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Sliding-Puzzle Challenge: Woman Fleeing Dragon (Contest)
Thursday, February 23rd, 2023

UPDATE: The winner is…Becky Byers!

I’m coping with the hand. I’ve been doing a ton of edits. Yesterday, I finished another chapter of Mica! So, while I’m slow, I’m also steadily getting the work done.

I also decided not to throw in the towel for the #The100DayProject—that annual art challenge I so love. I decided my weakened, hobbled right hand could be an asset and tried this…

They are “twinchies”—two-inch squares—and used a dip pen (plus a blower bulb on the second one) and acrylic ink to draw these squiggly, shaky flowers. So, Day 1 is done! Woot!

I decided I’d give another kind of puzzle a try. Just to switch things up. And it’s easy-ish to operate, but challenging like a Rubik’s cube to move the puzzle pieces to the right places. See the grayed square? If you tap on any regular square around it, those two pieces will change places. The numbers tell you the order the pieces should be in. So, good luck. I got three in place before I had to take a break. I’m leaving that screen open so I can come back to it and not start all over again!!

So, today’s contest? Play with the puzzle. Then in the comments, 1) tell me how many pieces you got into the right place before you threw up your hands, and 2) whether you want me to give you this kind of puzzle again sometime. I’ll choose a random commenter to win a $5 Amazon gift card! Have fun!