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Cara North: What’s In It For Me?
Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

You may notice that some authors are using platforms like Patreon as a way to connect with readers and offer exclusive or “you read it first” content. Like many writers and artisans of the past, a patron is someone who shows support by contributing in a financial way to show support for the person making the art. 

Unlike in the past, you don’t have to be a wealthy person and that creator is not your responsibility to house, feed, or any of those other dramatic past gestures of support. Instead, you can contribute as little as a dollar a month (varies by creator) and get access to rough drafts, initial sketch concepts, sometimes the ability to weigh in on decisions, etc. It all depends on the artist and what they offer and at what level. 

If you like to feel like you are contributing to someone’s art, this is a neat way to do that. Maybe you don’t have time to read everything they write, this is an excellent way to help them cover the costs of covers, edits, and more. Maybe you have a friend and you don’t read their genre, but you want them to know you support them. Again, an excellent way to do that. My mom was a patron for the first two years until I started getting actual readers showing support by joining. Then she said, okay, you got it from here. She still shows support by buying the books! 

Every creator runs their Patreon differently, but the one thing I think most of us have in common is offering something exclusive to those patrons. My patrons get access to the first draft as I write it in serial form. They are my first choice when I need beta readers. I send them mail quarterly and the fourth quarter mailing is filled with goodies I have collected from other authors and fun things I pick up just for them. 

There are many platforms, but Patreon is the one I use for mine. Check it out. Ask your authors if they have an account and get in on all the exclusive fun! 

The Swift University contemporary reverse harem (RH) is a Patron-first read.

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