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Archive for October 25th, 2014

Ari Thatcher: His Wedding Date
Saturday, October 25th, 2014

It’s hard to think winter when fall is so slow to come in central California. We’re still having hot days and the air conditioner going. I’m doing little things to make it feel more like fall is supposed to feel, like buying one of those cinnamon scented brooms the stores put out prominently at the front of the store so you have to buy one to make your house smell like that. and it works, almost overwhelmingly so! It makes me want soup, but it’s still too hot.

The Wedding Date takes place in winter at a ski lodge. It took a lot of imagination to remember freezing my toes off running to the car in dressy shoes when I lived in Missouri. Winter here, for me, means wearing clogs instead of flip-flops, and usually without socks. When I started knitting socks one year, my daughter asked why, when I don’t wear them? It’s all about pretending…pretending I have a glamorous life with trips to a ski lodge, and a body a roomful of men might desire.

That’s why I write, right?


A free weekend at a ski lodge, and all she has to do is attend a wedding and reception on the arm of her sexy coworker? Heck, yeah! Bree is all over it. She’s been crushing on him for some time, but even if he’s not interested in anything long term, she’ll get a long weekend in the snow.

Ash doesn’t mind attending his college buddy’s wedding at a ski lodge, except for the fact Greg’s sister is Ash’s ex-wife. All the things she’d said were wrong with him are still true, but the only one that bothers him is his inability to maintain a relationship. At least with Bree at his side, he can hold his head up around his friends. Too bad she’d never go for a guy like him…

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