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Archive for July 12th, 2009

2 Days of Captive Souls
Sunday, July 12th, 2009

News about yesterday’s winner is at the bottom of this posting!

Book Three

The last book in the series is Vivi Anna’s Demon Dreamer. Take a look at the excerpt, and then try to tell me that all three of these stories don’t intrigue the hell out of you!

Submission is the only path to his salvation…

Born a seer, Kiara Brodie has always been feared for her power to see others’ fantasies. She’s fine with that—it keeps the men of her Irish Gypsy caravan at bay. She wants more than this transient life. A letter from her estranged father, summoning her to Louisiana, could be her long-awaited chance to put down roots.

She finds two half-sisters she never knew she had, and an old mansion haunted by a darkly sexy demon who inhabits her dreams. At night he whispers to her of carnal delight, enticing her on a journey of extreme pleasure—and pain.

Malvo knows just what to do with the curious woman who wandered into his lair behind the library bookcase—lock the door behind her and make her a lustful proposition she can’t refuse. He seeks to temporarily ease his lonely torment, but Kiara’s willing and wanton response opens his eyes to the possibility that she is his path to his own salvation.

If only she is willing to remain captive to his every sinful desire—forever…

Warning: Contains every sinful fantasy you have ever secretly entertained—including some of the deadly ones. Being bad was never oh, so good!



The demon, with the dark sinuous markings across his back and around both powerful arms, tried to buck off the man clinging to his back. But the man held tight to the demon’s neck, squeezing, pouring every ounce of energy into his hands. He mumbled an incantation under his breath, the words foreign and unrecognizable.

Its face grimaced in pain as it continued to twist and writhe, swirling the man back and forth like a great bull bucking its rider. Bloodied tears trickled from the corners of its closed eyes.
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