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Archive for August 2nd, 2023

Krysten Lindsay Hager: Top 5 Favorite Comfort Movies (FREE Read!)
Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023

As a YA contemporary romance author, I love movies that have characters with an irresistible connection.

5. 13 Going on 30: How perfect is Jennifer Garner in this role? Everything about this works from the thoughtful dollhouse to the way Matty looks at her as an adult. Swoon! They are so cute together. My favorite scenes are where he slows sees her as the girl he fell in love with all those years before.

4. Peggy Sue Got Married: Okay, so clearly I love those going back in time movies and things involving reflecting back on middle school and high school. This one is a fave because the script is perfection. Peggy Sue has such an overwhelming reaction to ending up back in high school that it feels like this is really happening to her. The scene where she has the emotional response when she hears her Grandma’s voice on the phone—it’s so overwhelming as she’s clearly missed her grandma who is no longer living in the future. Also, the scene where she starts to rewrite her high school experience by dating a different guy and realizing her first love was real after all is touching.

3. Just Friends: The perfect friends to lovers set up. So many good lines that crack me up. The scene where he’s in the car and she’s witnessing him talk to himself over how he blew their lunch date always cracks me up.

2. Roman Holiday: Audrey Hepburn as a princess who wants a taste of a normal life and Gregory Peck as a journalist. It’s sweet, adorable, and a perfect date movie.­

1. Wonder Woman: Love, love, LOVE this one. I teared up a couple times during this movie, but her speech when she tells off the general, the scene with her aunt, and No Man’s Land had me super emotional. Plus, Steve and Diana are so cute as he clearly loves and respects her. Oh, I love this one.

If you love YA contemporary novels with all the feels, you might like my book, Next Door to a Star, about a high school girl who goes to a beach town for the summer and finds herself living next door to a teen TV star and falling in love for the first time.

Next Door to a Star

A fresh start in a new town and a chance to reinvent herself. But can Hadley handle the popular crowd?

Hadley Daniels is sick of being invisible at school and wants a fresh start. She sees a chance to reinvent herself when she moves to the lake resort town of Grand Haven. There she gets her first taste of popularity when she moves next door to a teen actress who used to be on a popular TV show. Simone is everything Hadley longs to be: pretty, popular, and famous, so why doesn’t Simone want to talk about her life in Hollywood? Hadley gets caught up hanging with the popular crowd and starts dating Nick Jenkins.

However, the popular girls turn on her and fill Nick’s head with a lie about Hadley that leaves her heartbroken. Hadley soon finds out what it’s really like to be in the popular crowd and what being famous is all about as Simone opens up to her about her time in Hollywood. Can Hadley find true friendship and true love in a new setting?

​“It’s a beautifully written YA story that was so hard to put down. I loved every minute of it. It’s a perfect teenage drama that I think all girls will enjoy reading. And I just want to say this, no one can write teenage feelings better than Krysten Lindsay Hager. She does it so perfectly, making her characters believable as well as relatable.” Fizza Younis, author

“Take a trip down memory lane, relive your first crush, your first kiss and get to know Hadley who lives ‘Next Door to a Star.’” Leila Tualla, author

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