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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! (Contests–Multiple Prizes!)
Thursday, March 17th, 2022

UPDATE: The winner is…Deb Brown!

As you might imagine, Saint Patrick’s Day is a big thing in our household! We celebrate our Irish roots (I’m Irish only by “injection”—a crude way to put it, but I married into it!), but my red-headed daughter and her kids love this day. They, of course, wear green and reminisce. My daughter spent many summers in Ireland with her relatives and has stayed close to Irish friends. The big thing we do is eat our Irish meals! I have to special order in Irish breakfast items like bangers and black and white pudding (not pudding at all—it’s sausage!), plus proper Irish tea, soda bread, and rashers (thick bacon)! Our dinner is easier—corned beef and cabbage with a huge mess of potatoes. I’ve been saving Weight Watcher’s points so I can indulge!

Notice what I left out of the celebrations? Yeah, no green beer. Likely, no alcohol at all. Neither of us is much of a drinker, and it’s a school night…so, no.  And no, that’s not un-Irish. My late mother-in-law was a Pioneer (short for, Pioneer Total Abstinence Association of the Sacred Heart)—she had buttons and pins awarded to her for “takin’ the pledge” to never drink a drop.

Answer this question for a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card…

Do you celebrate St. Paddy’s Day? If so, how?

Open Contests

  1. Celebrate National Procrastination Week! (Contest)This one ends soon! Win a $5 Amazon gift card!
  2. Those $%#-ing Plateaus! (Contest) — Win a FREE book!
  3. Saturday Puzzle-Contest! (Plus, Open Contests!) — Win an Amazon gift card!
  4. Diana Cosby: Winter at the Marsh! (Contest) — Win a pretty tote bag!
  5. We’re Dead Horse! (Contest) — Win a $5 Amazon gift card!
Deb Robinson: Three Confessions, plus THE COP!
Wednesday, March 16th, 2022

Greetings from Melbourne, Australia and thanks to Delilah for hosting my blog. It’s good to be with you again.

Okay, I’m just going to come out and say it. I have three confessions.

Confession number one: I love musicals and old movies.

The other day, I sat down to watch the latest version of Westside Story and was hit with a mix of excitement and trepidation. I absolutely love the original with Natalie Wood and I was worried this one would be a letdown. But it was fantastic! I fell in love with the forbidden romance between Tony and Maria all over again.

The forbidden trope is one of my faves. I mean, who doesn’t love an attraction between two people who, for whatever reason, are forced to be apart. The stolen moments, the element of being discovered and of course, sex in creative places, all perfect for a delicious storyline.

The only thing I dislike about this musical but cannot avoid, is the ending because there isn’t a happily ever after. Which brings me to my next confession…

Confession number two: I’m a complete sucker for a HEA.

They fill my heart with love and light. They’re the reason I fell in love with the genre of romance in the first place. You know exactly what you’re going to get.

They’re also one of my biggest reasons for wanting to write because rest assured, I’d never let my beloved characters go out into the big, wide world without their perfect partner by their side.

And writing a series with intertwining characters means that I don’t have to say goodbye to them. At least not for a while anyway.

If I’m honest, I’m a HEA tragic. I look for them everywhere.

With each season of married at first sight that rolls around, I find myself crossing my fingers for that one genuine couple that’ll be in it for the long haul… I told you I was a tragic.

Confession number three: I cannot limit myself to one fictional boyfriend.

I can’t even limit myself to one book boyfriend and one TV boyfriend, so here are my ultimate faves.

Officer/Detective Sam Swarek from the TV series Rookie Blue.

Mountie Jack Thornton from the TV series When Calls the Heart. (He is played by an Aussie actor so bonus points for him)

And then there’s the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich which has kept me in a book boyfriend love triangle for the longest time. Just like Stephanie herself, I’m torn between Officer Joe Morelli and bounty hunter/CEO Ranger.

Are you detecting a pattern? Either I have a thing for men in uniform, men in authority or I’m seeking the thrill of handcuffs.

So, what happens when you’re craving more? You create your own hero.

Meet Kane Browne. Nope, not the singer.

My guy is a sexy as sin cop with a selfless nature that’s about to be put to the test when a roadside interaction with feisty Jess Frost leaves him wanting more.

Between Jess’ self-confidence issues due to an ongoing illness and his four younger brothers, one of which has a problem with him, Kane has a challenge on his hands.

This hot, contemporary romance is not only about love, delicious sex scenes and a happily ever after. It’s also about resilience, overcoming adversities and the importance of family. And for Kane, it’s about the ultimate test of selfless versus selfish.

It is the first in a series featuring the five Browne brothers and I‘m proud to say that I’m halfway through writing book 2 – The Athlete.

The Cop

Excerpt from The Cop by Deb Robinson:

‘Please call me Jess. I’ve never really warmed to the whole full name thing.’

‘I’m Kane…’ He shrugged, almost apologetic. ‘Can’t shorten that any further.’

He was right, Jess considered… Hang on a minute. ‘Kane Browne… As in, the singer?’ When he didn’t reply, she elaborated. ‘One thing right.’

‘I know who he is. I’ve never really warmed to the whole celebrity shared name thing. And before you ask, I don’t sing.’

She smiled at the words that’d been plucked from her statement. ‘Can I ask you something?’


Jess froze on the spot, mouth open. ‘I can’t believe that just came from the mouth of a police officer.’

A sexy as sin, husky sound came from him. His laugh was all kinds of beautiful and it did something to her. She was tingling… all over.

‘Let me rephrase. Yes, you can ask me a question.’

‘Where do you keep your gun?’


The Cop is now available in paperback and e-book formats on Amazon (KU)
Follow Deb Robinson on her official Facebook page
Follow on Twitter @DRobinsonbooks
Follow on Instagram @debrobinsonbooks

NO TENDER MERCY (Texas Vampires, Book #2) — March 22nd! One Week! Pre-order Now! (Excerpt)
Tuesday, March 15th, 2022

I’m busy writing to “The End” of No Tender Mercy! There’s no pressure like release dates to get my fingers moving!

If some of you missed the first Texas Vampires story, Her Sanctuary, it’s a great time now to pick up your copy. Kate and Ty are featured in this story too, but it’s Diego’s turn to find the human of his dreams. 🙂

Here’s the info about Book #1:

Her Sanctuary

Get your copy here!

Both are set in Post-Apocalypse Texas where werewolves and vampires are thriving during a nuclear winter. I had fun with book #1, describing ranch-life, cowboys on horses, trying to survive. This time, the gang is at Fort Davis, Texas. So—vampire soldiers protecting human refugees. Did I mention the stories are erotic romances? Yes, fun times. These stories are shorter (and cheaper) than my bounty hunters—a quick afternoon’s read!

No Tender Mercy

No Tender Mercy

Pre-order your copy here!

Who says the apocalypse has to be the end of good times?

For Diego, the career his father had insisted was his destiny turned out to be the perfect preparation for the end of times. The Army made him a warrior—and then it turned him into a monster.

Excerpt from No Tender Mercy…

Diego Salazar strode through the Operations Building, needing to get outside, needing the night air to revive him. He felt edgy, bordering on reckless. Deadly emotions—for anyone around him, that was. Worse, he was bored.

He passed the Comms room but didn’t glance inside. Kate McKinnon was manning the radio, flipping through channels, trying to find other survivors, who’d been like her—needful of rescue and protection. She’d found her calling since arriving at the post; Diego didn’t feel the same sense of urgency about finding lost souls in the wilderness. Hadn’t he offered enough to mankind?

He kept moving, walking swiftly past the Ops conference room, where his best friend, Ty Bennett, was giving the nightly briefing to the roving patrol. Same ole-same ole: watch for breaks in the fences, report any signs of infiltration, make sure no vampires abused their hosts, blah-blah-blah. He pushed through the exit, stepped outside, and took a deep breath.

Instantly, he felt alive, alert. Freed by the darkness. His glance shot upward.

Moonlight glowed silver behind a black cloud, the only illumination in an otherwise dark sky. Although meager, the moonlight bathed his face, giving him calm as well as a surge of energy.

Diego stared at the sky, admiring the way the moon’s rays backlit the thinner wisps of cloud cover then disappeared completely behind the thick tufts of charcoal gray. Clouds that rarely held rain. He had always loved looking at the night sky. When he’d been younger, he’d owned a telescope and had spent many late nights searching for the objects on Messier’s list of astronomical objects, trying to tick them off because finding them all would’ve proven to himself that his future held more than his father had already decided. In this endless night, he missed seeing stars. Before the world had gone to shit, he’d taken for granted the glorious sight of the Milky Way stretched across the sky. What he wouldn’t give for a glimpse of that majesty…

Glimpses of a starry sky had been few and far between for years now.

Feeling tense again, Diego patted his jacket pockets, found his pack, and shook out a cigarette. Once it was lit, he took long drags off the cigarette, pulling until the glowing ring reached the filter. He didn’t like wasting a millimeter of a smoke because, soon, the stash he’d squirreled away over months of supply heists would be gone. Smoking was the one last guilty pleasure he allowed himself. A middle finger thrust straight into the air at life. Once upon a time, he’d denied himself this particular sin because he’d cared about his health. However, dying of cancer was no longer a concern—one good thing that had come of the decision he’d made in the final days before The Apocalypse had created an eternal night.

The career his father had insisted was his destiny as a Salazar had turned out to be the perfect preparation for the End of Times. The Army had made him a warrior—and then it had turned him into a monster so that he could fight other monsters.

He dropped the cigarette then ground it beneath the heel of his boot. He was sure Ty, the elected commander of this regiment, although they no longer used their military titles, would be looking for his sitrep soon. While no longer part of the U.S. Army, they had to maintain the same discipline and order. Without rules, they could easily devolve. Their altered natures already tempted them to push against the bounds of civilized behavior. More than one of their unit had been “put down” when they’d surrendered to their darker appetites.

When the keys to the fortress had been handed to them as the Army abandoned this western post, they’d made the decision to continue their mission. Partially to protect innocents trapped in this wasteland but mostly to give themselves a purpose, so they’d stay on the narrower path. They were the last outpost in the New Frontier. While the civilian populations had congregated for safety in the eastern cities, they’d remained to protect any last vestiges of human populations from the wolves and the human predators that roamed the West.

Just a week ago, they’d left the safety of their post to rescue stragglers to the south from a ranch near Tierney, Texas. Kate, a few of her ranch hands, and three families had accepted their offer of shelter. Kate was now Ty’s woman. She’d brought horses and a breeding pair of cattle to begin a new herd inside the fence. How they’d feed the animals was still to be determined. The sky remained filled with dark clouds, and the grass within the fort’s boundaries was sparse and withered. At least, the rabbits the mess unit bred in cages had vegetable scraps from the indoor greenhouse they kept lit in a helicopter hangar, powered by the wind. No humans would die from lack of food here. In addition to the rabbits and vegetables they grew, they had a storage warehouse full of old rations. The hope was that the skies would clear enough to let sunshine pierce the gray clouds, so that, one day, life could return to a semblance of normal for the humans. Then they could grow gardens and raise livestock in greater abundance to survive until civilization returned.

The thought neither Ty nor Diego ignored was that sunshine would likely spell the end of the vampires when humans no longer needed their protection.

The vampires outside the post’s fences weren’t winning any popularity contests. As feral as the wolves, their indiscriminate killing kept the humans inside from fully trusting the soldiers, even those who had remained human and understood why some of their brothers had been turned; they were all treated with suspicion by the refugees.

For now, the turned soldiers and the humans shared a symbiotic relationship. The living fed the vampires. The vampires provided their superior senses, speed, and strength to keep the humans alive.

Which reminded him that he needed to eat. His stomach felt hollow, which made his mood dark. Until he was replenished, he’d snap out of irritation at the slightest provocation. He strode toward the mess hall. A room to the side of the cafeteria was kept for feedings. Human guards supervised the vampires’ meals to ensure the safety of those who volunteered their blood.

He wondered who’d be available. Ty was fortunate to have his own blood whore, although Diego would never call her that in front of him. Kate provided some of his friend’s needs, but Ty still needed other donors so he didn’t sap her strength.

The families that had come from Sanctuary Ranch had been leery of the arrangement, at first, and since Ty had promised that no one would be forced to provide for them, they’d been slow to volunteer.

Until they’d learned from the human soldiers that there was pleasure in giving. At first, the males had volunteered, “sacrificing” for their families. Then one husband had brought his wife, and they’d shared the pleasure. Now, all three families donated regularly. Only the children were left completely off-limits. A rule that was strictly enforced. If a vampire were to drink from a child, the penalty was death.

The door to the “blood mess” was open, and light from a gas lantern beckoned. When he stepped inside, he found a lone female sitting in an armchair, a book opened on her lap. She glanced up as he entered, and a pretty blush crept up from her neck to fill her cheeks.

She was a plain woman—full hips, small breasts, hair neither blond nor brown. Late thirties, he’d have guessed, but knowing the hardships she’d faced to survive, she could be younger.

Already, her heart thudded loudly.

The guard was asleep with his head thrown back and his mouth open. Diego would make sure his squad leader handled that problem, but for now, he liked that they wouldn’t have a witness.

“Melissa, isn’t it?” he asked softly.

She nodded, glanced quickly at the still sleeping guard then back at Diego. Was she afraid?

When she tilted her head toward the doorway, he understood. She wanted a little something more in return for her “gift.”

His mouth stretched into a smile, and he held out his hand to help her up from her chair. The moment her warm fingers slid across his skin he started getting hard.

She’d showered. Her hair and body smelled like strawberries. Her blond-brown hair gleamed in the golden light, but he led her through the doorway into the darkened cafeteria.

“I haven’t seen you here before,” he said.

“It’s my first time,” she whispered.

He chuckled to put her at ease. “A virgin?”

“Hardly, but…yes.”

“I’ll be gentle.”

Her fingers pressed against his, and her pulse sped. “You don’t have to be.”

Diego grinned in the dark.

Sometimes, he enjoyed being the apex predator. Who said The Apocalypse couldn’t be fun?

We’re Dead Horse! (Contest)
Monday, March 14th, 2022

UPDATE: The winner is…Beverly!

It’s Monday! I’m wide awake despite the time change. Let’s have some fun!

Have you read my Montana Bounty Hunters: Dead Horse, MT series yet? Well, you might want to catch up! I’ll tell you why, but first, here are the links:


Or you can find more links to other vendors selling these stories by heading to my series page and scrolling down to Montana Bounty Hunters: Dead Horse, MT: Series Page

Okay, with that out of the way, there are a couple of reasons you should catch up reading and soon!


Besides the fact the entire series is packed full of adventure, sexy times, and humor, there’s another story coming your way…

Montana Bounty Hunters: Dead Horse

It’s out in June, and I have to start writing it next month, so I’m not 100% sure what’s going to happen (I never do until it happens while I’m writing!). You can pre-order your copy here: Gabriel


This guy…

I had been toying with an idea to branch off the bounty hunters and write some small-town stories, set in Dead Horse. Not planning or plotting. I just kept the idea in the back of my head. UNTIL, I found this photo.

And I knew who he was, where he lives, and I know who she is!!! If you read Eli, you know there’s a repair/body shop called Ride or Die. He’s the owner. And he doesn’t like the way the bounty hunters have taken over his town. They’re not Dead Horse (another line from the stories you’ll just have to read to see why it’s funny). So, I’m thinking about a series name for this offshoot project, and the only one I think fits is, “We’re Dead Horse!”

The series has some fun characters, my favorite being the persnickety waitress, Nadine, who works at the Dead Man Walk-In Diner. She’s always doing or saying something to my hunters that gets their attention, and she’s made quite the impression on some of my readers, so I thought, this girl is somehow related to Nadine. Which will make things a bit sticky and funny for this couple. She’s going to do the chasing, obviously.

So, where does the fun part come in to play for you?

Tell me about them. Suggest some names and a title of a book. Even think of something she can do to try to get his attention. Have fun with it! If you play, and comment below, you’ll be entered to win a $5 Amazon gift card!

Diana Cosby: Winter at the Marsh! (Contest)
Sunday, March 13th, 2022

UPDATE: The winner is…Beckie!

©Diana Cosby 2022

Each season at the marsh is unique.  During winter, the birds search for food, or shield themselves from the cold.

At times deer will venture out onto the cold, frozen marshlands in search of food.

Red Tailed Hawks glide through the skies on currents of air or perch on branches as they scour the marshland.

I love the song of the Red-winged Blackbird, which to me is heralding the approach of spring.

Mallard Ducks, as many waterfowl who live at the marsh, huddle in crevices against the cold but love to come out and bask in the warm rays when the sun’s out.

Seagulls live at the marsh year-round.  I find their calls as I walk along the grassy lands peaceful.  Take care, and I wish you the best.


***ONE winner will be drawn from everyone who posts on my guest blog post about, ‘Winter At The Marsh!’ on Delilah’s blog between 13th March 2022 – 20th of March 2022, and will win a tote.”

About Diana Cosby

A retired Navy Chief, Diana Cosby is an international bestselling author of Scottish medieval romantic suspense. Books in her award-winning MacGruder Brothers series have been translated into five languages. Diana has spoken at the Library of Congress, Lady Jane’s Salon in NYC, and appeared in Woman’s Day, on USA Today’s romance blog, “Happy Ever After,”, Atlantic County Women Magazine, and Texoma Living Magazine.

After her career in the Navy, Diana dove into her passion – writing romance novels. With 34 moves behind her, she was anxious to create characters who reflected the amazing cultures and people she’s met throughout the world. After the release of the bestselling MacGruder Brothers series and The Oath Trilogy, she released the bestselling The Forbidden Series.

Diana looks forward to the years of writing ahead and meeting the amazing people who will share this journey.

Diana Cosby, International Best-Selling Author
The Oath Trilogy
MacGruder Brother Series
The Forbidden Series

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Sunday, March 13th, 2022

After a few authors mentioned their disappointment that they wouldn’t have their stories done in time, I decided to extend the deadline. So, authors, keep writing those Silver Soldiers stories! DD


Editor: Delilah Devlin
Deadline: April 5, 2022

SILVER SOLDIERS is open to all authors.

Editor/Author Delilah Devlin is looking for stories for a romantic erotica anthology tentatively entitled SILVER SOLDIERS:  A BOYS BEHAVING BADLY ANTHOLOGY.

Why write a short story for this collection? Well, it’s certainly not about making a lot of money, so why do it at all? I’ve said this before, but here are my thoughts…

Writing a short story for a call for submissions is a chance to flex your writing muscle! It can be a chance to experiment with a genre you’ve never written. If you’ve never written a story in first person but don’t want to begin by writing an entire novel using it, start short! For myself, I’ve written stories in new genres or with fresh themes that ended up being so much fun to write they’ve spawned entire series.

You have a deadline! I don’t know about you, but I have trouble keeping my butt in the chair without one!

It’s a promotional opportunity! If selected, you’ll be joined by 12-15 other authors for the launch, sharing your audiences and, hopefully, picking up new readers along the way. Having your story in the collection is another chance to be “seen.”

And remember, you retain the rights to your story, so you can republish it for individual sale or give it away to attract subscribers to your newsletter. You might even decide there’s more story to tell and expand your short story into a novel.

Here’s what I’m looking for…

SILVER SOLDIERS: A BOYS BEHAVING BADLY ANTHOLOGY will include stories that satisfy the reader who craves stories with older alpha male heroes. Those salt-and-pepper hotties with crow’s feet earned through rugged training and years of combat. Former soldiers finding their footing after their first careers, or current soldiers nearing the end of their military careers. They’re ready to find the right partner to put down roots, ones who aren’t afraid of scars and rough edges.

SILVER SOLDIERS will seek stories with varied settings here on earth, grounded in reality, or soldiers who might be something a bit more than human—supernatural creatures, or even aliens and cyborgs. The only requirement is that these soldiers understand loyalty, allegiance, and real courage.

I’m open to any subgenre of erotic romance you want to write. I’ll accept contemporary, historical, science fiction, or paranormal stories, and I won’t be picky about whether the stories are hetero, LGBT, ménage… Basically, you, the author, can go anywhere your imagination takes you so long as 1) the story is a romance, and 2) you have a bad boy somewhere in the pages!

The anthology will be sold at a low price—my intent is exposure for you and your writing. The more readers reached, the better! You will retain the rights to your story so that, at a later date, you can republish your stories individually.

I’m seeking hot and inventive stories from authors with unique voices, and above all, I’m looking to be seduced by tales filled with vivid imagery and passion.

Published authors with an established world may use that setting for their original short story.

This is erotic romance, so don’t hold back on the heat. Stories can be vanilla or filled with kink, but don’t miss describing the romantic connection between strong-willed individuals learning to trust and love one another. A deep sensuality should linger in every word. Keep in mind there must be a romantic element with a happy-for-now or happy-ever-after ending. Strong plots, engaging characters, and unique twists are the ultimate goal. Please no reprints. I want original stories.

How to submit: Prepare your 2,500 to 5,500 words story in a double-spaced, Arial, 12-point, black font, Word document (.doc or .docx) OR rich text format (.rtf), with pages numbered. Indent the first line of each paragraph half an inch, and double space (regular double spacing; do not add extra lines between paragraphs or do any other irregular spacing). U.S. grammar (double quotation marks around dialogue, etc.) is required.

In your document at the top left of the first page, include your legal name (and pseudonym, if applicable), mailing address, email address, and a 50-words or less biography, written in the third person, and send to If you are using a pseudonym, please provide your real name and pseudonym and make it clear which one you’d like to be credited as. Authors may submit up to 2 stories. I will try to respond no later than June 15, 2022 with decisions.

Payment will be $25.00 USD, ninety days after publication at the end of that month.

Who is Delilah Devlin?

Delilah Devlin is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of romance and erotic romance. She has published nearly two hundred stories in multiple genres and lengths and has been published by Atria/Strebor, Avon, Berkley, Black Lace, Cleis Press, Ellora’s Cave, Entangled, Grand Central, Harlequin Spice, HarperCollins: Mischief, Kensington, Kindle, Montlake, Penthouse, Running Press, and Samhain Publishing.

Her short stories have appeared in multiple Cleis Press collections, including Lesbian Cowboys, Girl Crush, Fairy Tale Lust, Lesbian Lust, Passion, Lesbian Cops, Dream Lover, Carnal Machines, Best Erotic Romance (2012), Suite Encounters, Girl Fever, Girls Who Score, Duty and Desire, Best Lesbian Romance of 2013, and On Fire. For Cleis Press, she edited Girls Who Bite, She Shifters, Cowboy Lust, Smokin’ Hot Firemen, High Octane Heroes, Cowboy Heat, Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors and Sex Objects.

She has also edited Conquests: An Anthology of Smoldering Viking Romance, Rogues: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology, Blue Collar: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology, Pirates: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology, Stranded: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology, First Response: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology, and Cowboys: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology.

Direct any questions you have regarding your story or the submission process to Delilah at

Saturday Puzzle-Contest! (Plus, Open Contests!)
Saturday, March 12th, 2022

UPDATE: The winner is…Joy Boutwell!


For a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card, solve the puzzle, then tell me: Would you be more curious or frightened?

Open Contests

  1. Reminder for Authors! A Puzzle for Puzzlers! And Open Contests!This one ends soon! Win a FREE book!
  2. While the world is in chaos… (Contest) — Win a handpainted (by me!) bookmark!
  3. Flashback: Begging for It (Contest — 2 Winners!) — Win a FREE book! 2 Winners!
  4. Celebrate National Procrastination Week! (Contest) — Win an Amazon gift card!
  5. Those $%#-ing Plateaus! (Contest) — Win a FREE book!