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Sunday Tarot & Open Contests!
Sunday, October 8th, 2023

So, keeping in mind that I have a book to complete THIS WEEK, and I have an art festival to get ready for this coming weekend, I asked the cards how my week would go and got this!

Oh, boy! Just looking at the card, I know it’s going to be rough. There are twin warriors with their swords raised riding on the back of a horse that looks ready to charge into battle against a very stormy sky. Whew. Yes, I have two obstacles to overcome, so it makes sense I’d draw Queen Leda’s twin sons, readying for battle. Funny how that works. I think the card means I have a fighting chance to get to where I need to be, if I remain focused on the battle to come.

Queen Leda’s twins are an interesting story. She was Queen Leda, Queen of Sparta. Zeus saw her and being the horny bastard that he was, he pursued her, but she refused his advances. Miffed, he turned her into a swan and then raped her. Yeah, Zeus did a lot of raping. And apparently had no qualms about raping a bird. She was already pregnant by her husband, but gave birth to two eggs. One with two human children by her husband, and one with two demi-gods by Zeus. The twins were born out of both eggs, so one son, Castor was his father’s son; the other, Polydeuces, was the immortal son of Zeus. The were called Dioscuri, the Warrior Twins.

The Mythic Tarot book says when I see this card, I should be “prepared for sudden changes which break apart the ordinary patterns of life.” The battle will be internal. So, that’s vague as hell, but falls in line pretty much with what I read in the card. It’s going to be rough ride this week.

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