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Archive for June 9th, 2022

Cara North: 10 Free Ways to Support Your Favorite Authors (Contest)
Thursday, June 9th, 2022

10 Free Ways to Support Your Favorite Authors:

  1. Write a review. Seriously, even a few words about being excited to get the book or looking forward to the next one matters to the algorithm. Note: Even bad reviews count as reviews and push those books to the top of search feeds. 
  2. Share what you are reading on social media. This is one of the most awesome things to see as an author. We love it when people share that they are reading our books! 
  3. Have a print book and limited space? Gift it to a friend, put it in a free library, and share it with someone rather than sending it to the recycling or landfill. 
  4. Join their Facebook reader groups. You get all the details, the opportunity to interact with the author(s), and other readers reading the same books you are. 
  5. Like their social media pages. 
  6. Comment on social media posts. Even emojis can make their day. 
  7. Send a message or comment about your favorite book. Sometimes authors feel like giving up, like no one wants their books, so little comments, if you like a book, may be the difference in a series you love getting completed or pushed to the back burner in favor of another book in the author’s mind that they think people will like. 
  8. Be kind. A lot of indie authors are not making 3 much less 6 figures on their books. It may take a bit of saving to get better covers, more detailed editors, etc. Everyone starts somewhere. 
  9. Don’t return books. Again, most indies are not rolling in the cash. Every return hurts. Use your local library to get digital or print copies of books. It costs the time it takes to get a library card and ask the librarian to add it to the digital or physical shelf. 
  10. Join an influencer, street, or advance review copy (ARC) team for your favorite authors and volunteer to read the books first in exchange for sharing on social media or leaving a review. 

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