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Archive for July 10th, 2009

4 Days of Captive Souls
Friday, July 10th, 2009

Kim Kaye’s on her way out of town, but she’s promised a prize—an autographed copy of her April Aprodisia release, Scream My Name. As always, you have to post a comment to enter the contest!

There is an order to the books in the Captive Souls series. Each book can be read on its own and enjoyed. But if you’re one of those people who enjoys linked books and HAS to read them in order, this is where you start!

Book One

Love is the most dangerous enchantment…

All her life Dominique Fouche has chafed under her coven’s “protection”. It’s time she found out why she has never been allowed to explore the darker side of her nature. She ventures forth to get answers from the father she has never known, only to learn he is dead and she’s the new owner of his mansion.

The house is as mysterious as her past, where just opening an ancient book releases the pent-up fury and lust of a handsome, larger-than-life creature. Her strange new lover leaves her weak, satiated—and deathly afraid.

Bacclum, a mixed-blood angel, will not allow a mere witch stop him from finding his family and claiming his rightful heritage. Even if it means using every means at his disposal to siphon off Dominique’s power. Yet once deep inside her sinfully sweet body, he finds himself bound by a magic far stronger than any spell.

There’s a reason her blood calls out to his—and it’s made her an unwitting target of the same deadly forces bent on denying Bacclum his birthright…

Warning: Contains angel lovin’ hot enough to send you to confession for a month of Sundays—even if you’re not Catholic.


Did I mention that the book she’s giving away is excerpted in the August edition of Cosmo?!


Excerpt #1

Pontou et pe, q’iye an dou, v’eta!” Bacclum grunted the enchantment from behind clenched teeth. He clamped his thighs around the demon’s head and wrapped his hands around his throat.

His entire body was on fire, every muscle painfully strained as sweat poured from him and dripped onto the body of the massive creature he straddled.
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