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BAD TO THE BONE is here!
Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Dear Readers and Friends,

For those of you who have been clamoring for the next Night Fall story, it’s here! Viper’s story has been a long time coming. It began with an incredibly sad and sweet short story I wrote some time back. Enough of you nagged me, I decided to finish it and let you see what happened next to my broody, lonely hero.

Bad to the Bone is out now! At this time, it’s only available on Amazon, and if you’re a lucky Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can get it for free! If you love the story, I hope you’ll mention it to a friend. And if you love me, maybe you’ll leave a review, because reviews really do matter.

Be looking for more Night Fall stories this year. I have the Big Bad to defeat and mysterious newcomers entering the series. So, there’s plenty to keep you intrigued…

Bad to the Bone

BadtotheBone 600

One night of pleasure…

His name is Viper—a dark mysterious enigma who rules the seedy, dangerous vampiric underworld. For one night, he will escape his murky prison and tempt an innocent.

…can last a lifetime…

Beautiful Mariah haunts him. Lures him from his den with a glimpse of his past. One she doesn’t remember. This night, he’ll be her dream lover. He’ll seduce her, make her fall in love with him—then leave her. Again.

One night of pleasure is all they must know.

But Viper leaves her a clue. One he hopes deep down will lead her back to him although he dreads the consequences, because he’s not the same man he was. He’s not a man at all…

Get your copy here!

And remember, there are other sexy goin’s on…

RawSilk 600

A wicked, no-strings one-night stand turns unexpectedly complicated when lonely hearts collide…

Camille sacrificed romance for success long ago. Now that the lingerie company she and her best friend built is hugely successful, she has a few regrets. Wanting to let down her hair and explore the possibilities, she agrees to meet a man at a bar for drinks only to wind up needing help when she rebuffs his sexual overtures.

Jake and Daniel are two firefighters hitting the bar for a quick drink after a long shift when they see a classy beauty fending off an overzealous boyfriend. With a flex of biceps, they chase him off then settle in to seduce the lovely woman whose eyes reflect a hunger they understand all too well.

What starts as a simple, pleasurable one-night stand, quickly burns up the sheets. While Jake falls deeper into love with Camille, Daniel still thinks he can walk—until he gets a whiff of Camille’s best friend Lacey. Suddenly, three isn’t enough.

Get your copy here!


Saddled 600

Riding double never felt so fine…

When Bobby Blackhawk and Cale Yancey see a car slide off the highway and into an icy creek, they’ve got only minutes to get the beautiful driver out alive—and just one way to save her from hypothermia: take her to their isolated cabin, get naked—and hope like hell that when she wakes up, she doesn’t scream the place down.

When Katherine Duvall opens her eyes in a strange bed, the tingles flooding her body aren’t entirely due to thawing. She’s snuggled between two handsome, naked men—one a gruff, gentle giant, the other a sexy, playful Native American. Having just left her cheating fiancé, she’s not quite as shocked as she might have been. In fact, these two lonesome cowboys could be the perfect bookends to satisfy her hunger for revenge and bolster her dented self esteem.

With all of them bent on seduction, it’s not long before they melt the snow on the cabin roof, and soon, the threesome finds something else is melting, too. Their hearts…

Get your copy here!

Heather Long: Ghost Wolf (Free Read)
Monday, April 24th, 2017

Thank you Delilah for letting me come hang out today! I can’t tell you how excited I am to present Julian’s book, Ghost Wolf, for your enjoyment. Every journey begins somewhere. We met our first Enforcer, Margo, way back in Wolf Bite, when I first introduced you to Mason, Alexis and the Wolves of Willow Bend.

Margo was a tough character, and I was thrilled to explore her story in Rogue Wolf, which was the 4th book in the series. During Margo’s book, we met even more characters including the enigmatic and somewhat brutal “boss” Chief Enforcer Julian.  From the moment he was first mentioned, he captivated my imagination.

When he arrived in the flesh, late in the book, I have to confess to having chills. I wanted to know everything about him. Some facts, became clear immediately while others unfolded over time. It would take me three more books before I began to fully grasp the depth of just who Julian was and by then, I knew I had a longer journey to peel back the layers of his tale.

Here we are. Over the last several books we’ve discovered many things about the Wolves of Willow Bend. We’ve discovered what makes them strong, what challenges them, and what threatens to break them all. We’ve journeyed to every pack in the U.S. We’ve met their Alphas, their healers, and the mates who changed their lives and the world around them.

I can honestly say that Ghost Wolf, while the culmination of the journey we began way back in Wolf Bite, is not the end—but a brand new beginning.

Please accept my invitation to join me and discover Julian’s truth, the world he knows and the answer to so many questions.

I can’t wait to hear what you think!  If you’re new to me or to Willow Bend, please pick up a copy of Wolf at Law, it’s the prequel to the series and free just for you!

Before I forget, I will be at #RT17 in Atlanta. Here’s my schedule! Please don’t hesitate to find me and say hi!

Wolves of Willow Bend
 Ghost Wolf

Most Lone Wolves have a story—a pack they left behind, a love they lost, or worse, one they buried. Some leave their packs to roam because they crave freedom, and independence. Some leave because, in their hearts, they can’t bear to stay. Some leave because they see no way to go back…

Packs attacked. Humans forced to turn. Enforcers murdered. Following near miss assassination attempts on several prominent wolves, the packs are furious—out for blood and ready for war. Julian has been juggling the conflict without a real target for months. They always seem to be just one step behind the volchitsa, and even the wolves they’ve captured can’t tell them enough. With the fate of the packs resting squarely on his shoulders, Julian, the Chief Enforcer, will swallow his pride and seek out the one wolf he knows can help them all. She’s the only one who seems to know all the players and who can think like them. If anyone can find the Volchitsa, it’s the ghost he’s hunted for decades.

Dallas Dalton has lived on the run so long, she doesn’t really remember any other way of life. For an all too brief time, she had her daughter with her and the feeling of family until Julian got to too close once again. The damn wolf wouldn’t leave her be, no matter how much she’d sacrificed for him. Seeing him in Russia had been both a blessing and a curse, because no matter what she did, she couldn’t get him out of her system. Then he asked her for help…

Side-by-side, the Enforcer and the Rogue will have to work together to deal with the Volchitsa once and for all, but can they keep from killing each other in the process?

Find excerpt for Heather Long’s Ghost Wolf below.

Focus on Willow Bend

Series Reading Order:
Wolf at Law (Prequel)
Book 1: Wolf Bite
Book 2: Caged Wolf
Book 3: Wolf Claim
Book 3.5: Wolf Next Door
Book 4: Rogue Wolf
Book 5: Bayou Wolf
Book 6: Untamed Wolf
Book 6.5: Wolf with Benefits
Book 7: River Wolf
Book 7.5: Single, Wicked Wolf
Book 8: Desert Wolf
Book 9: Snow Wolf
Book 9.5: Wolf on Board
Book 9.75: Holly Jolly Wolf
Book 10: Shadow Wolf
Book 10.5: His Moonstruck Wolf
Book 11:  Ghost Wolf
Book 12: Ghost Wolf

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author, Heather Long, likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. Her books are filled with heroes and heroines tangled in romance as hot as Texas summertime. From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories—her characters drive the books. When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, she devotes her time to family and friends she considers family. She believes if you like your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest, and your heroines so likable, you’re sure you’ve been friends with women just like them, you’ll enjoy her worlds as much as she does.

Contact Details:

Excerpt of Ghost Wolf by Heather Long

“Miss Dalton, there’s a procedure to these things…a custom.”

“Of course there is,” she replied, whirling to walk backwards and look at him. “There’s protocol to every interaction we have. Boring, staid, mired in way too many years of history because some overactive dominants need to have their asses kissed.”

“Are you finished?” He halted, and though his expression didn’t change, she knew she’d reached the end of the little path so she stopped, too. They were a safe distance from the pier and alone with the rocks and the sea.

Tilting her head, she considered whether she was done. “No,” she said after waiting a beat. “I think it’s important to establish where we both stand. You bark orders to total strangers and think it’s okay. I don’t listen to orders from people I don’t know, much less respect, and I definitely never kiss an ass.”

Folding his arms, Julian released a sigh. Impatience seemed to thread through his posture. Satisfied she’d found a chink in his armor, Dallas smiled.

“There, I’m done. We understand each other.”

The wolf shook his head slowly. “You are a piece of work, Dalton.”

“Maybe, but I bet you think I’m groovy now…” The tease elicited the first hint of a smile on his stone cool face.

The man had a gorgeous smile, and her tummy did a little flip. Would he play with her?

“You are something,” he said, conceding, and she resisted the urge to cheer. “Now, you’re going to listen to me or I’ll put your smart mouth on a bus back to New York with a note to your pack to keep you caged until you learn some manners.”

Dammit. So much for playing. “Boring,” she sighed. “Fine, do your worst. Give me the lecture.”

There should be a rule about stone cold foxes being stone cold meanies. Folding her arms, she met him glare for glare.

“How the hell did they let you out of your pack?”

“Because no one can keep me where I don’t want to be.” Not anymore.

It would be her mantra. She was free.

She planned to stay that way.

Mary E. Thompson: A Piece Of Me
Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

Thank you so much, Delilah, for having me as your guest today! I’m thrilled to be here!

Every book takes a part of the author who’s writing it. It’s been almost four years since I wrote my first book, but each story has taken a piece of me. Whether it’s a fictionalized version of something I went through or a name of someone I know or a chunk of my own personality, every book has taken something from me.

When I first had the idea for my series, Big & Beautiful, I talked to a friend about it. She loved it! Told me to write it immediately. I started working on it right away, but life got in the way and it was almost two years after I wrote the first word to when I published the first of the books in the series.

Now, with the eleventh book available, I’m so happy I took her advice.

Olivia, the heroine in Curvaceous & Captivating, took the biggest piece of me. Olivia is a single mom struggling to keep her entire life from crashing around her. Laundry is a constant. Homework is a fight. And being alone sucks.

I’m not a single mom, but I feel everything she felt. My husband works ridiculous hours at times, leaves long before the kids and I get up, and misses almost every event at school. I know how lucky I am to be able to do all the things I do with our kids, and that many parents don’t get the same opportunities. My husband is one of those parents, and occasionally, for very short periods of time, I get glimpses into what life would be like as a single mom.

I put every single one of those glimpses into Olivia’s world.

Then added a sexy, alpha who won’t let her push him away because she doesn’t have time.

Grab a glass of ice water because these two definitely get HOT!

Excerpt from Curvaceous & Captivating

My head spun as his words sunk in. I felt like a jerk for accusing him of sleeping with his assistant when she was just being a good friend, or employee. It was sweet of her to protect him.

But wait, he didn’t date?

“Why are you here if you don’t date? I’m not going to sleep with you.”

That sexy, sinful smile was back. “Maybe not tonight, Olivia, but you will eventually. I saw the way you were staring at me when I walked in today. And the way you’ve been looking at me all night. You want me as much as I want you. And we both know you know how badly I want you.”

He punctuated his statement with an arm around my back and a rough tug that plastered me even tighter to his body. I could feel him. Him, him. It was digging into my stomach and turning me on.

I couldn’t even think of the last time I’d had sex. I didn’t need it. It had been so long that I no longer had the desire.

Until Ethan.

I leaned into him, aching for the kiss I knew was coming. His hand cupped my jaw. His thumb tugged at my lower lip. His breath fanned on my face.

“Do you want me, Olivia?”

“Yes,” I breathed, my pulse racing. My panties were soaked through and my nipples were struggling to break free. I needed to feel him. To kiss him. To touch him. To have him touch me. I ached at the idea of him filling me.

“Good,” he said with a smirk.

Then moved back to the other side of the island.

What. The. Heck!

He only has to resist one Curvaceous woman. Too bad she’s the only one he finds Captivating

Single mom, Olivia Humphrey is always overwhelmed. The laundry reaches the ceiling some days, dishes fill the sink, and the trash always makes her gag. But she doesn’t have time to worry about any of that. She has a job to do, two of them, and as the mayor’s assistant and a mother, she has to suck it up and get the job done.

Even if it means dealing with Winterville’s newest irritating man.

Ethan Norwood has bad news written all over him. From the dangerous glint in his eyes to the tattoos that cover his body to the power he holds as the biggest sponsor for Winterville’s Easter Egg Hunt. Olivia knows she absolutely has to stay away from him, not only because he warned her to but because she doesn’t need a man like him in her life. Too bad she doesn’t seem to be able to say no to him.

When Ethan and Olivia are forced to work together, it’s a battle of strength to find out who can resist longer. Or if either of them will.

Buy Now
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About Mary

Mary E. Thompson grew up loving to read, like a good little girl. Many nights she would fall asleep with the flashlight still turned on as she hid under the covers trying to finish the last few pages of a book. As an adult, the light from her ereader means she doesn’t need a flashlight, but she still stays up way too late to finish a book.

When Mary’s not reading, she’s playing with her two kids or living out her own real life romance novel with her hubby. She has a weakness for chocolate, especially when it’s paired with peanut butter, and has been known to have a bad day just because there’s no chocolate in the house. Unless there’s wine. Then everything is okay.

Mary grew up in Buffalo, New York and swears she’s the only local to never ski or snowboard. Soccer was always her sport, with a couple of adventures white water rafting and skydiving to keep things interesting. Mary moved to South Carolina for college but missed Buffalo every day. Yeah, she thinks she’s crazy, too. She somehow convinced her South Carolina born and bred hubby to return to Buffalo to raise their kids and live out their lives. He’s still not sure what he was thinking.

Connect with Mary
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Relay for Life — #TeamColleen
Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

I’ve mentioned the 8-year-old’s struggle with a very rare bone disease here from time to time. Colleen’s battle began in 2015, but after two surgeries on her left leg, the last where they removed her tibia and replaced it with a donor bone, she’s cancer free. We hope forever, but she’ll be checked every year for the rest of her life. While she walks with a cane at home, at school, she’s still confined to a wheelchair for her safety.

Yesterday was a big day for our girl and our community. Her school honored her by making her the “mascot” for this year’s Relay For Life. They had a special recess where the entire school came out to play and hear about her journey. Everyone wore #TeamColleen T-shirts. The local paper, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, plus THV11, all highlighted her struggle. Last night, she was honored, along with all the local cancer survivors, with a dinner, and the family took their turn walking in the relay.

If you’d like to see the short TV news clip of yesterday’s recess, here’s the link: Colleen’s Story.

And if you’d like to donate to the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life, here’s that link: Relay For Life.

Jennifer Kacey: Our Rules (Giveaway)
Friday, April 21st, 2017

UPDATE: The winner is…Toni!

* * * * *

Our Rules is out next Tuesday……Seeing that gives me a thrill like I can’t even tell you and it’s not just because it’s the first book in a new kink series!!

  1. It’s because this series has been in the works for more than two years!
  2. Because this series idea was born from a VERY DIRTY conversation I had with a customer of mine at my day job. (Psst which Book 4 will be based on!)
  3. And because it makes me think of the rules I adhere to within my kink relationship.

Some of my rules just might show up in Our Rules…..*insert angelic smile here*

Amazon –
Amazon UK –
B&N – Bound –
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Print Totally Bound –
Website –

When the foundation of their marriage falters, Michael and Tabitha must rediscover what it means for her to be his hot wife.

Tabitha is a hot wife. Not just a sexy wife. A hot wife. A wife allowed to be with other men with the permission of her husband.

Michael couldn’t love his wife more. Which is exactly why he shares her with others. Because she’s his.

On the cusp of everything they’re worked for—years in the making—a shattered promise threatens the foundation of their marriage. A foundation Michael had thought unbreakable until he lets Tabitha down in more ways than one.

Taking her submission for granted could lose him everything he’s strived for, and winning back her trust is the only thing that matters.

The Giveaway

In honor of the above kinkilicious debauchery I’m going to have a HUGE giveaway! Three print books by some of my favorite peeps and lots and lots of other swag and kinky goodies!

**GIVEAWAY – US ONLY** – Just look at all the awesomeness you could win!! Tell me one kinky rule you’d LOVE to live by! And this can be anything you’d have to do or something someone else would have to do to/for you! (Give a blow job everyday….be naked when your man/woman got home every day…anything!)

I’ll pick a winner on Monday the 24th!! Good Luck!! PS –It’s always great to leave your email address in your comment so I can contact you! Hate not being able to give winners their goodies!!

Decadently Yours,
Jennifer Kacey

About the Author

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

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Liese Sherwood-Fabre: Of Fandom and Sherlock Holmes
Thursday, April 20th, 2017

A few years ago, I had an idea for a story about Sherlock Holmes and how he became the “world’s most famous detective.” During my research, I discovered his fans (referred to as “Sherlockians”) are highly organized. Since 1934, these devotees have met to commemorate the great detective.  From the original group, interest spread throughout the world. Today, local organizations hold monthly or quarterly meetings to share their admiration for the man in the deerstalker. Beyond these meetings, a number of fan conventions occur throughout the year.

Large-scale fan events are considered a relatively new phenomenon, with the Star Trek convention considered the basis for modern fan culture. Long before the fan convention wave the 1970s, however, Christopher Morley and friends formed the Baker Street Irregulars (BSI) and assembled for an annual dinner in New York City each January. As part of the fan wave of the 1970s, additional events were initiated for those not invited to the BSI dinner and offered more ways to celebrate all things Holmesian. The Agra Treasurers of Dayton, Ohio, for example, hold a “Holmes, Doyle, and Friends” convention in the spring; the BBC have organized a “Sherlocked USA,” based on the Benedict Cumberbatch series in Los Angeles in May; and A Scintillation of Scions will occur in Baltimore, June 9-10. Other events occur in Minnesota and Indiana every three years.

I recently attended the 221BCon in Atlanta. Spread over two and half days (from Friday evening to Sunday late afternoon), fans attended panels on a variety of topics (I spoke on world building, Sherlock in alternate universes, and writing for an anthology), viewed Sherlock Holmes films (continuously running in one room), browsed vendor tables with a variety of Sherlock-inspired items (from full Victorian costumes to autographs of famous Sherlock Holmes actors to items with Victorian-style wallpaper prints), or attended invited celebrities’ talks. This year Curtis Armstrong (Booger from Revenge of the Nerds), Martin Powell (author of both prose and graphic novels), and Lyndsay Faye (author of a collection of short Sherlock Holmes tales) ran panels or Q&A sessions. In all, more than 600 people celebrated their admiration for the great detective.

The convention offered participants an opportunity to “let their hair down” and share a common interest in Victorian England and Sherlock Holmes in their many manifestations—including alternate realities and crossovers into other “worlds” like Harry Potter or Dr. Who. Not only did I share my insights on writing pastiches (as Sherlock Holmes tales are called), I even strutted my stuff as a Victorian woman in the costume exhibition (and even showed a little ankle in the process).

All in all, the weekend allowed fans to share their common interest all while having a good time.

If this sounds like some people you’d like to get to know better, you can find out about upcoming Sherlockian meetings and events on this Website. I’m sure I speak to all fans when I say, “The more Sherlockians, the better!”

About the Author

Liese Sherwood-Fabre has been writing fiction for more than twenty years, the past three with a focus on Sherlock Holmes and Victorian England. She recently released The Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes, a collection of non-fiction essays, and has a short story “The Case of the Tainted Blood” in the alternate universe anthology Curious Incidents: More Improbable Adventures from Mocha Memoirs Press. You can see more about her books and sign up for her newsletter on her Website:

Liese Sherwood-Fabre
“Gimmick-free, old-fashioned storytelling”

Curious Incidents: More Improbable Adventures
Kindle | Paperback

The Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes

Website | Facebook | Twitter 

Ann Jacobs: The Making of a Series
Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

The 2017 NFL draft is just weeks away, and OTAs are kicking off next week, so I decided the time is ripe to run a super sale on my 4 ½ book series, CALLING THE SIGNALS.

I love football. More accurately, I adore hot signal callers, quarterbacks whose stars have shone over three generations of fandom!

Be they fresh out of college or inductees into the Hall of Fame, they’re all my idols, so I decided to write a series about four fictional stars whose careers overlapped my youth, my young adulthood, and my middle age. These highly sensual/mildly erotic romance ideas became Calling the Signals, and a short introductory story sets up a fictional small Texas town that produced all four heroes.

Born in the dog days of Ellora’s Cave Publishing, these books started life as The Gridiron Lovers series there, but they underwent major changes as well as getting new titles and covers. I’m proud of them, and I hope readers will take advantage of the very special prices beginning this very week.

Happy reading!

Ann Jacobs

A passerby could miss it if he blinked at the wrong time, this tiny west Texas town that had only one claim to fame—its amazing record of having produced not one, not two, but three MVP

quarterbacks in the past thirty years. Rumor had it that Bobby Anthony, now a senior at Tulane, would soon become the fourth one.

Some folks said it was something special in the water that bubbled up from a spring outside the town limits, but Bobby’s mom, Melanie, knew better.

Hedgecock was a brawling blue-collar town full of roughnecks and cowboys. Over the years, a dedicated, talented coach had molded a ragtag assortment of boys into teams that won state championships in spite of the school’s small size. Those teams had provided the town with pride—an identity neither drought nor dry holes could take away from its residents

Melanie stared out at the field, the rotting bleachers where so many of her memories had been made, hoping the committee she’d been asked to join would be able to find a way to raise the money to spruce up the fields, and maybe put a spark of life back in a town whose sources of income had all but dried up.

In “Hedgecock, Texas: Home of the Signal Callers,” school secretary Melanie and bank president Cal Tate conceive a moneymaking reunion of the four past, present and future NFL stars—and discover their own second chance at love in the process. Here are snippets from the four novels that tell the stories of each man’s career—and his discovery of lasting love.


Bobby…fresh out of college, multi-million dollar contract in hand, ready to show what he can do on the field—and off

Melanie…football fan, cheerleader, ready to hitch her star to the promising, super-hot Gamblers rookie

After he’d gotten to camp and spent a few minutes thumbing through the biggest playbook he’d ever seen, Bobby decided the chicks would have to wait. He’d have to spend most of his waking hours studying, not checking out the incredibly hot young women who were on one corner of the second football field, trying out for the Gamblers’ cheerleading squad. He noticed one, though. A gorgeous girl with a hot body, creamy skin, big brown eyes and long black hair that looked so soft he wanted to run his fingers through it. And he couldn’t resist making a point of running into her on the training center parking lot.

“Hey there!” he called out, and she turned and shot him a thousand-watt smile.

“Hello to you, too.” She stepped over closer, close enough that the sweet smell of her perfume wafted into his nostrils. “Good luck making the team, rookie.” Her gaze slid slowly up his body, and it was all he could do to resist pulling her close and seeing if he could rest his chin on top of her head.

“Thanks. I’m Bobby Anthony. And you are?”

“Marly Ragusa. Gamblers fan forever.” She paused for a minute, her pretty mouth gaping open. “Omigod, you’re the new quarterback the Gamblers took in the first round.”


Keith…NFL MVP, unbeatable on the field, his private life has known tragedy and disappointment

Tina…hometown girl signed on as nanny to Keith’s motherless baby, knowing he’s way out of her league

Something was bothering Jack’s dad. Tina sensed it, though Keith was going through all the right motions, playing with the baby on the carpeted nursery floor and riding him piggyback before helping feed him an early supper. She hoped it wasn’t something she’d done to upset her moody employer.

Of course it wasn’t. Tina scolded herself for her lack of self-confidence. If Keith was angry with her, she was certain he’d have said so. It must have been something that had happened while he was at practice. And she’d guessed from his silence and his scowl last night that he’d come home unhappy about yesterday’s game. If she hadn’t watched most of it on TV, though, she never would have known he’d thrown two or three interceptions or that the Gamblers had lost, because he hadn’t uttered a word about the game while helping tuck Jack in his bed.


Dave…beat-up, playboy quarterback at the twilight of his storied career, who’s hot in the clutch in his final swan song

Diane…Keith’s older sister, victim of an abusive marriage but open to a fling with playboy Dave

Diane knew Dave Delaney, the Savannah Rebels’ quarterback, from way back. Despite being past forty years old, Dave was holding on to a lead in the tight game. Or at least he had been until a minute ago when two Gamblers defenders turned him into the filling for a human sandwich. Without his helmet, Dave looked a lot like she remembered from long ago. Older now, obviously, he still had the wavy black hair and electric blue eyes that proclaimed his Black Irish ancestry. Pain registered on that handsome face as two of his teammates helped him off the field.

Why was he still punishing himself? Diane shuddered as she watched the coach, a doctor and a trainer on the sideline, looking at Dave’s right knee. If she wasn’t mistaken, that was the same knee he’d had surgery on a couple of seasons ago.


Colin…Hall of Fame golden boy, now retired, he can still sling it with the best of them

Susan…small-town bad girl, has it bad for the smokin’ hot coach who’s up for all the games she has in mind

Colin Zanardi leaned back in his desk chair at the Rebels’ Savannah headquarters. He’d obviously been too damn busy lately. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been half hard, wondering if Susan Anderson were as soft and submissive as she sounded on the phone.

During the last few phone calls they’d shared, the sexy widow had clearly been making a play for him. That didn’t surprise him—a good many groupie types still wanted a piece of him even though he’d hung up his cleats thirteen years ago and moved over to the coaching side of football. What intrigued him was the element of raw need he heard in her voice each time they’d spoken—and a hint of the feminine submissiveness that appealed so strongly to his dominant nature.

For the first time since agreeing to take part in this reunion, Colin found himself actually looking forward to his first return to the tiny west Texas town since he’d graduated from high school almost thirty-two years ago.

Author Twitter:
Buy links for Calling the Signals and all of Ann’s available books can be found at her website: (click on individual book titles).