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Archive for October 26th, 2014

Angela Addams: The Best Advice (Contest)
Sunday, October 26th, 2014

I’m not one to offer advice unless it’s solicited but I find in the writing world, one of the most common questions I get asked in interviews is what advice I can give aspiring writers on their journey to and through publication. I thought I’d compile a list of top five pieces of advice I’ve collected over the years of my journey and share them with you.

  1. If you’re going to give up, give up –make room for the rest of us.

Harsh advice, I know, but it was given to me early on in my writing career when I was whining to an author about the difficulty of rejection. I was maybe expecting a pat on the back and a little tlc, but what I got was a reality check. There are thousands of writers out there who would gladly trade places with you. If you leave the game, someone else will step up. So you have to make the decision, how badly do you want this?

  1. Everyone’s path is different.

Vastly different. So you should try to avoid comparing yourself to other writers (even those super successful after one book writers) and you should also go with your gut in a lot of cases.  Lots of people “know” what you need to do but only you “know” what you want to do. If your goal is to get an agent, go for it, stick at it, no matter what others say. If your goal is to go indi, same thing, commit to it and do it. But don’t look at someone else and think that things are going to go the same way for you. They rarely do.

  1. Treat this like a job or a business even when it’s not.

Give yourself deadlines and word count quotas and don’t let yourself  make excuses to put something off. Always have something in play whether it be working on a new project, editing, submitting, whatever it is, keep the ball rolling and hold yourself accountable. If you’re serious about pursuing publication then you must be disciplined in your approach.

  1. Always ask, even if you think the answer will be no.

A lot of trading happens in the writing world as well as a lot of paying it forward. In the writing community, there are many people who are more than willing to help you. Whenever an opportunity presents itself you should always ask…for help, for a favor, whatever it is. Of course no one owes you anything and you shouldn’t approach a request as a demand but if you don’t ask (even those things that seem too far out of your reach) then the answer is always a big no.

  1. Don’t throw stones.

I see this happening a lot. We as writers are not infallible. Our manuscripts are not flawless (even after they’ve been professionally edited). We are always learning…or we should be. If you get the urge to publically call out another author about their writing, editing, or anything related to their work in a negative way…DON’T.  Be humble, be gratuitous, and don’t give anyone a reason to return a negative favor.

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Every day is Halloween for author Angela Addams. Enthralled by the paranormal at an early age, Angela spends most of her time thinking up new story ideas that involve supernatural creatures in everyday situations. She believes that the written word is an amazing tool for crafting the most erotic of scenarios.

She is an avid tattoo collector, a total book hoarder and loves anything covered in chocolate…except for bugs.

She lives in Ontario, Canada in an old, creaky house, with her husband and children.

Twitter: @angelaaddams


She would have made his next breath his last, if he hadn’t stolen hers.

Order of the Wolf, Book 2

Aubrey Devlin thought she had a destiny—to become a Huntress, be mated to a Hunter, and spend her life in everlasting, werewolf ass-kicking bliss. But after years of honing her wolf-slaying skills, it’s her twin sister who’s chosen for the coveted honor.

Swallowing her disappointment, she takes a job as head of security for the band Riot. Staying professional is tough when it comes to the band’s sex-god bassist, an alpha bad-boy to the extreme. She will keep her mind on her work—as soon as she figures out how to stop drooling over the man.

Jaylon isn’t good with women—especially those with the ability to kill him—yet he knows without a doubt Aubrey is his mate. Now if only he can get the stubborn woman to fall for him.

One argument too many, and instead of clawing each other’s eyes out, they wind up clawing each other’s clothes off. It’s then that Jaylon realizes the truth: Aubrey is a true Huntress. He’d better find a way to claim his mate before a Hunter claims her first…

Product Warnings

Sexually explicit (like ripping-clothes-off, sex-in-public-places explicit) language. Rock-star bad-ass with long hair and a wicked bite. A take-no-crap huntress who bites back. You are encouraged to lick, suck, and devour your way through this tasty treat in one sitting—just be aware you might be hungry for more.