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Lyncee Shillard: Happy Spring!
Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Hey everyone,

Welcome and happy first day of Spring!

Since I’m here on the first day of Spring, I thought I should write about it. But not your usual stuff. You know cute fuzzy bunnies named fluff butt. Or how many bags of jelly beans that are needed to make infused vodka. Or the recipe for whip cream vodka cupcakes.

I wanted something different…something romantic. After all, spring is the season of romance and this is a romance blog. So, I went to the internet (what did we do before the internet? My 8-year-old wants to know something the 1st thing he does is say – google it – sorry, I got distracted) and looked up “Spring” things. Most involved cute bunnies and how to dye eggs (kool-aide works the best!)….And if you do romantic spring things make sure small kids aren’t in the room with you. Those were all a bit more steamy than I wanted to discuss on a guest blog 😉

Then I stumbled on an article about the Roman’s celebration of the spring equinox. They used the day to celebrate Cybele (Great Mother) and mourn Attis (her lover). It has everything needed for a great romance. A kick-butt heroine – a goddess named Cybele. Now Cybele wasn’t your average run of the mill goddess, oh no, she was definitely a step above. Sure, she rode in a chariot but no horses for her, nope, she had three lions pulling it. Let’s be real for a minute, now while lions might not be able to pull you as fast, it’s definitely would be way cooler!

When she wasn’t being pulled around in her lion drawn chariot, she was hanging out with her lover Attis. Did you pick up on the fact the day was spent celebrating AND mourning?

What’s a romance story without a little anguish between the hero and heroine??? You know where the hero wonders if the heroine really loves him… or is she having sex with the God three stars over?

Well, it turns out that there was more than a little anguish between Cybele and Attis. It seems that Cybele provoked such an amount of jealously in Attis that he castrated himself – and died!

And that is the story of Cybele and Attis. Sorry, no happy ever after.

My latest release doesn’t have lions in it, nor does the hero die (or castrate himself). It doesn’t have fluffy bunnies or cupcakes. But it does have a kick-butt heroine (even though she isn’t pulled around by lions) and hero. And a happy ever after.

Taking a Risk

If Leigh Ronaldson is one thing, it’s predictable. What’s wrong with having a routine? Apparently, it makes her boring or so her ex-boyfriend claimed as he dumped her. And her best friend agrees.

She decides to prove them wrong and books an extreme adventure in Ecuador. The hiking, kayaking, and camping she signed up for. She didn’t plan on the hot guide who by just looking at her made her squirm with desire and definitely not the drug cartel who wants them dead.

Nick Greco golden rule is never to touch a client. NEVER. But rules can’t be broken.

Once the local drug cartel starts hunting them, he knows it will take all his skill to get out of the Amazon jungle alive. And if your life is hanging in the balance even golden rules can be broken…

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Thanks for having me! And if you would like to come and hang out with me…we will talk doughnuts, vodka (I’ll share how many jelly beans it takes to infuse the vodka), and planners…

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