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Alyssa Turner: Reverse Harem and Menage Romance
Thursday, October 11th, 2018

At the core, we are all animals. Our mammal DNA contains certain predispositions that cause our bodies and our brains to simply react. I’m no behavioral scientist, but I believe I’ve got some evidence to back this up. I, for one, will confess to being addicted to the sound of a rich, gravelly male moan, or the heavy rasp of a command dipped in arousal. I can literally binge on those sounds. If you’ve ever inspired these little pieces of ear candy from a guy, then I think you’ll know what I mean. Describing tasty bits of maleness in my books is an absolute must! Until, now I’ve only been able to imagine the sounds my characters make. Now that I have three titles in audio, the phenomenon is real!

Here’s a little experiment. Which of these clips get your inner kitty to purr?


Clip 1 is narrator Curt Bonnem as Hill from Four Real. He doesn’t know what that rasp in his voice does to Tricia, until she tells him.

[From Four Real] Coming to Audio in October

The air was sweet and thick with the smell of him. She closed her eyes and pressed her cheek against his thigh as he pushed his fingers into her hair. His scent comforted a place in her that always felt uncertain. He smelled like a cherished memory of something good she lost long ago, and she wanted to write the word “mine” across his chest so she’d never forget it.

She kissed the salty tip of his c**k and the hiss he exhaled vibrated through her body. Then, with wet lips, she caressed his engorged head.

“Fu****ck Teeee…” It was all he managed, but it was plenty. He loved her, and today she believed him.

Clip 2 is narrator Adam Riley portraying Jack in Swept. I must like the sound of a man saying the F word in the heat of passion.

[From Swept]

“Go ahead, Ror. Touch yourself. You earned it, sweetheart.”

Rory moaned from the other side of the table. Spencer couldn’t see her, could only smell her arousal mixing in the air with Jack’s scent. Jack pumped his c**k a few times and stopped. Spencer sensed a shiver run through him.

“Mmm, f*ck,” Jack whispered, clearly trying to maintain control. “Hey, baby, don’t you want something nicer than your fingers to get you off?”

“Yes, Sir. Please, Sir.”

Clip 3 is narrator George Orlando as Jack in Polished with that tone that snaps your head…yeah that’s the one.

[From Polished]

Jack placed his hand on Spencer’s neck, thrusting his hips forward as he did so. He grunted at him. “Look at me.”

Spencer raised his head, tearing his eyes away from the sight of both their c*cks sliding in Jack’s hand. The way Spencer’s breaths passed through his clenched teeth in short puffs made him feel like a steam engine ready to blow. His eyes narrowed, his gaze fixed on Jack, and Jack stared back with the same intensity. And that was what did it. He came like a bullet…

You can stream or download 6 chapters of Polished for free here!

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