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Archive for February 27th, 2014

A Question…
Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Just a quick note, and then onto the question!

Thanks to everyone who bought REINED IN! I appreciate it very much. I hope you enjoy it, and when you’re done reading it, I’d very much appreciate an honest review, somewhere, to tell other readers about your experience. Readers do pay attention to reviews when they’re trying to decide whether to part with their money. Okay, that was the commercial, let’s have some fun.

I was at my daughter’s house last night. We’re watching SUPERNATURAL, from Season 1 on, because somehow, she missed that show. Can you imagine a life without Sam and Dean? Huh. Anyway, we were on the couch, and all her inside dogs (all little shortie Jack Russells), four of them, were draped over our laps. Two of her four cats were perched on cushions behind us. (She has to vacuum three times a day to keep up with fur and hair—TG, she has tile floors!). She has three large dogs in the back yard. And I wondered where I’d gone wrong. But then I thought, well there are four dogs at my place, an outdoor—sometimes indoor, when it’s cold—cat. I’m not much better. Plus, I have two horses on the pasture.

I don’t consider myself an animal person. I like fish, even though my last betta pulled a Nemo (escaped its fish bowl). But I live in a menagerie, so I wondered whether you haveĀ animals living with you as well. Are you a cat or dog person? Do you love snakes and lizards (I’ve always wanted a bearded!)? Birds? Or like me, do you love easy-care fish—when they aren’t committing suicide by jumping from their bowls…?