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Excerpt, just cuz it's Friday…
Friday, December 12th, 2008

Here’s a sneak peak at the second story in Texas Men, due out in March 2009. Keep in mind this excerpt is very, very naughty and involves a spanking bench, two sexy cops, a plug…well, you’ll see.


“No use fighting. You’ll injure yourself, baby.”

“I’m not your baby.”

“Not yet, but you’ll be my playmate for the rest of tonight anyway. You agreed. You stepped across that threshold.”

“I’ve changed my mind. I want it out now. And I’m gonna shove that goddamn plug up your ass, bastard.”

“You’re just a little scared, aren’t you kitten?” Logan said.

Sarah lifted her head, and then held it erect as she watched Logan strip off his tee. His chest was massive, muscled slabs arranged in layers like sedimentary stone. Dark hair, thick and slightly wavy furred his tanned chest nipple to nipple, then arrowed downward to disappear into his jeans.

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Where am I now?
Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Let’s see…

Saddled, with some revisions, was contracted last week by Samhain, and I have a tentative March date for release. Woohoo!

Still haven’t heard from Ellora’s Cave about when Jane’s Wild Weekend will be released or if Lockdown will be accepted, but they don’t move very fast.

In the meantime, I’m making progress on the next Dark Realm story. And yesterday, I finished a three-chapter proposal for a dark urban fantasy set in Memphis that I hope will excite an editor somewhere. I sent it to my agent for a first look. We’ll see.

So, what’s next? More Dark Realm-4. Lots of nasty sex and violence going on there. And I’m putting together a proposal for a cowboy story I want to pitch at Harlequin Blaze. I didn’t like the start I made on that work, so I’m re-dreaming the opening scene. Sometimes these things take a little time.

In the meantime, Christmas is looming and I only have one gift bought. Might try to do the online thing since I hate leaving my “mole-hole” when I have so much work to do. Send me good vibes for the works I have floating and the ones I hope to complete by the end of the month! *smooches* ~DD

See what little sis is doing?
Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Myla Jackson, who also writes as Elle James for Harlequin, has a new release with The Cave. Check it out!

What the story’s all about!

Pale and innocent Lilly Wyatt left the security of home in Georgia to follow her dream of a career on Broadway. On a dark night on the streets of New York City, her dream turns into a nightmare when she’s cornered by cougars in the heart of the city.

Black as a moonless night, Tom Black blends into shadows, prowling the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, on alert to stop trouble before humans become aware of the beasts among them. When his new neighbor falls victim to rogue cougars, he leaps to the rescue, colliding with a force capable of overcoming race, color and species. Love.


Lilly took the decision out of his hands, closing the gap between them. Her fingers reached behind and unhooked her bra, letting the straps slide down her shoulders one at a time. When her breasts spilled free, she looked as pure and white as a December snow. Her pale, rosy nipples puckered to tight little beads, thrusting toward his face like tempting berries.

Unable to resist temptation, Tom closed his lips around one tight bud, flicking his tongue against the hardened bead. She tasted of strawberries and cream and that special woman-taste that made him purr.
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A Romantic Times Magazine "Best" Nominee!
Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Did you hear me screaming?!

Seduced by Darkness, Book 2 in the Dark Realm series, was nominated for “Best Paranormal/Fantasy/Sci-fi Erotic Romance Novel for 2008!” Winners won’t be announced until the convention in April, but I’m so stoked! The field was huge this year and I’m thrilled to be among the nominees.

If you haven’t already checked out the book, you can read the full first chapter here: Chapter One

An RT Magazine “Best” for 2008!
Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Seduced by Darkness has been nominated for “Best Paranormal/Fantasy/Sci-fi Erotic Romance Novel for 2008” by Romantic Times Magazine!

“…The electrifying follow-up to INTO THE DARKNESS is a breathless read. Devlin’s intricate vampire society is filled with compelling personalities. The chemistry between the characters is explosive, and the horrific villain will give you goosebumps…the ending will leave you begging for more.”

I'm zagging…
Saturday, December 6th, 2008

I have one major project to work on, one deadline, and do you think I can open the document and get to work?

I think Christmas is getting to me. I’m not the sentimental type by a long-shot, but there’s so much going on, so many advertisements spamming my email, so many postings about people baking and shopping that I’m feeling like I must be a total scrooge, and that maybe I shouldn’t wait this year until Christmas Eve to do all my shopping in one day.

I’ve done that many times. I HATE shopping, get nauseous in mall air, and Christmas songs make my head pound. I’ll have a honed-to-the-last-detail list, start at 10:00 AM when the mall doors open, then rush through the stores before the crowds get too thick and I have a panic attack. Okay, so I’m exaggerating a little bit, but only very little.

What’s the difference this year? Maybe I’m a bit burned out with stress. Back-to-back books and facing the end of the last contract I have to fulfill. Always a worrisome place to be for a writer.

And it might have to do with the little face of a four-year-old who likes to sneak into my closets because she knows mommy hides her presents there, but my closets only have shoes and clothes and stuff.

Enough. Time to get to work. I wish you luck wrapping up your shopping, and be thinking of me, the last person on the last day before Christmas looking for that perfect gift as I whoosh by with my shopping cart and scoop the present into the basket.

Back in the groove
Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Progress for Dark Realm-4

A couple of announcements, first.

I made two sales recently. The first was for a little short story called “The Hired Hand” that I wrote for a lesbian cowboy collection for Cleis coming out next June. Cleis is an erotica imprint, and I love their collections. So I was thrilled to be included even if the payday is less than thrilling. I’m a full-time writer, but I do still like to write stories for the sheer challenge. Okay, so maybe it’s not quite a sale yet. The editor wants the story, but I have to wait to see if the publisher wants it. I’m hoping that just means the approval is a formality.

The second announcement is that a story I submitted last week to Samhain, that today remains untitled because I can’t make up my damned mind, sold! It’s about two cowboys who rescue a woman from a storm and get it on. Huh! Didn’t know I could describe a story is so few words. And tentatively, it’s set to come out in March 2009.

So, after taking the first three days of December to take care of other bizness, I’m back at the main job. Pounding pages. Mostly on the Dark Realm story, but I’m playing with a cowboy story on the side too. Something to do with a bull and a girl’s underwear. Do me a favor and send me some notes of encouragement or some jokes. I know I’ll be ready for both.