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Ravished–The Sex
Monday, January 3rd, 2011

There’s just one more day to the official release of Ravished by a Viking! As much as I want you to remember the story, the world, the characters, I also think you’ll enjoy the sex. Dagr and Honora are stubborn combatants. Nothing is ever easy between them—at least not until they fall in love. This first time they come together is filled with tension. Dagr’s frustrated and worried about his brother’s fate. Honora’s still a bit shell-shocked after having surrendered her ship to the Vikings. Still, as soon as they are alone, they are just a man and a woman who don’t know each other at all, but have a fierce attraction that complicates everything. Hope you enjoy!

He set her on her feet, ignoring her as she sputtered and slammed her fists against his chest as any woman would when furious with a mate.

Standing still, he waited while she regained control of herself. Her fists landed again, but froze on his chest which rose and fell in shallow swells while hers billowed wildly. Her gaze flitted up, perhaps to gauge his expression and see whether she’d angered him.

She hadn’t. He couldn’t be more pleased with her womanly tantrum. It revealed passion, and the hardness of her blows proved her wiry strength. She might be slender, but she wasn’t truly delicate. He could already imagine how tight her woman’s passage would be, how it would squeeze deliciously around his cock. A small tight fit like the tiny space where she slept.

Her furrowed brows remained set, shadowing her eyes, but her hands flattened on his chest. With her soft, shiny hair mussed and her mouth soft and pouting, she was lovelier, more tempting than she should have been, dressed as she was in the ugly black skin-suit.

He waited, letting the thud of his heart tell her of his attraction, his muscles rippling as she curled her fingers and pulled her hands slowly away.

With slow steps, she backed up to the far wall, her eyes glittering with anger, but her body quivering with something else. Her intense arousal perfumed the thin, stale air of her cabin.

Remembering that he did have a purpose for bringing her here, alone, he hardened his expression. “Where are the men your people captured?”

“Not here. Obviously,” she said, her features neutral. Her eyes, however, betrayed her. She blinked.

Dagr grunted, wondering why he enjoyed her defiance so much. He hoped she’d force him to take stronger action. “Why aren’t they here?” he said just as evenly.

“Another transport arrived to take them away.”

“I want the name of the ship.”

Her jaw tightened. “I don’t know it.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“I don’t care what you believe.”

Annoyed now, he bit out, “You should. Your life and that of your crew depends upon my mercy.”

“You and your men are criminals. The Consortium doesn’t negotiate. They’d sooner destroy the whole ship then see you reap a profit from this…venture.”

“So we are at an impasse…” he said softly.

“Looks like it.”

Dagr shook his head, wondering at her mental state. She faced a foe who weighed easily twice her weight, and yet she wouldn’t back down an inch. Perhaps she needed a little softening first. He dragged off his wolf headdress, toed off his soft leather boots.

“What are you doing?” she asked, a catch in her voice.

“What we both want.”

“You just captured my ship, throttled my crew,” she said, her voice rising. “You threatened to cut off my head, you barbarian. You think I want you?”

She did. He was sure of it. “Next time you decide to tell a man you don’t desire him, dress in a few more layers.” With deliberation, he dropped his gaze to her chest, to the nipples that spiked hard against the thin, oiled skin.

Her gaze followed then jerked back. “You arrogant ass! I don’t want you.” Her chin jutted upward.

A gesture that was beginning to amuse him. He stepped toward her, crowding her against the wall she hugged and stuck his hand between her legs, cupping her sex. “If you say it again, I will leave you here. And we will never know. This isn’t punishment. It’s not rape. We shed our clothes, we shed who we are.” A shoulder lifted in an easy shrug. “When we are done, we resume the battle. I find I enjoy your resistance.”

Her mouth opened around ragged breaths. “I won’t be used. My surrender won’t be held up for you to mock later.”

“Lady Captain, we will use each other. Whatever passion we share remains between us.” He held her stare, keeping his expression set, waiting for her to decide.

Without breaking with his gaze, she squeezed her thighs together, trapping his hand. Her jaw tensed, her lips firming, but she rolled her hips, a slight shallow movement that ground her pussy against his palm and moisture soaked through to wet it.

He held her there, giving free rein to his arousal. His heart beat like a skin drum, pulse quickening at his temples and his groin. He strummed his fingers over her clothed folds and moved in to trap her chest.

Her hands came up to push at his shoulders. “I fight because I should,” she whispered.

Dagr gave a curt nod then bent to cover her mouth, plunging into moist heat. She tasted exotic, smelled of musk and sweat, not too pungent, but tantalizing enough to capture his arousal, full-blown and surging to rut against her.

He clapped his hands on the wall on either side of her, afraid to touch her until he’d bridled his lust because he’d leave her skin bruised.

His lips rubbed hers, his tongue probed, waiting for her to reciprocate the exploratory penetration. When she moaned her surrender and thrust her tongue into his mouth, he gave a rumble of approval that vibrated his chest against hers.

He broke the kiss, clasped her hands and slid them outward, pressing them against the wall to tell her to keep them there. Then he drew his knife again, stretched what remained of the top of her uniform and inserted the blade, sharp edge outward to slit it from her neck to low on her belly.

Her shaky exhale brushed against his neck.

When the edges parted, he stared at her nude breasts and abdomen. Her nipples were a rusty brown and large, the tips reddening as they elongated. Her belly quivered against the cold blunt edge of the blade. He pulled the knife away and thrust it into the metal wall beside her head, then clutched both sides of her opened suit and ripped it the rest of the way off her.

When her arms were freed, she wrapped one over her breasts, and hid the dark thatch cloaking her pussy with an open palm.

Dagr let her have her false modesty. He stepped back and stripped off his tunic, trousers and woolen socks, leaving on only his golden arm bands and the black amulet.

He gripped his shaft and pumped his fist up and down once, deliberately drawing her attention there, giving her fair warning of his size and his intent.

Her eyes widened, her tongue wet her lips before she met his gaze again.

Now her whole body shivered, and Dagr understood. He too was filled with excitement and a strange sort of dread. As though the moment was somehow bigger, maybe destined. And he didn’t want to feel the pull, wanted to keep this only about finding release inside a woman’s body, any woman’s body—but this slight, slender ship’s captain wasn’t like any woman he’d ever known before. She wasn’t eager to sleep with the clan-lord. Didn’t expect reward for her service to him. And she was equally appalled at her attraction. Her courage only enhanced her dark beauty.

How odd was it to travel into the heavens and find the one woman he might have kept for his own?

Honora leaned against the cool, smooth wall behind her because her knees weakened. Her pussy throbbed, the slow, deepening beat matching her heart’s pulse for pulse.

The sight of him took away her breath, made her hot and wet. There wasn’t an inch of him that wasn’t clad in thick ropes of muscle. His skin was pale. Sweat glistened on the swells, emphasizing their size, but he hardly needed the enhancement.

Everywhere she looked was massive and covered with dark hair and fine white lines, like threads and poorly stitched patches, criss-crossing his tall frame. So many scars. Gods, they turned her on.

A hint of a tat, wrapping around his narrow waist, had her wishing he’d do a slow turn so she could see it all, but then she’d have to drag her gaze from his Viking-sized cock.

The hand covering her pussy pressed against her pubic bone, trying to trap the sensations flooding her sex, making her swollen. A single glide of her thumb over her hardening clit might be enough to make her come.

Dagr took a step toward her, his expression dark and electrifying. “This first time,” he growled, dropping his gaze to where his hand glided along his shaft, “will be fast.”
“First?” she breathed. Fuucck.

At the end of one long pull, his thumb slid over the satiny, plush tip, smearing a drop of ejaculate.

She couldn’t help it—she licked her lips.

“Remove your hand,” he rasped.

Honora was beyond pretending resistance to his commands. She dropped the hand between her legs that she’d used to shield herself from his view. Then she lowered the arm crossing her breasts and stood as naked as he did, waiting while his gaze swept her slowly, head to toe and back up.

What did he see? Was she too petite, too lacking in curves? Did he prefer creamy white to her own darkly tinted flesh?

Dagr closed in, reaching out with one hand. He touched her with only his fingers, sliding them between her folds to test her arousal. Silky, creamy heat coated his digits. She knew, because he used the moist tips to swirl gently over her clit.

The choice of the first place and how to touch her surprised her. She’d thought the savage marauder in this pirate would dig his hands into her flesh and force her quickly onto his cock. Not that she would have complained. Her pussy made succulent, smacking sounds as he continued to fondle the tiny, turgid knot.

“Wider,” he whispered sliding closer, one hand bracketing her shoulder, one side of his chest pressing against a soft, round breast as he leaned into her curves.

Blood sang through her veins. She parted her thighs tentatively, giving him just enough room to thrust his long middle finger inside her, while she looked away and tried to preserve a little of her tattered pride. He pressed the heel of his hand against her mons while he continued to swirl and tunneled inward.

All the while he probed, he watched her face. She felt his gaze crawl over her, his breaths gust against her cheek.

She tried valiantly not to let her excitement show, not to give him the satisfaction of knowing she was close to complete capitulation.

But her nostrils flared as her ripening scent surrounded them. Her eyelids dipped with the added pressure he applied to her clitoris as he stroked toward her core. With his other hand, he tweaked her clit, causing her to jerk her head toward him.

The corners of his mouth kicked up.

She wanted to look away again, but then he’d think her a coward. “Thought you said fast…” she muttered.

“I would see to your pleasure first.”

She raised her chin. “Why do you care whether I come or not?”

“Because I would command you.”

She glared, meeting his ice-hard gaze. “You think that if you make me come I’ll melt every time you crook a finger?”

“I think you will smolder quietly—until we are alone.” His eyelids lowered to half-mast. “Then you will do my bidding—eagerly.”

This time she nearly did swoon, or at least her knees wobbled. Moisture spilled from inside her.

As his fingers swirled in the fluid, he gave her a slow, predatory smile.

Heat crept across her cheeks, and she wished she had a little more self-control. She was making this too easy. “You think a lot of yourself,” she ground out.

“I have experience.”

Said so simply, she might have scoffed at another man, but she didn’t doubt him. Not for a second. He’d be the best she’d ever had. “You think I don’t have experience, or that I can’t find partners who do?”

His eyes darkened. “I think you’ve never been completely at a man’s mercy. That you’ve never been taken.”

No doubt her short, sharp inhalation told him everything. Her body only echoed the response. Her nipples contracted, the tiny buds hardening like pebbles.

Oh yeah, he knew. His gaze dropped to her chest. “I want to suckle them while you ride me.”

Her throat closed. “You’re too tall,” she choked out.

“Interesting, you didn’t say that you’re too short.”

“Because I’m not.”

Leaning away, he pulled his wet finger from her sex and circled one nipple then the other. Then he gripped her waist and slid her up the wall until her breasts were even with his face.

Honora flattened her hands against the wall and swallowed hard, trying to wet a dry mouth. Her belly quivered and jumped as she waited for his next move.

Dagr held her gaze for a long moment, the tension sharpening his cheeks and jaw making him more attractive and frightening. She knew she should be worried about the fact she found that so compelling, but she couldn’t think because he was closing in on her chest…

He latched onto a nipple, growling against her skin, tasting her and letting loose the ravager, the conqueror she wanted.

Her hands clutched his hair, raking wildly through the thickness as she writhed.

Perhaps encouraged by her bucking, he sucked her hard, pulled her nipple between his teeth, wagging his head to root and suction, until she wrapped her legs around muscled torso and hugged him closer.

Her breaths were ragged little sobs and quickening. Her heels dug into his back.

He released the nipple, laved it once with the flat of his tongue then sucked its twin into his mouth, torturing it until her skin prickled with gooseflesh and her pussy spasmed. A long, thin moan slid between her lips.

When at last he let go and lowered her, he did it so slowly she groaned loudly because he was letting her feel the strength in his hands, waiting while her palms smoothed compulsively along his rippling biceps.

He gave her time to acknowledge his power. She responded by gifting him with her surrender. With a long exhalation, she let her head fall back against the wall, let her eyelids drift dreamily down. Her lips parted, inviting his kiss.

He scooped up her lips and rubbed over them. His cock found her slick entrance, prodded once to find the center, and then he gripped her ass and guided her down his shaft, groaning as her tight, moist heat surrounded him.

He gritted his teeth as he buried his cock inside her. “You are every bit as small as I imagined.”

And already coming apart. She moaned and ground her hips against his. Delicate convulsions rippled up and down her channel, caressing his shaft.

He changed the angle of his thrusts and slammed into her again.

Breath hissed between her teeth, and she would have hid her face against his shoulder, but he prevented it, bending to press his forehead against hers.

“Did I hurt you?” he growled, not slowing his motions.

She shook her head.

“Don’t lie to me. Not while we share sex.”

“Not lying,” she bit out. “Just…fuck…it’s good.”

He smiled and kissed her hard, then crowded her against the bulkhead, holding her there. He began to dip and surge upward, fucking her hard, grinding at the end of every thrust, the powerful motions sliding her up and down the wall.

It was no gentle taking, a battle of another sort. She clawed at his shoulders and scissored her legs behind him to bounce her pussy on his cock and increase the friction.

Dagr leaned into her, his hands slapping the wall on either side of her, his hips the only thing pinning her there as he thrust deeper.

Honora’s whole body fought and clawed, her skin stretching around tightening muscles, sweat sprouting on her face and belly. Liquid pleasure rushed from inside her, hot and melting, easing him deeper while her pussy clasped him hard.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and tilted back her head to let the moans, one after the other, rip from her throat.

Clinging to the savage, she came hard, trusting him to see her through the darkness closing around her.

10 comments to “Ravished–The Sex”

  1. Viking Princess
    · January 3rd, 2011 at 9:37 am · Link

    This is a great excerpt…thanks. 😉

  2. Diane Sadler
    · January 3rd, 2011 at 10:06 am · Link

    Wow! I ‘m getting impatient now.

  3. Delilah
    · January 3rd, 2011 at 10:18 am · Link

    Viking Princess! I always aim to please.

    Diane! That’s exactly my plan!

  4. Rasha
    · January 3rd, 2011 at 10:19 am · Link

    Very hot and sexy D. I think this book is going to do very well.

  5. Delilah
    · January 3rd, 2011 at 12:00 pm · Link

    Rasha! From your lips to God’s ears!!

  6. Brandy W
    · January 3rd, 2011 at 3:01 pm · Link

    You already know that mine got here today. And I will be doing a giveaway tomorrow on my blog. Just to let you know.

  7. Delilah
    · January 3rd, 2011 at 3:04 pm · Link

    Brandy! Are you going to read it first? :mrgreen:

  8. Brandy W
    · January 3rd, 2011 at 5:54 pm · Link

    I’m keeping mine and will be buying another one from Amazon to ship straight to the winner.

    😆 Like I can give away my DD print books. I’ve worked pretty damn hard getting my collection.

  9. sue brandes
    · January 4th, 2011 at 3:35 pm · Link

    Very hot! Great excerpt! :mrgreen:

  10. Carol L.
    · January 4th, 2011 at 6:00 pm · Link

    Damn, what a hot excerpt which I thank God I only have to wait till tomorrow when it comes out. I’m already loving Dagr. Sexy Viking. 🙂
    Wishing you many, many sales Delilah.
    Carol L.

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