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What's Coming Up Next
Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Writing went well today. I surpassed my planned page count and turned in copy edits for HAVE SEX WILL TRAVEL. And I started getting the pool ready for warm weather. Ever have to skim pollen scum off water?

Anyway, so my brain’s a bit fried and I’m ready for bed, but I thought I’d let you know what’s coming for those of you who like to track that sort of thing.

Here’s the list of all the releases I have scheduled for the rest of the year. There might be one or two more, but it depends on how quickly I get those stories out the door.

04/24/09 – UNLEASHING THE TIGER, Altered States series (Ellora’s Cave)
06/10/09 – LOCKDOWN (Ellora’s Cave)
06/23/09 – STONE’S EMBRACE, Captive Souls series (Samhain)
06/23/09 – DARKNESS BURNING (Avon Red)
06/30/09 – HOTBLOODED, Tempted by a Cowboy anthology (Kensington Aphrodisia)
08/??/09 – HAVE SEX WILL TRAVEL, Sexy Little Numbers anthology (Black Lace)
09/01/09 – THE HIRED HAND, Lesbian Cowboy anthology (Cleis)
10/??/09 – FRANNIE & THE PRIVATE DICK (Ellora’s Cave)
11/10/09 – RIDE A COWBOY, To Serve and Protect anthology (Ellora’s Cave and Pocket Books)

A couple of those are retreads. Frannie appeared in the NIBBLES ‘N’ BITS anthology. RIDE A COWBOY was released last year in A HOT MAN IS THE BEST REVENGE. But if you haven’t read either, you get another shot!

April's Seed Moon
Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Progress on Stone’s Embrace

Okay, think about it. Winter’s over. You’ve prepared your planting beds in March—April’s time to plant those seeds and nurture their growth.

Let me make that analogy personal. I’ve planned new projects, plotted out the chapters, and now it’s time to write the proposals I will send out by month’s end. It’s a fertile time, both physically and mentally. Make the most of it!

There is the little problem of a book that was due like yesterday! I have some wiggle room—until next Monday, but I really wanted to get it in on time. I feel like I’m eating into one of my “fertile” weeks finishing it off. Think positive thoughts for me. I also have to add pages to another project for an editor who wanted a little bit more to make a decision. Wish I could jump on it, but again, that fertile time, new seeds and all, isn’t happening until I finish that too. Maybe April’s gonna be a bust for me.

Saddle up for a wild ride!
Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Slippery when naked…

From eCataRomance: “SADDLED is a spicy, hot erotic romance by a Queen of the erotic genre. Delilah Devlin is a master with the pen when it comes to creating a sizzling story that will leave you breathless…Saddled is a must own novella by a must read writer.”

From Just Erotic Romance Reviews: “…I couldn’t put this story down! It was danger, betrayal, sexy and fun all rolled together into the perfect erotic romance…”

From Vixen Reviews: “…What starts out as an innocent effort to warm Kate up turns into some of the most erotic sex I have ever read along with some of the best dialog I have seen in a book so far this year…Saddled is heart-stopping and fascinating!!!!!!!…”

From Romance Junkies: “…Delilah Devlin’s storylines never fail to pull readers into the story and SADDLED is no exception…Of course the sex scenes are scorching and adventurous with the perfect blend of emotional turmoil to ensure readers keep Ms. Devlin’s name at the top of their ‘must read’ list.”

Saddle up for a wild ride!
Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Yippee-Kai-Yay! It’s finally here! My first Samhain release! And it’s steaming hot!

See what eCataRomance has to say:
“Saddled is a spicy, hot erotic romance by a Queen of the erotic genre. Delilah Devlin is a master with the pen when it comes to creating a sizzling story that will leave you breathless. The characters are intoxicating and the sex will have you searching for the ice cubes. Saddled is must own novella by a must read writer….Delilah Devlin is a true master in the erotic romance genre…Saddled is a beautiful story that will get the blood pumping. This sizzler is a must purchase story…”

You know I loved the whole Queen thing! :mrgreen:

Still not enough to convince you? Read on!


Katherine Duvall awoke as sensation flooded her feet and hands—sharp prickling pinches that made her moan.

“Yeah, it’s gonna hurt. But it’s a good sign sweetheart,” a man whispered against her hair. “And there’s no frostbite. I checked.”
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Three days to the ultimate threesome!
Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Two cowboys, one damsel in distress…and a lonely cabin in the middle of a blizzard…

Isn’t that all you really need to know about this story? It’s coming Tuesday, so get ready!


Slippery when naked…

When Bobby Blackhawk and Cale Yancey see a car slide off the highway and into an icy creek, they’ve got only minutes to get the beautiful driver out alive. And only one way to save her from hypothermia: take her to their isolated cabin, get naked…and hope like hell that when she wakes up, she doesn’t scream the place down.

Katherine Duvall opens her eyes in a strange bed, and the tingles flooding her body aren’t entirely due to restored circulation. She’s snuggled between two handsome men, one a gruff, gentle giant, the other a sexy, playful Native American. Having just left her fiancé romping with another woman, she’s not quite as shocked as she might have been.

In fact, these two lonesome cowboys could be the perfect bookends to satisfy her hunger for revenge and bolster her dented self esteem. It’s not long before their raging hormones are melting the snow on the cabin roof.

To their surprise, they find something else is melting, too. Their hearts…

What really matters…
Friday, March 27th, 2009

When someone close to you suffers an illness, something serious, it tends to make you stop to smell those darn roses. You cherish those conversations, those moments when you connect. You want to savor them, remember them.

I moved to Arkansas a year and half ago to be near my parents and help them as they grew older. I knew intellectually why I was here. This past week has made everything terribly real. Last week, I accompanied my father to the hospital where they ran tests to determine the health of his heart. The news wasn’t good. Today, he’s heading to surgery for multiple bypasses. That’s bad enough, but given his age and his health, we’re all worried.

Especially him. Dad’s the alpha guy. Quiet, strong. Always there doing the things the strong silent guys do to keep family safe and content. He’s scared. That fact completely unsettles me.

I watch him and my mother together and realize their’s was the happy-ever-after every romance reader dreams of. They fuss at each other with twinkles in their eyes. They do little things all the time for each other that are sweet and thoughtful. They grew up together, made a family, and are the hub for all their children’s and grandchildren’s lives. When the first of them passes on, the other will be lost.

So today, say a prayer for my dad. Call your mom or dad and say hello. I’ll be sitting in a waiting room with my mom, sister, and daughter, waiting and hoping we can all put off the inevitable one more time. Sorry I didn’t come with my usual cheery face, but today I’m not feeling so invincible or secure.

Contest at Access Romance!!!
Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Okay, now that I have your attention, follow this link to enter today’s contest: Access Romance