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Dr. Tonya Nagle/Cara North: Literary Love Savannah 2022
Thursday, March 24th, 2022

I’m one of the volunteer staff and an attending author for LLS. This is an annual event that takes place on the waterfront of downtown Savannah, GA. The reader & author convention usually happens in either July or August. This year, it is happening from July 20th-24th.

Something to know about reader conventions versus a book signing:
A convention is a multi-day event with activities, panels, outings, and more.
A signing is a one-day event with one or many authors for a designated time to sell and sign books.

Every event is different, so please do not make assumptions about this one based on other events, or about others based on this one.

Here, I am giving some answers to the FAQs for LLS and I hope to see you there!

What do I get with the $200 registration?
Actually, the registration only covers the cost of the three meals provided at the event. Authors, Industry, and vendors sponsor the welcome bags, the badges, the snacks, the games, any SWAG at panels, and everything else.

Why do I have to stay at the hotel?
Hotel space is very expensive. To have enough space to provide a variety of activities, we have to hit a certain number of rooms per night. Staying at the hotel ensures we get the convention space to do all the things. Without the rooms, we would have to charge enough to cover the cost of that space for the 3 days of the event. Bring a roommate to cover half the cost and enjoy the waterfront!

On a side note, the event is action packed with things to do. Many authors and attendees who live in the area say they are glad they are at the hotel because they would be exhausted trying to get home and back.

Where does all the money go?
All of the money for registration goes to the hotel for the meals. The staff, even the coordinator, are all volunteers. We only earn money on what we sell at the book signing on Saturday.

The staff for this event pay the same registration as the authors (if authors) and readers (if industry or vendor) because it covers the cost of the meals. Author registration also covers the cost of the signing table. All authors and staff also have to stay at the hotel.

What about the charity baskets?
Yes, we do have baskets that are donated by authors and readers and the money from that event goes straight to the Jasper County Rescue Mission, an animal charity the event coordinator volunteers at.

What can I expect as a reader?
The welcome event has a welcome bag where authors from all over send books and promotional goodies just for you!

Every meal table is dressed by an attending author so you will get the items they provide as promotion and fun at that meal.

You will meet a lot of indie authors ready to connect with you beyond the books. I love this event and attend every year because the readers and other authors are not just people at an event, they are my convention family.

What if no one wants to come to the event with me?
Totally fine to come alone. The quiet and shy will find kindreds here.

What genres are sold?
The authors write in a variety of genres but the primary one is romance. All subgenres of romance are at this event and even some subgenres of subgenres!

Who is attending?
The list of authors for this year is posted on the Facebook page.

How do I register?
Here is the link to the Eventbrite Tickets. They are non-refundable, so be sure you check it out and ask any questions before making your purchase. You will buy the reader ticket. You will see other tickets on there. Remember, I said all the money goes straight to the hotel? So authors pay their sponsorships. You do not have to buy a ticket to those events (like the hot cocoa bar). It is included in the cost of your reader ticket.

I’m an author, I want to go, what do I do?
Author registration is closed for 2022. As you can imagine it takes a lot of planning to pull this off on volunteer hours and author-driven efforts. I encourage you to come as a reader, especially in your first year. Why? 1. You get a feel for the event from that perspective. 2. You can plan what you will do for your tables next year, decide what things you might sponsor (karaoke, snacks, etc.), and network with readers so they know who you are when you come back toting books in 2023. 3. Because you will also have a blast and if you come as an author the next year, it will be fun, but not like the readers. Not relaxing where everyone is trying to make it a great time for you. You will be on a team making it a great time for readers. It is a LOT of work. In addition, you can still put stuff in the welcome bags. You just can’t have a seat at the book signing on Saturday.

I’m an author, can I send promotion stuff?
Yes! We love to fill those welcome bags with goodies from attending and non-attending authors. Readers love SWAG. We only ask that you not send just paper unless it is for a freebie with a qr code. Readers will trash paper and we don’t want you wasting that money. Pens, pencils, clips, buttons, and all the rest are welcome. Contact the event page on Facebook for mailing address. You can also send print books that will be placed on the welcome tables. We ask a minimum qty of 10, but if you just re-covered a collection and have books with the old covers on them to use as promotion items, send them.

This is a little bit about Literary Love Savannah. There are so many great events out there for readers to attend. Check in with your favorite authors and see where they are going to be. Remember that a convention is not the same as a book signing. A signing takes place on a set date for a set time. A convention is a multi-day event with a book signing attached to it.

If you are looking for something to do this summer, love Savannah, love books, want to hang out with some authors and readers, well, we hope to see you there! Link to the event:

Link to the General Info Facebook Group:

Link to the Facebook Page:

Honest Answers Only! (Poll & Contest–or Poll about Contests?)
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022

UPDATE: The winner is…Denise Poteete!

For a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card:

* Read through the poll choices and choose up to 4!
* Comment about why you chose what you chose!

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NO TENDER MERCY is out! Plus, Open Contests!
Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022

I have a new release! It’s sexy, features an ex-Army vampire, and it’s set in post-apocalyptical Texas! What more could you want? Oh right, did I tell you it’s sexy? And not terribly long if you’re looking for a quick afternoon read. Did I mention it’s FREE in KU Unlimited?

I hope you’ll give the story a read, and if you have time, review it. Readers trust other readers…

No Tender Mercy

No Tender Mercy

Read an excerpt | Order your copy here!

Open Contests

  1. We’re Dead Horse! (Contest) — Win an Amazon gift card!
  2. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! (Contests–Multiple Prizes!) — Win an Amazon gift card!
  3. I love Saturday! Plus, a Puzzle-Contest and More Open Contests! — Win an Amazon gift card!
TMI about my day, so far–and a reminder!
Monday, March 21st, 2022

I’m late posting! I had a morning blood draw at the VA, which hosed my day’s schedule. It’s the second time I’ve had a vein tapped in the last couple of months. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I have Graves disease, and my thyroid was destroyed by a radioactive pill in the early 2000s. No big deal. Meds keep me going just fine. Until something weird crept up in my bloodwork in January. The doctor suspects that my parathyroid glands might be diseased now. I didn’t know I had parathyroid glands, but apparently, they are tucked behind the thyroid and when they act up, they cause calcium to be leeched away from bones and show up as a high calcium count in the blood. Sooooo, I’ve been steering clear of calcium-rich foods (eggs, yogurt, cheese, salmon, sardines, spinach, etc.—basically everything I’ve been eating tons of in Weight Watchers!) and I stopped taking my calcium supplement. Now, if calcium is still high, I’ll be seeing an endocrinologist for a little surgery.

Ain’t life grand?

So, a really long explanation for why I’m late and way TMI, but I have to tell someone. 🙂

I did just want to pop in and remind you that I have a short, sexy vampire book releasing tonight after midnight! Have you ordered your copy?

No Tender Mercy

Pre-order your copy now!

Now, it’s back to work for me! How’s your day going?

It’s International Happiness Day & the Spring Equinox!
Sunday, March 20th, 2022

And yes, International Happiness Day is a real thing! The UN made it so. 🙂

And for both IHD and the Spring Equinox to happen on the same day THIS YEAR, I hope, portends happy things.

For now, to celebrate IHD, step outside and breathe the fresh air or smile in front of a mirror for as long as it takes for you to feel it.

For the Equinox, know that Spring is here. If it’s warm enough where you live, take off your shoes and stand on the ground barefoot. Imagine all of winter’s blues draining down from your body, through your feet and into the ground. Then take deep breaths and imagine the renewing earth sending its vibes upward. Then go inside and put on a pair of thick socks and drink some cocoa!

The point is, find some joy today and figure out how to manifest it every day. I’m a busy girl, but I do find little things, all day long, to keep me happy—a scented candle, pressing noses together with my cat, drinking a hot cup of coffee with my hands wrapped around it…

Tell me what makes you happy! 

I love Saturday! Plus, a Puzzle-Contest and More Open Contests!
Saturday, March 19th, 2022

UPDATE: The winner is…Pansy Petal!

Don’t you? What’s even better to love? It’s the first Saturday of Spring Break and EVERYONE’S here together! Do you see my maniacal smile?

Well, I really am glad of the break because I’m mama’s helper getting the kids out the door, and them making her breakfast and coffee so it’s waiting on the table when she gets back from dropping them off. (No, I don’t have to, but I like to do something nice for her since she’s not the morning person and can be a little grumpy—until she sees breakfast. LOL)

Anyway, I just thought I’d see if anyone else has Spring Break fever running amok at home with no outlet (no travel, no big plans). Or do you not have kids around and Spring Break is some foreign concept you watch on the nightly news? Have fun with the puzzle, then…answer for a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card!

And if you are traveling, be sure to keep safe and avoid those big, unmasked crowds! Be safe!

Open Contests

  1. Saturday Puzzle-Contest! (Plus, Open Contests!) — Win an Amazon gift card!
  2. Diana Cosby: Winter at the Marsh! (Contest) — Win a pretty tote bag!
  3. We’re Dead Horse! (Contest) — Win a $5 Amazon gift card!
  4. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! (Contests–Multiple Prizes!) — Win an Amazon gift card!
Paris Wynters: About St. Paddy’s Day & an Excerpt from ISSUED: Navy SEALs of Little Creek!
Friday, March 18th, 2022


So, St. Patrick’s Day was yesterday, but why not continue celebrating. And who doesn’t love a holiday that gives us a great excuse to get together with family and friends, attend the local parade, wear lots of green clothes, and drink beer. Oh, and dye rivers green!! However, there is a lot about this holiday which people don’t know. Stick around and read about five St. Patrick’s Day facts you might’ve not been aware of!

  1. This holiday falls on March 17th each year because that is the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Did you know that Saint Patrick wasn’t even Irish? He was actually born in Wales. He was held as a prisoner by Irish raiders shortly after he turned sixteen years old, and this is when he found his faith.
  2. Green was not always the color associated with St. Patrick’s Day. For thousands of years, light blue was the color people used to celebrate this holiday!
  3. The first St. Patrick’s Day parade was held right here, in the United States. The parade tradition originated in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1737. New York followed shortly behind them, launching their first parade in 1762.
  4. From 1927 to 1961, St. Patrick’s Day was a dry holiday. The Irish government banned alcohol to enforce the religious aspects of the holiday. Pubs around the country were forced to close for this day. Nowadays, approximately 11 million pints of Guinness are consumed on this holiday.
  5. Chicago dyes their river green for the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. The dye they use is plant-based, allowing it to return to its normal color in approximately thirty hours.

Hopefully, you learned a few fun facts, and March 17th will have more reasons to celebrate in the future! Now I wish I could say I wrote a romance book about St. Patrick’s Day, but the closest I can come is my Navy SEALs of Little Creek series, where two of the heroines work at a local pub. Below you can find an excerpt from Issued (complete with a GREEN cover).


Excerpt from Issued

I’m sorry. 

Two words that should be simple enough to say. But putting my business on display for the public isn’t my thing. Though, after Brittney’s scene two nights ago, people who don’t even know a thing about me now know I’m broken. Leave it to my ex’s sister to tell the world I’m the emotional equivalent of Humpty Dumpty after his fall from grace. All of my pieces are glued back with such haphazard carelessness that I can’t remember what it feels like to be whole. Or what it feels like to go through life without falling apart, without being forced to admit my own weakness.

I drag my hands over my face, my heart in my throat, as I do my best impression of a kicked puppy in the middle of Shaken & Stirred. Taya catches sight of me, slams down her tray, and turns on her heel to stalk off in the opposite direction. My body trembles, and I dig my nails into my scalp, wishing for the hundredth time that my stubborn wife had acknowledged me when I’d tapped on her door last night. Or the night before. This whole thing could have been handled in private. Although, shit, guess that cat had gotten out of the bag two days ago. Until then, Bear had been the only one who knew about my TBI, but now everyone knows. Everyone who was within earshot of our table.

But the way Taya leapt to her feet to defend me. She’d been all fiery eyes and blazing cheeks, a hellcat ready to attack on my behalf. Hope bubbles in my chest for a second before I viciously squash the feeling. Taya deserves someone normal, someone who can stand up to the light of her scrutiny without cutting her on all his ragged, imperfect edges. She deserves someone better than me.

But right now, we need to put on a performance for my superiors and any of the committee attending the function later tonight. My jaw aches and I’m grinding my teeth together as I flag down the hostess. “Can you get her? It’s important. Please?”

She turns, flinging her hand at me in a dismissive wave. “Sure.”

Inara heads into the back. Despite her snarky claim that she cares more about cucumbers than what I think is important, a minute later, Taya makes her way toward me. I force a smile, but the muscles in my face tighten and twitch. Taya stops in front of me, her forehead a collection of unhappy little wrinkles. With one hip cocked and her arms folded beneath the small swell of her teacup breasts, she’s the personification of feisty disapproval in a server’s apron and non-slick shoes.

“What do you want?”

“There’s a mandatory work party and I need you to come with me.” Not the best start, but I’m fully prepared to apologize and grovel for a date rather than show up in front of my commanding officer without Taya on my arm. This is my shot to prove that I’m committed to the IPP program.




I want to turn around and leave, but I’m already down to the wire. Maybe I’ll just toss her over my shoulder and make a run for it. Taking a deep breath, I try again. “I know you’re mad, but I need your help. We don’t even have to talk or stand next to one another. We’re basically carpooling to an open bar. This is important. If my C.O. doesn’t think I’m trying to make the IPP program work, I’m screwed.”

Her body slumps, but her eyes remain locked with mine. “When?”


“Are you serious?” Her voice is high pitched and more than a little accusatory. “You literally waited until the last second?”

“Not exactly.” I glance at the time on my phone. “We actually have about three hours.”

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