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Archive for October 4th, 2014

The Strangest Things…
Saturday, October 4th, 2014

My evening last night went something like this. I was babysitting the 10-year-old and 5-year-old, and I checked my Facebook messages for news from my daughter about when she might be coming home, because I didn’t have my phone and my daughter doesn’t have a land line at her house. I see that my daughter messaged me an hour earlier.

I talked to a clairvoyant! U there?

I tried to message her back, but she was already on the road home. When she arrived, she said, “Make coffee.” Her eyes were real big, so scurried to make coffee because I do everything she tells me to, right?

When we settled on the front porch (the girls were inside, who can talk over their noise!), she gave me that look—the one I know is filled with juicy delight. “I got the strangest telephone call this afternoon. Some woman called and asked me if I made her dzi bead bracelet.”

Ah. Elaine Something. Yes, I’d mailed a dzi bead bracelet to a woman out west. I’m wondering if there was a problem.

“Who made the bracelet?” the woman asked.

“My mother did.”

“Well, I needed the dzi beads to ward off negative energy, but when I opened the package, the bracelet was gorgeous, but there was so much energy coming off of it, I had to call.”

As it turns out, the woman feels energy coming off of objects. She said that I have a lot of it and that I’m very wise. That she can tell I’m very busy, always driven, doing too many things at once. She tells my daughter, “It’s because she’s lived many, many lives and this is her last rotation. Her last life. She’s trying to fit in everything she ever wanted to accomplish in this last life.”

My daughter said she teared up on the phone upon hearing that. We’d both hoped that when I passed, I’d come back to haunt her. But if I were Buddhist, I’d be completely happy hearing that news because if it is my last life, I’ve reached enlightenment.

But that wasn’t all the news she had. “Does she knew she has angels watching over her?”

Actually, I’ve been told by four previous psychics that I have three muses/guardian angels around me. (It was nice hearing it’s still true. Maybe I can finish another book. 🙂 )

“Does she have an issue with weight?”

My daughter said, “Actually, she does.”

“Tell her to buy Baltic amber and make something to wear against her skin. The yellower the better. But only Baltic amber.” Apparently, aliens brought Baltic amber to the Earth to preserve mankind. Okay. If that seemed a little strange, I’m still heading to Etsy to buy me some amber beads!

And then she went on to tell my daughter that she had so much energy it was making it difficult for her to concentrate. My daughter does have a lot of psychic energy. If she ever has a bad dream about you, it’s best to not step out of the house the next day. And she doesn’t just see ghosts like I do, they’ve spoken to her.

The phone rings as my daughter is dishing to me on the porch, and who does it turn out to be? Elaine.

“My mom and I were just talking about you and she wants to say hello.”

The phone is passed and I listen for about half an hour. Getting a word in edgewise with Elaine is hard, because she seems to be streaming information. She tells me she was moved to call again, because while she has seen angels around other people on occasion, usually they are standing, but this time, she “saw” a very large angel with outspread wings hovering in the air above me, his wings forming an umbrella, as though protecting me physically. And since I’ve been through some very dangerous situations, sometimes blithely oblivious to the peril, I kind of have to believe something has been watching out for me. She also said Jesus was beside me.

I’ll be talking to Elaine again. She seems quite nice. And I do feel as though I’m supposed to be her friend. I don’t think she’s a reader, and she didn’t know my name. She sounded elderly and like she spends a lot of time with her “calling” friends.

And while things like this don’t happen every day to me, it’s not terribly out of the ordinary, not in my life. The stories I could tell… Do you wonder why paranormal stories are so easy for me to write?

How about you? Have you had encounters of the woo-woo variety? Cool news from a psychic? It’s okay to admit it here among friends. 🙂