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Archive for February 23rd, 2014

Sidney Bristol — Picture Her Bound
Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

Hello Readers!

Thanks so much to Delilah for hosting me. I love dropping by her blog and chatting it up with the readers here! I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been so wrapped up in watching the Olympics that I’ve let so many things sort of sneak up on me. The laundry—that might be the worst one yet. I’m pretty sure it’s about to grow legs and attack me… If I don’t show up to chat in the comments, send help. I’ve probably been drug off under the bed by a ferocious pair of yoga pants.

Sometimes the best things in life happen when we aren’t paying attention or looking for them. This last week I got some good news I wasn’t expecting. I met my boyfriend when I’d just decided to remain single. I got the phone call of a lifetime when I was looking for a reason to procrastinate. All sorts of things happen when you just don’t think anything of note is going to crop up in the next couple of days.

I think my favorite stories of how my friends have met their significant others go much the same way. They were out for groceries for a girl’s weekend and bumped buggies with this cute, geeky guy. They were focused on getting this great part in a community play and wound up practicing their lines to the man they’d marry. They were broken down on the side of the road and a really cute girl stopped in her pick-up truck and jack. Yes, all of those are real life stories. And I love them for their quirkiness, the uniqueness of how unexpected they are.

Sometimes it’s a little hard for me to decide how to—ah—encourage my hero and heroines into meeting. I don’t want things to be unbelievable, but the stories of happenstance are just the ones that tug at my heart.

I love books with meet cutes that make me laugh. I think Victoria Dahl takes the cake with that one. If you haven’t read her books, I highly suggest them. I really dig the powerful, immediate connection Nalini Singh’s changelings have. Then there are the instances where the characters lay eyes on each other and someone’s man/lady bits start doing funny things. I’m a fan of the show, Millionaire Matchmaker, and she calls that reaction your “picker”.

Some people have a pretty accurate picker, and some people just pick the wrong. That’s where a lot of the bad boy tropes come in. A girl just has to pick the one bad guy out of the bunch… until the bad guy she picks turns out to be a good one in disguise. I’ve never had a particularly good picker myself, so I empathize with my fellow poor-pickers. I like to chalk it up to interesting life experiences to fuel writing.

I’m giving away a copy of my latest release, Picture Her Bound, to someone who can either a) recommend a book with a really great meet-cute or b) share a story about how they met a significant other.

I’ll share my story first!

Christmas 2012 I was bound and determined to stay single. I went to a Christmas party where my friends wanted to introduce me to a couple single guy friends. I thanked them, but I was both newly out of a relationship and healing from surgery, so really uninterested. They made the introductions anyways. I shook my current boyfriend’s hand, said hello and walked away as fast as I could. I knew he was trouble—and I was right. But I kind of like his trouble, so we get along just fine.


Picture Her Bound, Bayou Bound 1

Officer Odalia Foucheaux is a desperate woman. Incriminating photographs of her after-hours job as a fetish model have been stolen, and she’s willing to break rules to get them back. Standing in her way? The very dominant bounty hunter Jacques Savoy.

Jacques has been watching out for Officer Foucheaux. He wants her safe from harm as much as he desires her body, her soul—and her submission. Odalia’s in trouble and struggling to walk the line of the law. His solution? Work together to find out who stole her pictures, what the thief wants and how to stop him. And if they find a pleasure unlike any other along the way, well, laissez les bons temps rouler.

Let the good times roll. Read the rest of this entry »