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Ready to take on 2018? First, a quick glance back at 2017…
Sunday, December 31st, 2017

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Where did 2017 go? Dang, for me, it was a really short year! Must have been busy.

I hope you all stay safe tonight! I’ll likely be snoozing by the time the big apple or peach drops since I’ve been up since 3:30 AM—darn insomnia!

And just because I love to celebrate my accomplishments (who else will?!), I’ve posted last month’s releases, in case you missed them, and I’m giving you the great big list of all my 2017 stories. Prepare to be amazed. LOL!

Now, go stock up on champagne and noise-makers!! See you in 2018!

A Quick Recap of December!

Soldier Boy
Texas Cowboys, Book 3

Just home from war, Mac McDonough is in a world of hurt only a woman can cure. Her jealous stalker doesn’t stand a chance…

Fresh from war, “Mac” McDonough wants just two things: whiskey to drown the pain in his damaged leg and a woman. But one look into Suki Reese’s haunted eyes, and he knows she needs the kind of muscle only an ex-soldier can provide.

Mac’s brooding gaze and hard body leave Suki Reece breathless and disturbed. The rugged ex-soldier won’t listen to a word she says until Suki distracts him with a sexy striptease. That gets his attention. Suki may have gotten the upper hand, but Mac is going to be on top.

Get your copy here!

Wolf Moon Rising

Beaux RΓͺve Coven, Book 3

In Jefferson Parish, deep in the bayou, is a place called Bonne Nuit. Off the beaten path, isolated by swamp and connected to the sea, there the Beaux RΓͺve Coven thrives.

Five witches…Too many demons to count…

Aoife is the flightiest of the sister witches, and she has a secret, one her mother warned her to keep close to her heart. Her father was a fairy—which explains her quirkiness and her affinity for flowers. She lives in a cabin on stilts that juts into the bayou, and one of her demon guardians is a werewolf. She’s attracted, but how would he feel if he married her, fathered a child, and that child disappeared into the land of the fae?

Desperate to find a solution to her dilemma, she flees her guardian’s protection. Her last hope is to enlist her father’s help. Plead her case. Her happiness, and that of her one true love, Sigurd, depends on whether she can escape this fairy curse.

Get your copy here!

Arctic Dragon

Escaping her destiny for a day in the human world, a snow maiden, is rescued after her horse bolts, and then is brought to an isolated cabin by a recluse—a handsome, gifted artist, living alone in an arctic wilderness…

Headstrong, and seeking a little respite from a suitor’s relentless wooing, Queen Larikke rides the arctic wind far beyond the bounds of Northland, only to have her horse bolt at a shot from a hunter’s gun. Her rescuer is a handsome, mysterious man who lives alone in the wilderness, his cabin filled with erotic images of women. Rather than fearing her fate, Larikke sets out to seduce him, hoping for one last fling before she settles down to do her duty and wed.

Thinking he was saving a life, Drake dragged a very strange woman home, stripped her, and warmed her by his fire. Now, he finds his long, self-imposed isolation may have made her allure impossible to resist, and Drake fears he’ll harm her if he shares his special kiss.

Get your copy here!

45 for 2017! Uh, actually more!

This is the list for 2017! I’ve highlighted my personal favorite stories in red. And note that numbers 29 and 30 are multiples, so my actual total sits at 51, I think. So, I don’t blame you if you haven’t caught up! πŸ™‚

  2. 01/24/17 – RIDE A TEXAS COWBOY, reissue
  3. 01/31/17 – SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT, Texas Billionaires series
  4. 02/14/17 – HARD SEAL TO LOVE, Uncharted SEALs series
  5. 02/19/17 – FUN WITH DICK AND JAYNE, reissue
  6. 03/11/17 – BEGGING FOR IT, reissue
  7. 03/24/17 – SWEETER THAN HONEY, reissue (Indie)
  8. 03/28/17 – STEPBROTHER’S STEPPING OUT: WITH HIS SEAL TEAM-4, short story
  9. 03/31/17 – SADDLED, reissue
  10. 04/08/17 – RAW SILK, reissue
  11. 04/11/17 – WHO’S YOUR DADDY, Texas Billionaire Club series
  12. 04/18/17 – BAD TO THE BONE, Night Fall series (Indie)
  13. 05/06/17 – UNBRIDLED, Lone Star Lovers series, reissue
  14. 05/10/17 – STEPBROTHERS STEPPING OUT: WITH HIS SEAL TEAM-4, short story
  15. 05/16/17 – UNFORGIVEN, Lone Star Lovers series, reissue
  16. 05/20/17 – NERD’S BLIND DATE, short story
  17. 05/27/17 – JANE’S WILD WEEKEND, reissue
  18. 06/02/17 – FOUR SWORN, Lone Star Lovers, reissue
  19. 06/08/17 – BIG SKY SEAL, Uncharted SEALs series
  20. 06/13/17 – BLUE COLLAR, Boys Behaving Badly series
  21. 06/16/17 – BREAKING LEATHER, Lone Star Lovers series
  22. 07/07/17 – HEAD OVER SEAL, Uncharted SEALs series
  23. 07/14/17 – FOUR-GONE CONCLUSION, Lone Star Lovers series
  24. 07/18/17 – ON FIRE, Anthology with Cleis Press
  25. 07/26/17 – LOVE & WAR, Texas Billionaire series
  26. 07/28/17 – TWO WILD FOR TEACHER, Lone Star Lovers series, reissue
  27. 08/10/17 – REINED IN, Lone Star Lovers, reissue
  28. 08/15/17 – LONG HOWL GOOD NIGHT, Night Fall series, reissue
  29. 08/21/17 – * DELTA BLUE series x 5, reissue
  30. 08/21/17 – * DELTA HEAT series x 3, reissue
  31. 08/24/17 – HANDY MEN, reissue
  32. 08/31/17 – FAMILY VALUES, Lone Star Lovers series, reissue
  33. 09/08/17 – FIRST KNIGHT, Night Fall series, reissue
  34. 09/14/17 – ONCE IN A BLUE MOON, Beaux Reve Coven series, reissue
  35. 09/21/17 – SEAL ESCORT, Uncharted SEALs series
  36. 09/27/17 – THE BOUNTY, short story
  37. 10/12/17 – WEARING HIS BRAND, Texas Cowboy series, reissue
  38. 10/19/17 – UNDER A BLOOD MOON, Beaux Reve Coven series, reissue
  39. 11/02/17 – THE COWBOY AND THE WIDOW, Texas Cowboys series, reissue
  40. 11/09/17 – BIG BAD WOLF, Night Fall series
  41. 11/14/17 – REAPER, Montana Bounty Hunters series
  42. 11/21/17 – WITH HIS SEAL TEAM-PART 5, Stepbrothers Stepping Out series
  43. 12/05/17 – SOLDIER BOY, Texas Cowboys series, reissue
  44. 12/12/17 – WOLF MOON RISING, Beaux Reve Coven series
  45. 12/20/17 – ARCTIC DRAGON, reissue

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  1. ButtonsMom2003
    · January 2nd, 2018 at 9:50 pm · Link

    I know I missed a few of your books this year but I caught most of them! Happy New Year!

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