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Archive for February 7th, 2014

Lea Griffith: Writing a Little Bit of Everything
Friday, February 7th, 2014

Writing a Little Bit of Everything

Thanks so much, Delilah, for having me today. I was tickled you had space for me. As usual when thinking about what my topic for today would be I became distracted by Facebook and Twitter. Pictures of cute little baby animals (baby giraffes get me every single time), hot smexxy men (David Gandy wants ME, people, his eyes don’t lie), and of course, snarky e-cards and gratuitous wine shots are a serious distraction. Then I remembered I had a blog post to do and I was all discombobulated.

Finally, I hit on my topic. That a reader hit me up to ask me the question first was a godsend. The question was: “I see you write a little bit of everything. Why?” Now at first I wondered, is this reader pissed I write a little of everything? Or, are they happy about the fact that I’ve written romance across a wide spectrum of sub-genres to include contemporary, science fiction, paranormal, suspense and erotic? Maybe the question isn’t WHY, maybe it’s just why. Maybe there’s nothing hidden in the question—maybe they like that I do this. Then I shut my writer mind off and tackled the problem with my reader mind.

lg_You write everything

I write but I read, too. A LOT. My interests vary from outer space to shape-shifters to billionaires to military heroes to assassins. I like whips and chains, but I like the sweetness as well. And if I read all that doesn’t it just make sense that I would enjoy writing all of it? Of course it makes sense. My reading interests are a direct reflection of my personality—I love it all. No limits and no restraints. The written word makes me happy. What makes me even happier is to find an author I love to read and then I’ll devour everything they’ve written no matter the sub-genre.

So back to my reader’s question: Why? Why do I write a little bit of everything? Moving back into my writer brain the answer is simple: Because I can. Because I love it. Because I have stories that must get out of my brain or it will explode. That’s how I answered their question. I write scifi, paranormal, contemporary, erotic, and suspense because that’s where my characters live and breathe and fight and love. I might do one better than the other but you can bet your sweet butt I’m going to give everyone of them the best story possible.

My reader responded with this: “ 😀 I’m going to read them all I just wanted to know.” And in that statement is the very best unsaid/unwritten compliment I’ve ever received. That reader likes my writing. She likes the words I string together to form sentences then paragraphs then chapters and you get the idea. Because she likes my style, my voice, my words, she’ll read just about anything I write. And that is the best damn feeling in the world.

To any writer who wonders whether they should write that scifi romance they’ve been contemplating—to any writer who thinks maybe they should hold off of that M/M/f they’ve been wanting to pen—here’s my suggestion: WRITE IT. Don’t question your muse. Go with what you feel, do whatever research you need to do on galaxies and light-years and what goes where/when/how in a M/M/f, but DON’T NOT WRITE IT! Read the rest of this entry »