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Archive for February 18th, 2014

In One Week…. (Contest)
Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

The winner of the free download of one of the prequel books to REINED IN is…
Nancy Davidson! Congrats, Nancy!

* * * * *

Reined In

I know you’re ready for more dirty shenanigans from my boys in Texas! You have just one more week to wait! Next Tuesday, Reined In, the latest of my Lone Star Lovers books is ready for pre-order now.

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But wait, you want to know what the story’s about first. Now, I could give you the full blurb—it’s fun—but you just want a nutshell version, right? How ’bout this?

Daddy’s little girl is back at the ranch, bound and determined to get exactly what she wants. And she wants two cowboys. She’s spoiled like that. 🙂

Stormy’s a bitch, but I love that about her. Willful, needy, and vulnerable where her heart’s concerned. Once the boys get past her prickly hide, there’s a woman bursting to love them.

If you post a comment today, you’ll be entered to win a free copy
of any of my Lone Star Lovers stories!

Here’s a naughty excerpt…

Stormy was nervous. Her body began to shiver. But she lay still, letting Joe look his fill. Cam still knelt beside her, with his fists curling, like he wanted to touch her but wouldn’t. Not until Joe said so.

She’d always known Joe would take the lead. He’d been the first to touch her, turning her over his knee when she’d been a brat. She’d fought him, sure, cussing and scratching, but once his palm had landed the first strike, she’d arched like a cat, her body on fire.

Cam had given her tenderness, and she’d dreamed of that first kiss, but she needed more. Needed someone stronger, more stubborn than she was. Meaner, even.

Not that she feared Joe. He was firm. Stood up to her sass. Didn’t give her an inch of room to defy him.

No one had ever done that. And she knew, deep inside, she needed a man who’d take her in hand to bring out the woman in her. Cam would be the strong chest she nuzzled against, but Joe…ah, Joe knew her. The real her, which was why when she did horrible things to him, like grinding her heel on his hand, he didn’t just walk away. He’d seen her challenge for what is was. A plea.

For his mercies. For his strong, hard hands. She quivered on the bed, letting him stretch out the moment until her nervousness caused her belly to quiver and her arousal grew so strong it wet the covers beneath her.

Her gaze ate him up as he sauntered toward the bed. He sat on the edge and glanced sideways at her. Then he patted his thigh. Read the rest of this entry »