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A Question About Taboos…
Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Because I’m nosy, I want to run a poll here.

The question will be: What is your favorite taboo theme in erotica?

Before I can run the poll, I’d like a better list than I can think up off the top of my head. I know stepbrother stories are pretty hot right now, but what else is out there that you’d like to see people vote on? And yeah, I’m hoping the list will provide me some inspiration for what I want to write in the future.

So, you have today’s question:

What would you like me to add to the poll list (which I will run on Saturday!)?

And in the meantime, I will be uploading the story below today, so it should release (hopefully) sometime tonight or tomorrow. Take a peak! This is one of the hottest things I’ve written in a while—and you know that’s saying a lot!

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Lily’s Last Stand


A wife gives her husband a sexy surprise…and then he ups the ante…

Note: This 7800-word short story was previously published in Strokes, Vol. 1, but has been revised and expanded to more than double its original length. It may be short in length, but it’s not short in passion!

She didn’t dare look at Brent. He’d see how tight her features were and guess just how turned on she was. Not just because he was watching. She couldn’t wait to get her mouth around Lou’s cock.

Reaching out a hand, she cupped his balls and fondled them, rolling them in her palm, then tugging them gently. His cock jerked, his breath hitched. When she leaned forward to lick his velvet sack, he groaned.

Lily opened her mouth and took both balls inside, lavishing them with strokes of her tongue while she sucked. When she released him, she made of show of licking her palms then gripped his shaft and began to pump.

Rising higher on her knees, she angled his cock and brought it to her lips. She kissed the head, leaving a smudge of red, then swirled her tongue over the arrow cap, pausing to tease the narrow slit before paying attention to the lipped edge.

When his hands settled on her head and began to grip her hair, she opened wider and slid her mouth over his cock, sinking on his shaft while she began to twist her hands on his length. Sucking harder and harder, she bobbed forward and back, sinking by inches and leaving paler and paler rings around his cock. When his dick butted the back her throat, she swallowed, liking the way his knees snapped to hug her. When she eased open her throat and went all the way to the root, he gave a muffled cry.

His fist pulled on her hair. “Ease off, Lily.”

She murmured, gave a slight shake of her head, and dove down again.

“Brent!” Lou said, his voice thick and tight.

“She’s worked for it,” Brent murmured. “Give her what she deserves.”


Lou’s cock tightened and cum spurted down her throat, just once, and she came off him, milking his shaft and letting the thick, burbling cream stripe her chest and face. When she gripped him just below the head, she gave him one last squeeze, milking the last drop, which she used to paint her mouth.

A tsking sounded from her right. She turned her head to Brent, whose expression was hard. So was his cock, which he’d ringed at the base.

“You’ve made a mess, Lily. Come here.”

10 comments to “A Question About Taboos…”

  1. Linda
    · June 23rd, 2015 at 10:51 am · Link

    I can’t think of anything out there that I would like to read since most everything is already out there! But I do have a question? What is it with the “Stepbrother” theme out there all of a sudden? I know most of the ones I have looked at are mostly teenager/grown when the parents married but I have a stepbrother that I would never look at in that sense because he is my BROTHER not just a stepbrother. Just asking?

  2. Shirley Long
    · June 23rd, 2015 at 11:17 am · Link

    I’m loving the stepbrother theme. They aren’t actually related nor should they be ashamed of how they’re feeling. No blood relation at all so what’s the big deal.

    The only other taboo I can think of is ex husbands and/or wives. Like if your sister fell in love with your ex husband or vice versa. And yes, I know it’s been done, but they’re still good stories. Of course there’s always the stepdad/step child thing. Parents remarry, get divorced again and step daughter and step dad have a thing. Only problem could be the age difference. But, lots of folks like older/younger. Probably wouldn’t go over well with some readers, but some of us would enjoy it I’m sure.

    And there’s always the teacher/student scenario. Would have to be college age so as not to be creepy. But that could work with a college guy or girl and their teacher. Might be interesting.

  3. Delilah
    · June 23rd, 2015 at 11:18 am · Link

    Linda! Good question. I think it’s the fact that it borders something really indecent, but is still “safe” because there isn’t any blood relation. I’m planning to write some shorties along that theme, because all these ideas have been popping into my head.

    And then there’s the wife swap theme, the swingers theme…

  4. Delilah
    · June 23rd, 2015 at 11:20 am · Link

    Nice, Shirley! I’m adding the teacher-student theme. There was a terrific book by Karen Robards long, long ago. She was a brand new teacher, he was her student. They meet years later after he’s released from jail. LOVED it!

  5. Denise Allen Smith
    · June 23rd, 2015 at 1:00 pm · Link

    I like Shifter’s alot but I also like Menage only because it’s Spicey and something I would never do.. but love reading about it..

  6. Pansy Petal
    · June 23rd, 2015 at 2:18 pm · Link

    I like the dark side. My guilty pleasure is dub con with or without the kidnap overtones. Call me weird but I would rather read that than the current step thing. That one just doesn’t work for me. But the kidnap/dub con . . . Yeah! I am a bit twisted.

  7. ilona
    · June 23rd, 2015 at 2:23 pm · Link

    Going by current writings I don’t think there are any that haven’t already been covered.

    Unless you are really perverted and want to write about paedophilia but make it that the younger one is only technically a child (age at a few months less than legal adult).

    Other than that you have abortion, incest, and (because it’s not usually in a romance) prostitution.

  8. Bibi Rizer
    · June 23rd, 2015 at 4:51 pm · Link

    Meh. The stepbrother thing does nothing for me. Either they grew up like siblings, in which case that’s gross and weird. Or they barely knew each other growing up in which case – who cares? The whole trend is just for readers too squeamish to look for actual incest stories (which is double GROSS to me, but whatever).

    My secret taboo would have to be older women with barely legal men. The age of consent is 16 where I live and I feel quite cheesed off that I have to make my heroes 18+, even when the heroines are young themselves.

    Abortion – not really a taboo, but definitely would like to see more of it in books and not just romance. Generally more discussion of contraception wouldn’t go astray.

  9. ButtonsMom2003
    · June 23rd, 2015 at 11:50 pm · Link

    I’m not crazy about the step-brother stories; at least not the ones where the author keeps repeating on every other page that its so taboo. That’s just stupid to me. Now I’ve read some great step sibling stories that were hot but didn’t beat you over the head with the taboo thing.

    I like the idea of college teacher/student. I knew a teacher who was only about 6 years older than his high school students and he ended up marrying one several years later when they reconnected (there was nothing going on when he was her teacher).

    I love menage stories – MMF, MFM, MMM, etc. It’s something I wouldn’t do but it’s hot to read about it.

  10. Delilah
    · June 24th, 2015 at 8:57 am · Link

    Pansy! I like the kidnap theme.

    And Buttons, yes! The teacher-student thing, with maybe a hint of coercion.

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