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Archive for October 19th, 2014

Loni Lynne: Immortal Heat
Sunday, October 19th, 2014

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The Guardians of Dacia Series

Romania has been called the mystical land of paranormal beings and creatures of the night. Before the Romans conquered their land, Dacia was a mystical land of magic and folk-lore until one man and his army destroyed the closely woven fabric set by the gods between man and beast. Now, cursed by their gods over two thousand years ago, one immortal clan struggles to maintain their private world while still learning to live and protect their human brethren as their enemy seeks power to destroy the new world.  But as the clans face extinction, a new generation of Dacian blood emerges to unite the clans once more. The world as they know it may never be the same.

Immortal Heat

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Dacian Historian…  Determined to study ancient Dacian folk-lore abroad, Marilyn Reddlin’s plans are cut short when she is abducted by a dark-haired stranger who insists she’s in danger. The only danger she’s in is losing herself to her abductor’s inexplicable seductive energy. Draylon Conier teaches her there is more to Romania than myth and fairy tales while sweeping her into a wild adventure of paranormal mystery and intrigue.  Dacian History…  Thousands of years trying to pay back a debt, Draylon Conier is finally able to do so. Sent to capture a young, American student who is in danger while in Romania, he just has to send her back home. Easy enough for him. Unfortunately, Marilyn Reddlin is determined to thwart his every attempt—even telepathy. But there is more to her than meets the eye and the closer he gets to her, the more danger she is in, not only from the ancient immortal Dacian clans he’s trying to protect her from, but also his own sexual need.  History just got a lot harder.  They must find out what connection Marilyn has to Dacian history before Draylon destroys her when she succumbs to Immortal Heat.


“Gods breath, Marilyn.” Draylon cupped her face, holding it in his large hand. “When I told you to do something to stop me, I meant in a physical way. You managed to do the one thing that would take me down in any form. Not for one moment would I try to dominate you without it being mutual. I don’t care how fast, how far we go, I won’t go any further than what you are okay with. And never, ever give yourself to a man without feeling the strongest of desires to do so.”

She shivered, but not from the cold, alpine winds against her naked skin. Draylon’s sultry voice touched her exposed soul. Her heart thudded inside against her breast and she felt the sudden urge to be wrapped in the security of him—nothing more, nothing less.

He shook his head with a sad smile. “Only when you feel you can trust me.”

Donovan met them at the base of the stairs, undeterred by their nakedness and handed Draylon large, thick blankets. Wrapping one securely around her first, Draylon kissed her forehead gently as if placing a blessing upon her. Donovan escorted her up the stairs into the warmth of the fortress. She turned to watch as a black wolf darted off into the distance.


Author Bio and Links

llLoni Lynne PromoBorn in north-central Michigan, Loni Lynne still loves the quiet woods, lakes and rivers in Otsego County and the Victorian era bay side houses of Little Traverse Bay. But after decades of moving around the country as a child and twenty-five years of marriage to her personal hero, she calls western Maryland her home.

Serving in the United States Navy didn’t prepare her for the hardest job ever, being a stay at home mom, to her two wonderful daughters. After years of volunteering as a scout leader, PTA officer, and various other volunteer positions, all while still writing snippets of story ideas, her husband decided it was time for her to put her heart to finishing a story. He gave her a laptop, portable hard drive and his blessings to have a finished manuscript, ready to be sent out to the masses in one year. He created a writing monster.

Immortal Heat was her first idea six years ago and has gone through many revisions since then. In the meantime another story took hold, Wanted: One Ghost and it became her first published book in 2013. Now with the help of her friends, family and friends of the romance writing community, she’s pursuing her love of telling stories written from her heart.

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