, but the past won’t leave her alone. It first appears in the form of Mace Seeger who knows more about Sara and her husband than he wishes he did. He’s as trapped by a man who might not be truly dead as Sara is.

Vonna Harper