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Eye of the Storm releases today!
Saturday, August 1st, 2009

The book is out today! Click on the cover to read more about it. Then follow the link to the eHarlequin site to purchase it! Two hot men, a raging storm…how can you go wrong?


One year ago, Marcus healed Janie’s broken heart with his love. Now she has returned to Jamaica to see if their passion is as strong as before. Then Marcus’s friend Cade shows up, too. Janie never really liked Cade, but when Marcus asks her to take them both to her bedroom, Janie soon learns that the two men know exactly what she needs…


Just a quick FYI, I opened my email today to find an acceptance for a short story I wrote for Cleis Press’s Girl Crush antholoy, coming Spring 2010! Woot! Since I’d only shipped it the day before, I’m pretty pumped.

Catching up and a sexy excerpt
Friday, July 31st, 2009

First note. Yesterday was a phenomenal day of writing. I finished up the latest proposal I’m aiming at a New York house, revised it, and shipped the sucker to my agent. I hope like hell he doesn’t think my idea was too far out there, because the deeper I went into that futuristic (but oddly ancient) world the more I grooved on the story. After I put that one to rest, I opened up a half-written short story, added pages to hit the needed wordcount for a recent call for submissions, and shipped that one too!

Every single goal I had for the month of July I’ve fulfilled. That doesn’t happen often. I plan my work around a large, continuously changing goal spreadsheet. I always aim high, work like a demon to hit the mark, but give myself slack to fail at the smaller, less important tasks. The short story was the small, unimportant task for the month.

Second. One of my favorite review sites, Two Lips Reviews, is having a scavenger hunt and offering up a ton of great prizes to celebrate their third anniversary of operation. I have an icon hidden somewhere on my site that you have to find! Here’s the link to check out the rules: Two Lips Contest Rules

Last. You know that I have a new release tomorrow—a Harlequin Brief, entitled Eye of the Storm. Following is an excerpt.


When we stood outside my door in the darkened hallway, I drew a key from my jeans pocket and handed it to Marcus, ignoring Cade.

Cade hovered close behind us while Marcus turned the key in the lock. Did Cade think I’d slam the door in his face as soon as Marcus crossed my threshold? I wanted to do it—but not as much as I wanted his steady gaze on my body when I stripped for Marcus and lay down on my soft bed and opened my legs.

I wanted him hot, hard, and wanting to be Marcus as he plunged inside me.
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A Stormy Surprise
Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Two days ago, I found out that the Spice Brief I’d contracted to publish MONTHS AGO, will be released on August 1st! Huh. A little warning would have been nice since I didn’t have the cover or the blurb. But rather than them sending it in advance, I scraped it off the eHarlequin site so you can look it over now! Best news, it’s available for presale now! Link to eHarlequin

So maybe the white guy on the left doesn’t look like the tanned, muscular hunk in my story, ditto for the black dude on the right. But you get the idea, right? Sexy threesome, a storm a-brewing…

Eye of the Storm will be my second Spice Brief. I’m not so keen on writing them because they don’t pay as much as Ellora’s Cave or Samhain and a girl’s gotta eat, but I like to try to find new fans. Maybe someone will buy the book, find my website, and have to read everything I’ve ever done.

I can dream. :mrgreen:

If you’ve forgotten the first Brief I wrote, you can check it out by clicking on the cover.

The latest news
Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Thought I’d start out with a bang and the cover of a collection of shorts Harlequin Spice will release next March! Don’t you love it?! That month is shaping up to be another crazy busy one for me. Darkness Burning (the third Dark Realm story from Avon), Texas Men (my next single-author anthology from Kensington) and now Size Matters, will all be out in the same month.

For those of you who talk with me online, you know I’ve been suffering Internet outages since the end of April that left me with intermittant Internet or email capability. Hopefully, yesterday’s repairs did the trick. I’m here for now, anyway!!

As soon as I opened my email yesterday, I found a message from my editor at Kensington asking if I’d like to be in the next multi-author “Cowboy” book (see The Cowboy and Only with a Cowboy to see what I’m talking about). Of course, I couldn’t resist the challenge. So you’ll hear me cursing cowboys for the next three months straight as I finish up Texas Men then plunge right into the cowboy book. Ack! (I act scared, but I actually do better under pressure, so take all my grousing with a grain of salt.)

Lastly, I have an agent. A great one. Don’t want to talk about it too much for fear of attracting negative mojo, but I’m quietly jazzed about the whole thing! :mrgreen: