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Sharon Hamilton: WHAT MAKES A GOOD AUDIO BOOK? (Contest)
Monday, March 31st, 2014
J.D. Hart as Pirate!

J.D. Hart as Pirate!

I’m sure all of us have heard an audio book we could hardly wait to get, only to be disappointed with the narrator. Choosing the right one is so important. Although I think I just got lucky in choosing J.D. Hart to narrate my books, I went through a learning curve. Here are some of the things I’ve learned:

  1. As a reader, you know you can search Audible by narrator, right? That means, if you find a voice you love, you can go online and see all the other books he/she has narrated and listen to them as well. This is not something I knew when I first started out, nor did I know that loyal listeners would travel to one author from another when a good narrator is found.
  2. As an author, chose a narrator with an already existing following of some kind. Perhaps this person is an actor with fans, or is involved in the music industry and has fans. Or chose a narrator who is willing to or knows how to promote you as the      author. Many will do this, but not all of them will. It is so helpful when your narrator can bring fans to your listening audience.
  3. Make sure you take into account the number of characters, accents and special voices you will need for your books, and make sure your sample narration covers some of these. That way, you get an audition of the narrator’s true skills, not just a portion. If you are sensitive how women’s voices sound, for instance, with a male narrator, make sure they read a part where you have the H/H (two most important parts of the romance novel) speaking in dialogue. Or an action scene, or a little of both (a tip from Bella Andre). You’re going to have to get used to a stranger reading your sex scenes aloud. Get over it. You’ll pick yourself up off the floor and learn to actually like it. Honest.
  4. Make sure you      allow proper time (usually 1.5 hours for every hour of narration) to properly proof, listen and assist the narrator in giving the kind of command performance you want.
  5. Do you want one narrator or two? It can be difficult to edit if there are two parties, but some authors feel having two voices helps readers get a flavor of their story. In my case, I didn’t want that. I wanted the listener to fall in love with the voice I’d chosen, just as I had. I thought they’d be annoyed having to listen to anyone else’s.
  6. You can ask      questions about timing and how the narrator handles edits. In this way, you will find out how easy he/she is to work with. Remember, this is an intimate partnership. If you haven’t done one before, you will be excited and nervous as heck when you hire your first and you hear your words translated into the spoken word. Almost like a first date. Your narrator will see the flaws in your story, your writing, errors in grammar and diction, as well as reveal very personal things about your story as he/she tells it—again, the narrator becomes a character in your book, and the reader/listener hears it through his/her interpretation.
  7. Don’t be afraid to be frank if you don’t like some thing. Make sure you listen to chapters slowly at first to make sure you are on the same page about things. You don’t want to have to ask for several chapters of re-do. In the end, it is your story, and you are paying the bills, in most cases. You deserve to get what you want.
  8. No matter how good a narrator is, some readers/listeners will not be comfortable with that voice. They may have read the character a different way. I have some people that won’t listen to an audio book because they want the experience of the character they created in their own mind.

WHAT IS AMAZING ABOUT THE AUDIO BOOK is that we aren’t duplicating the experience of reading, WE’RE ENHANCING it. It is a different art form. We’re deepening the experience for the reader/listener.

  1. At Tucson Festival of Books earlier this month, I asked readers what they liked to use. Last year, people were split 50/50 over using an eReader and a paperback book. This year, I was told over and over again, “I use them all. I read on my smart phone, I read on my computer, on my tablet as well as the print book. If I like the book, I buy the print, eBook AND the Audio Book.

THIS FACT WAS HUGE FOR ME. If not than for any other reason, authors who are not doing audio books are missing the boat.

In short, I just plain lucked out. It could have been a horrible experience and I just jumped in. But I found the most kind and talented guy in the world to do my stories. I’ve learned to ask for what I need, which took some getting used to on my part. I’ve learned to trust him, to allow him to take the lead where he knows best, and to just shut up and let him work.

It has been one of the highlights of my career to get involved with the six audio books I’ve done with J.D. Hart. And the fact that they are selling well, is only testament to how good he is at what he does.

Here’s a little treat for you, a sample reading and a book trailer with his voice. Enjoy!! Leave a comment here and one lucky person will win an audio book of their choice from the six we have recorded. Tell me something you either like or don’t like about audio books, or reveal if you are an audio virgin. We’ll see if we can do something to take care of that right away.

Book Trailer, Cruisin For A SEAL.

Sample Narration, Honeymoon Bite (Marcus/Anne)

Books 1-4 of the SEAL Brotherhood are on Audible now. Books 1 & 2 of the Golden Vampires of Tuscany series also out on Audible.

shCrusinforaSEAL600x900 shhoneymoonbite_600x900

Sharon Hamilton
Life is one fool thing after another.
Love is two fool things after each other.
Author Page ** Sharon’s Blog ** Sharon’s Website ** Facebook**Twitter

Smiling Sharon in RedNYT and USA/Today and top 100 Amazon bestselling author Sharon Hamilton’s award-winning Navy SEAL Brotherhood series have been fan favorites since they were first released. They’ve earned her the coveted Amazon author ranking of #1 in Romantic Suspense, Military Romance and Contemporary Romance, as well as Gothic Romance for her Vampires of Tuscany and guardian angels. Her characters follow a sometimes rocky road to redemption through passion and true love.

Her Golden Vampires of Tuscany are not like any vamps you’ve read about before, since they don’t go to ground and can walk around in the full light of the sun.

Her Guardian Angels struggle with the human charges they are sent to save, often escaping their vanilla world of Heaven for the brief human one. You won’t find any of these beings in any Sunday school class.

Michele Drier: Bring on fantasy!
Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Bring on fantasy!

At a mystery writers’ conference last week (yep, I write those, too) I was talking to another author (male) and the subject of what women want came up.

mdSNAP_WhiteNights_finalWell, the subject was 50 Shades of Grey. When authors get together they always want to talk about books that sell millions of copies.

If we could figure out the formula, we’d sell millions, too!

The conversation went beyond book sales, though. The guy was truly wondering why millions of women bought and read the book.

“Do women want to be taken against their will? I thought that was rape,” he said.

Whew, this was way beyond my understanding of all women’s psychology and fantasies.

Fantasy is the key here, though. Many women have fantasies of having sex when they have some hesitation. But it’s the wooing, the convincing that matters. The woman’s pleasure is paramount in books like 50 Shades.

This book opened the floodgates for BDSM literature, as well as bringing erotica out of the shadows. And looking at the number of books and oceans of sales, women have wanted outlets for their fantasies for a long time.

I have an acquaintance who looks like someone’s grandmother. She should be rocking in a chair by the fire, knitting afghans and reading to her grandchildren. Instead, she writes erotica—pretty hot erotica—and I always wonder when I see her together with her husband of maybe fifty years.

When I read 50 Shades I was beginning to write The Kandesky Vampire Chronicles. I didn’t want my characters to go down the BDSM route, but I surely wanted my protagonist, Maxie Gwenoch, a regular woman, to have a complete fantasy. She was falling in love with a vampire. She loved his caring, his competency, his money, his lifestyle, his urbaneness.

And the fact that he was five hundred years old, had made love to countless women and knew his way around a woman’s body was a giant plus.

In SNAP: White Nights, the seventh book in The Kandesky Vampire Chronicles, the relationship between Maxie and Jean-Louis deepens and a new romance between Nik and Jazz begins. Jazz now has Maxie’s previous job as Managing Editor of SNAP, and Nik is a four hundred year old vampire and a leader of the Kandesky family. Nik’s been with women over the past centuries and Maxie knows Jazz is in for a treat.

My conversation at the conference didn’t resolve anything and the guy went away still not knowing what women want. I couldn’t figure out how to tell him that sometimes we don’t want to be responsible, sometimes we want our partners to (gently) coerce us, sometimes we want romance and always we want foreplay.

A few hundred years of experience would help a fantasy, too.


mdmy bio pixMichele Drier was born in Santa Cruz and is a fifth generation Californian. She’s lived and worked all over the state, calling both Southern and Northern California home.  During her career in journalism—as a reporter and editor at daily newspapers—she won awards for producing investigative series.

SNAP: White Nights  the seventh book of her paranormal romance series, The Kandesky Vampire Chronicles, was published March 20. She’s working on the eighth book in the series, SNAP: All That Jazz, scheduled for publication in late spring 2014.

She also writes the Amy Hobbes Newspaper mysteries, Edited for Death and Labeled for Death. A third book, Delta for Death, is coming in 2014.

SNAP: White Nights buy links:
Amazon | Kobo | B&N

Check out “Cowboy Culture”
Saturday, March 29th, 2014

I’m not feeling like myself at all. This time of year’s always terrible for me—allergy season. I cough all night, dose myself with cough syrup and Nyquil, and then sleep around the clock. With so much work on my plate right now it’s very inconvenient!  But I’m taking time away from my desk today to rest. So no new posting from me, but I can point you toward something really fun and interesting.

Megan Mitcham, one of the fabulous contributors to Cowboy Heat, posted a blog about “Cowboy Culture” on our collection website. Go check it out. Give her some encouragement, because I do believe she has more on the subject to share!

Cowboy Heat blog

Taige Crenshaw: Idea Spark Realized
Friday, March 28th, 2014

Idea Spark Realized

immortalbloodlinessmallThere have been many times I’ve been asked how I come up with ideas in my novels. I’ve discussed how anything can spark an idea. Below is the original information about an idea spark I had because of something I saw.

Idea Spark – A Fro Affair

I was on my way home the other day when I passed this woman who was sporting a slamming Afro hairstyle. The woman’s fro was big, high and poufy. I think it was a wig but it was so good I couldn’t tell. She was also sporting the clothing to go with the fro. She looked fierce. People were turning and looking at her. Me included. People were complimenting her on her look. Like any good diva she said thank you graciously and kept strutting. As I watched the woman stepping looking cool and fierce my mind was racing.

Yep another idea was taking shape. As I walked home I thought of the Fro. The idea took shape for a book with a woman in a fierce fro and clothes to match.

A fro brought so much more than viewing pleasure. It brought an inspiration. I’ve mentioned before that there are inspirations for ideas all around you. Taking something that happens in the everyday life then using it create a concept and make it yours. The unexpected can lead to so much more.

Any little thing can give you an idea spark.


This idea spark has now been realized and has lead to scene in my upcoming book More than Temptation (Singleton, Book #3). That ‘fro and her fierce look stuck in my mind and I knew I would use it for the future. Which I have done. That is one idea spark off my list. Yay!

I have notebooks where I write down things that spark an idea that I can use for something future. Ideas are all around in everyday life and I can be having a conversation which can get the mind going with something that will end up in a book. Or as with the ‘fro was it can be something I saw and it ends up in a story. I love just sitting and watching what is going on around me. So if you see me staring off into space that probably means something had sparked an idea and I’m plotting a future scene.  I’m adding to my idea spark. *wink*


tclogoTaige Crenshaw is a multi-published author with books available at Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Liquid Silver Books, Loose Id, and Totally Bound. Taige has been enthralled with the written word from time she picked up her first book. It wasn’t long before she started to make up her own tales of romance. With novels set in today, in alternate dimensions, or in the future she writes with adventure, fun sassy heroine’s, and sexy hero’s. Always hard at work creating new and exciting places Taige can be found curled up with a hot novel with exciting characters when she is not creating her own. Join her in the fun, frolic, interesting people and far reaches of the world in her novels. You can find out more about Taige at her website: or blog:

Immortal Bloodlines — A stubborn woman is hard to capture, but once you have, what do you do with her? Buy here

Missy Jane: Hello Spring!
Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Every year for spring break I take my four daughters on a road trip up into the Texas Hill Country and subject them to the (they think) torturous ritual of having their pictures taken among the wildflowers. This is a tradition I love because Texas wildflowers are my favorite and I love any opportunity to take photos of my girls. Unfortunately, this year has been overrun with winter. I wasn’t sure we’d ever see spring, but finally proof it has arrived is here: Bluebonnets.

We didn’t take our annual road trip because of the weather. Plus I have a new job this year and no paid vacation time. So, I took two days and we did things around town instead. But I was thrilled to finally see Bluebonnets blooming in a few spots around Houston. I have to admit I haven’t been writing much lately and I think the dreary weather is partly to blame. Being a pantser, I really can’t force myself to write or nothing good comes of it. Spring is one of the most inspiring times and I already feel the characters shoving each other to be heard first.

My most recent release is an erotic romance. It’s the sequel to Erotic Images released by Ellora’s Cave a couple of years ago. This one is called Erotic Influence and is just as hot. To be honest, I even had to cut a couple of sex scenes. For the first time ever, my editor let me know my characters were having a little too much fun. This is a stand-alone book with a couple of related side characters that were the main characters in the first book. Wes, the photographer in the first book, has a new subject to shoot. Rick is a healthy, hunky, twenty-something that does the erotic photo shoots because he enjoys them and likes the extra money. Then he meets Annie and realizes she could use the money too. Talking her into taking her clothes off for the camera is a whole other issue.


Sequel to Erotic Images.

Annie may be a shy twentysomething who spends her days keeping track of her wayward teenage sister, but Rick noticed her living across the street as soon as he moved in. Now he can’t stop fantasizing his sweet, innocent neighbor and wanting her has become an obsession. He just has to convince her to give him a chance instead of always running away.

Annie has plans for her life but has to help her sister get into college first. Then Rick comes along and proves to be a help as much as a distraction. All she has to do is pose for his friend, an erotic photographer. Not only will she earn the money needs for her sister’s college fund, Rick’s erotic influence just might liberate her enough to become his woman too. It’s a chance she’s more than willing to take…so long as no one finds out what she’s doing.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave
Buy it here:

Other than taking road trips to see the wildflowers, I love playing online. You can find me here:

mjNew meMs. Missy Jane is the alter ego of a married mother of four who was born and raised in Texas. A few years ago she finished reading a book by Mercedes Lackey and thought “Now, what if…” and a monster was created. Missy now spends most of her time lost in worlds of her own making, alternately loving and hating such creatures as vampires, shape-shifters and gargoyles (to name a few). When not writing, she spends her time reading, taking photos of her beautiful daughters and training her husband to believe she’s always right.

Miranda Baker: Girl Trouble in Hindsight
Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Girl Trouble in Hindsight

I am a straight-up sucker for those “things you wish you could tell your younger self” posts. Even though I have kids and know better, there are some crazy things I wish I could tell my younger selves. I’m sure I wouldn’t appreciate them, but if I had a time machine, I might give it a shot. For example, I wish I could tell my ten-year-old self not to curse so much. It’s too late now, and a career in professional kitchens didn’t help my potty mouth. Now I have to turn to my kids and say, “You know you aren’t allowed to say that word, right?” They nod, so I follow up with, “But since you probably will, pay attention to context. Cursing inappropriately sounds ridiculous.”

I would tell my high school self not to be such a tease. Those poor boys! I’d tell her a few other things I’ve learned, too…including that intimacy has physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences. I tell my kids they have to be prepared for all those things. Boy, oh, boy, do I hope they listen!

I’d tell my college self to keep writing. I believed an English professor who didn’t believe in me, and lost a decade. Fortunately I spent the decade cooking and met my husband, so I guess I’d have to tell her to keep writing WHILE cooking.

I’d tell my thirty-something self to memorize the symptoms of postpartum hemorrhage. Twice. Because doctors don’t know everything, and you don’t get politeness points for being an easy patient if you bleed out.

I wonder what I’ll want to tell my forty-something self in ten years? With the way things are going, I bet it will be something like “Work less, live more.” My husband suggests “Have as much sex as possible.” I think I’ll get a jump on both, just in case. No regrets!

Do you have a message for a younger self? Which self? What is it? All commenters will earn an entry in my GIRL TROUBLE birthday giveaway, so please leave me a way to contact you (Twitter handle, e-mail address separated by spaces, etc.). Prizes will involve leather, shiny things, books, and gift cards. Winners will be picked on my birthday, April 8th. Giveaway is International. You must be 18 to enter. Incorrect or incomplete entry voids entry. (So don’t forget that contact method!) Winner will be chosen by a random method and will be contacted within 2 days after the contest ends. Winner has two days to claim prize. Entry constitutes agreement to the rules and confirms age.


There are no safe words for love.

Come Again, Book 4

Bonita Pritchard has tried everything to get over the one woman she can’t have, movie star and secret lover Kat St. James. Yoga, tantra, psychotherapy, even BDSM. Nothing has helped for long.

Hanging on the thinnest thread of denied desire, Bonita heads for Hollywood to get her Kat fix, fully intending to return straight home to her sex-toy boutique, Come Again. Until she sees the surprise Kat has in store for her.

Playing the talented bad girl kick-started Kat’s career twelve years ago. Now she’s famous, filthy rich…and totally miserable. Leaving Bonita in Norton was a mistake, and she’s planning one last attempt to fix it—by transforming her king-sized closet into a dungeon. And using her training as a Domme to satisfy her lover’s latest kink.

Soon, their white-hot need for each other transcends their desire to protect Kat’s heterosexual screen-siren image. But when compromising pictures surface, Kat realizes there’s only one way to beat the tabloid gossip that’s tearing them apart. Fight fire with fire…

Warning: This book contains kink in the closet, sexy games in an SUV, and D/s in the middle of the living room. And love strong enough to break all bonds.


Bonita leaned forward and paid her fare. “You can go. I’ll be fine.” Probably. Maybe. She scrubbed her knuckles across her cheeks and rubbed her eyes, a niggling, gypsy fear stealing around the edges of her mind. Kat didn’t know she was coming. She could be working late or partying with a houseful of people. Heck, she could even be out of the country.

The driver got her bag out of the trunk and left it under one of the two palm trees that flanked the front walkway. He jumped back into the taxi and zipped down the driveway. Before Bonita could really consider her half-formed plan of throwing up in the astonishing, brightly tiled fountain, two uniformed security guards appeared, no doubt notified by the other goons at the front gate.

“Good evening, Miss. We’ll need to see your bag before you enter the house.” Bonita suppressed a giggle at being called “Miss”. The security guard was all of twenty-something to her round thirty. She said nothing as they waved their metal-detecting wands around her body and checked her bag, instead focusing on the calming gurgles and the truly stunning Talavera tile work of the fountain.

“Thank you, Miss.” The guard rang the bell for her and nodded politely, then silently disappeared around the side of the house with his partner. Without a warning sound, the front door swung open.

Bonita stared at Kat.

She was ten times more beautiful than she had been in her last movie. Twenty times more magnetic. And about a hundred times more distant. Each film took her further out of reach.

The reality of their situation ripped into Bonita with the punishing lash of a whip. She had been foolish to come here.

“Hello, Beauty.” Kat’s voice was pitched for privacy, and she wrapped her tongue around the words as if she could taste them, teeth flashing.

Saliva rushed to Bonita’s mouth, and blood rushed everywhere else, her long-standing, automatic reaction to being near Kat. She wanted her, immediately, hopelessly and helplessly, any way she could get her. She was drawn to Kat’s fearlessness. Her beauty. Her bad-girl, gonna-f***-you-’til-you-drop, bone-deep sensuality that was so different from Bonita’s restrained desires.

She tried to tune all of that out and focus on the not-so-hopeless part. Kat had long ago chosen her career over love, but Bonita didn’t need love. She just needed Kat once in a while.

She swallowed. “You answer your own door? I’m impressed.” Oh hell, three years of virtual silence and the best she could come up with was lame sarcasm? That wasn’t what she’d meant to say at all.

“Don’t be. I knew it was you.” Kat tossed her head. Her inky-black hair rained over her proud shoulders. Kat’s hair had been an untamable mane since childhood. Even when her mother had been able to catch her and hold her down, she had never been able to get a brush through all of it. “Come on in, little Beauty.”

“I’m not little.” Bonita squared her shoulders.

“No, but you’ll always be younger than I am. I like to keep you in your place.”

“Two months, Kat. Two months younger than you.” Bonita tried to brush by her, but Kat put a lazy hand on her bare arm. Her jasmine scent made Bonita dizzy with longing, so she held her breath. At least once a month, she would wake from a dream and swear she could smell the warm, seductive scent on her pillow.

“Aren’t you going to kiss me hello? How long has it been?” Kat asked.

“You know as well as I do how long it’s been.” She stumbled over the words. Why did Kat always do this to her? Her tongue felt thick in her mouth. Her brain couldn’t quite bridge the synapses. Her skin felt dry and taut. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from Kat’s dark gaze.

“Aside from polite e-mails and skillfully timed voice messages, I’m positive that I haven’t heard from you in three years, darling.” Kat let a bit of Western New York slip into her voice. “And you never answer when I call. Caller ID has given me a f***ing complex.”

Kat held her hostage in the doorway, stroking her arms and making the hairs stand on end. Bonita’s breath whooshed out of her lungs. This was why she kept her distance. Being near Kat was dangerous to her self-control. Yet here she was, square in the lioness’s den, planning to bait her, no less. She was a total masochist.

“I’m here, Kat,” she said quietly. “Can’t that be enough for now? Can’t I just be here? With you? Can’t we spend some time together?”

“Of course, Beauty.” Kat drew Bonita into the house and shut the door behind her. There was more of the pretty tile in the entryway, textured terra cotta inset with smaller, more intricately designed squares. Hardwood floors stretched beyond the tiled foyer, and to the left, a carved wood staircase with a wrought-iron railing hinted at more grandeur above.

For a moment Bonita thought she was safe. Then Kat’s lush curves trapped her against the door. “I’ve missed you. I’ve missed our games. You’ve always been my most responsive audience.”

“Kat,” Bonita began, her voice leaden with warning, but she couldn’t get another word out before Kat pushed away from her.

“Don’t.” Kat turned her back and walked to the wide stairway that seemed to extend to the heavens. “Come on. I have something to show you.”

Excitement burned in Kat’s eyes, but Bonita also sensed loneliness and a black weariness that broke her heart. She could ignore an insult and resist a dare, but she could never walk away when Kat truly needed her. At this moment, Kat could have been asking her to join her in hell, and Bonita would have said yes, just to keep her company.

Tough Kat. Beautiful Kat. Selfish Kat.

Bonita had watched her transformation from afar, driven back every so often, yes, just like that dumbass moth after the flame, to get the thrill that only Kat could give her. And every time Bonita had subsequently run like hell. She was as captivated by Kat’s unbelievable beauty as the rest of the world, but she had never been fooled into believing her harmless facade.

Bonita stepped forward and took the hand Kat offered. Desire juxtaposed with fear rushed through her. It was a heady mix, especially when it was followed by the sure knowledge that nothing short of nuclear war could stop them from making love.

Match lit.


About Miranda Baker:

It makes me chuckle to think about all the romantic short stories I wrote in my rather too literary creative writing classes in college. If only one of my professors had steered me toward popular fiction! On the other hand, if I had discovered my calling back then, I wouldn’t have gone to culinary school, I wouldn’t have met my husband, we wouldn’t have had three children and I wouldn’t have turned to erotic romance to get my mojo back during all this hair-raising kid raising.

If you’d like to chat more, please visit:
My den of iniquity
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My favorite hangout

Thanks for visiting me today, and thanks to Delilah for having me! I hope you’ll share a comment and enter my GIRL TROUBLE birthday giveaway!

Coming Soon…
Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Since I had no guest scheduled for the day, and I haven’t updated my Coming Soon page in a month or so, I thought I’d share what’s coming, to let you know and hopefully make some pre-orders so you don’t miss out on special deals!

04/14 – MUTINY’S BOUNTY (Adventure Girls, Inc.) — This one came out in the Sealed with a Kiss collection, but that sale’s ending soon, and I wanted to share the pretty cover!

Interested only in experiencing an adrenaline-packed adventure first-hand to give her credo when she books her clients’ adventure vacations, Lace McElhannon finds more excitement than she can handle when she meets and falls into bed with ex-SEAL Dex Haygood. Fresh from protecting transport ships from Somali pirates, Dex figures his latest job will be a cakewalk, until he finds himself in deep water, swimming with sharks and trying to protect Lace when the yacht they’re sailing on is taken.



04/21/14 – IT TAKES A SEAL, Summer of SEALs anthology

Navy SEAL Style – WE MAKE YOUR DAY EASY – Fall in love with our Military Super-bundle: ten novellas and novels ALL ABOUT NAVY SEALs, brought to you by New York Times, USA Today and award-winning bestselling authors: Delilah Devlin, Sharon Hamilton, Anne Marsh, Cora Seton, Zoe York, Roxie Riviera, S.M. Butler, Kimberley Troutte, Jennifer Lowery, Elle James.


04/??/14 – BIG BRASS BUCKLE, an erotic short story

Caught in a sudden thunderstorm on a lonely stretch of Texas highway, I pull into a dingy little diner to wait out the rain, never dreaming the cowboy of my dreams would follow me inside. Now I have a couple of choices, play it coy and safe? Or go for the big brass buckle…

Big Brass Buckle


05/06/14 – HER ONLY DESIRE — Book 1 in the Sultry Summer Nights series

The moment Tilly Floret sees the limo driving down Main Street and the mysterious job posting at the local diner, she can’t resist applying.  No matter that the entire town of Bayou Vert is whispering about the wealthy, powerful man behind it all and his scandalous return home.  The moment his ice-blue eyes meet hers, he ignites an all-consuming desire she never imagined possible, one she can’t deny.

Ex-Navy Seal Boone Benoit never thought he’d set foot in Louisiana again.  As soon as Tilly starts her new job in his pleasure club, he senses a kindred soul. One who has carefully guarded secrets of her own—and a simmering hunger for the taboo rites of mastery and submission. The only difference is she doesn’t yet know it . . . Now as Boone tutors Tilly in the tantalizing world of leather and lace, she will shed her every inhibition and surrender to him, body and soul.

Pre-order Now!

Her Only Desire


05/20/14 – ONCE IS NEVER ENOUGH — Book 5, in the Delta Heat series — Mondo’s story, nuff said?

Pre-order now!