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Archive for July 23rd, 2018

Genevive Chamblee: Romance, Erotica, Porn, & Other Adventures
Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Romance can be like an addiction. People crave it. Some people have it in their lives but desire more. Some want to explore new aspects of it that they have not experienced. Still, others who have only heard about or seen it from afar strive to introduce it into their lives. Books are a perfect way to do all of these things. And the best part is, readers can choose how it happens.

Want to be whisked back in time or catapulted into the future? Fine. How about being swept off one’s feet in a realm or universe that does not exist? It is possible. Perhaps it high action adventure on the rolling seas or the three of not knowing what lurks around every corner with that special someone at your side. Not out of the question. Or maybe love in the here and now with a sexy co-worker is the fantasy. Done. Romance novels have something for everyone.

Romance novels are also convenient. Traditional books can be purchased, of course, but also audio for listening while motoring down the cruise way, commuting on a train, or tuning out in a boring business meeting you’ve dread all week. (I’ve done all of these things.) They come in e-form and can be read on readers, laptops, smartphones, or tablets. And they can be read anywhere—in restaurants, parks, mountain cabins, backseats, airplanes, doctors’ lobbies, police stations… Well, maybe not at the police station. If one is there, chances are probably other issues are taking priority. The point is: romance is accessible in so many forms all the time if a person only reaches for it.

At one point in history, romance novels were the redheaded stepchildren of the literary world, branded to be a dirty little secret. Publishers and critics did not take them seriously, and the genre was chalked to be nothing more than a cheap thrill. Funny that one would consider Jane Austen’s writings to be lumped as a collection of soft porn. Fortunately, those days have passed. What has not passed, however, is a clear understanding of the difference between romance, erotica, and pornography.

Actually, pornography needs to be taken out of the equation of this discussion since no one seems to be able to define what it is exactly, including the judicial system. It seems to be a vague, catchall to snare anything offensive. But what is offensive to one is not to another. The best definition I have heard of pornography is it cannot be described in words but one knows it when it is encountered. However, for fun, one standard definition of pornography is the depiction of erotic behavior that is intended to cause sexual excitement or the depiction of acts in a sensational manner to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction. Now, isn’t that a doozy? Intense emotional reaction. Hmm. Moving on.

Erotica is a simpler term. In fiction, erotica is stories that the main focus is the sexual relationship and that relationship pushes the story forward. That does not mean erotica is without plots or subplots. It simply means removing the sexual relationship would cause the story to crumble. The sex in erotica is necessary and in the spotlight.

So, how is that different from romance? In romance novels, the focus is on the romantic relationship (which may or may not involve sex) between characters. If sex does occur between the characters, it is to deepen the bond between them. Removing this element from the story would not be detrimental. However, omitting the romantic relationship would dissolve the story. Many stories may have romantic subplots or themes. However, in those, the relationship is secondary to whatever plot is happening. In order for a literary work to be considered a romance, the relationship must take center stage. For example, in a movie like Bourne Identity, there is a romantic interest between Jason and Marie. If the writers and producers wrote this out of the script, the movie still would work. Why? Because the plot is not the romance but Jason discovering his past. It is about fight scenes, car chases, and things getting blown the hell up. Viewers are more interested in if he or won’t he learn the truth. Will the villains be caught? Will Jason live or die? This movie is clearly an action suspense with a romantic subplot. Now, consider another movie like 27 Dresses. If there were no spark between Kevin and Jane, what would be the point of this movie? Write out the romance, and the movie would be less than ten minutes. This movie is a romantic comedy.

For an example of erotica in film, think of a lot of the 1980s b-movies. Many focused on overly hormonal teenager boys looking for ways to score with their female classmates or strippers. The relationships between the characters really did not matter as long as they got freaky between the sheets.

I used examples from movies, but the same principles apply to books. If one ever wonders if a book is truly a romance, just ask can the story exist without a romantic relationship between characters. If the answer is yes, it’s not a romance. With that being said, romance isn’t only fun. It brings people to life. It eliminates boredom. It allows people to feel special and that someone cares. It is not dirty or frivolous or something that needs to be hidden. And it sure as heck isn’t easy to write. Some people are fortunate enough to experience this daily, weekly, or monthly in their lives. Others may not, but that does not mean one cannot live vicariously through books. Therefore, no one should ever be embarrassed to purchase or be seen reading romance novels. Get your piece of romance. You deserve it.

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