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Archive for July 27th, 2009

Flashback: Lion in the Shadows
Monday, July 27th, 2009

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I cleaned out my book files the other day because I couldn’t find anything in the jumble. I organized them by publishers (13), and then numbered the files by release date. When I’d finished, I discovered I’ve published 53 stories since late 2003! I thought it might be fun to drag out an old story once a week and give you a snippet to remind you of something you’ve enjoyed, or entice you to go find it and add it to your collection!

Lion in the Shadows was one of the most enjoyable books I’ve written. I loved the research—who wouldn’t when you get to talk to firemen about exciting rescues! It pushed boundaries. There wasn’t a lot of interspecies sex scenes when this came out. The heroine was very flawed; the hero very much in love from the start, but frustrated because she wouldn’t let him help her. Anyway, enjoy the scene, and if you lust for more, here’s the link (forgive me for the cheesy cover!): Lion in the Shadows


From Novelspot: “This book is a great read about accepting love and closing the past…In LION IN THE SHADOWS, Delilah Devlin will once again leave you starving for more. She creates characters that are easy to fall in love with, such as Rafe, a man that keeps his promises no matter what the circumstances.”

FRom eCataRomance: “…a wickedly erotic and chillingly spooky tale of determined love, restless souls, and supernatural possessions. Heart tuggingly romantic and eerie at the same time, it will quickly become a favorite…”

When a teen dies inside an unexplored cave, it’s Lani Kimmel’s job to bring him out. This is not a pleasant job, but one she can handle as a member of the local fire department and an expert in cave rescues. But the trek into the cave awakens a creature that will push this no-nonsense woman’s boundaries of belief and test her newly emerging love for one man.

Rafe Chavez, the new sheriff in this small Texas town, has already staked a claim on Lani. He’s a man with a goal in his sights, and he’s not letting anything get in his way—until he dreams about an Indian brave who died in that unexplored cave, savaged by a mountain lion. When his dreams cross into reality, Rafe realizes he may be possessed by the Indian’s spirit—but the spirit isn’t alone and it wants Lani.


A noise from beside the bed woke Lani from a deep, dreamless sleep. It came from the end of her bed—a scratching sound on the hardwood floor, like the scrape of claws accompanied by muffled footfalls. She reached for Rafe lying beside her to warn him, but he wasn’t there. The bedding was cool to her touch—he’d left her some time ago.

She was alone with sunlight streaming through her curtains, and a wild creature paced at the foot of her bed. Then a purring, deep and resonant with each exhalation, rose from the floor, and before she could let out a startled cry, the creature leapt onto the bed, the mattress dipping beneath its weight.

The lion! The same one she’d faced on the ledge inside the cave—she was sure of it. It didn’t make sense. Suddenly, she understood.
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