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Lizzie Ashworth: Tangled in Two (Giveaway)
Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

Three Day Special! Coupon expires Friday, May 25

Hi Delilah Fans! Here’s an offer you can’t refuse. Book I, Hers to Choose, is already FREE at all retail outlets. Now, exclusive to Delilah’s blog, you can get Book II, Tangled in Two, FREE with coupon code YH27V.

Bryn McClure has put the Cannon men behind her. Or so she thought. Then Alex reappears with a plan that will save her farm and set her up for life. Overwhelmed, she would love to express her affection. But instead of reciprocating, he keeps her at arm’s length.

Then Dan shows up and there’s really no question about what happens next. She can’t get enough of the dirty discipline he dishes out. When he holds her in his arms, her world is complete.

But nothing is ever so simple as choosing one man or the other. Nightmares unfold as she and her beloved Ozarks farm come under attack by unknown enemies. Bryn quickly realizes—she needs them both.


Before Bryn had a chance to protest, Dan pulled her up, turned her toward him, and lowered his mouth to hers, brushing over her lips.

What was this? Should she resist? Was he going through the motions in order to prove something? Torment her? His hands made their way down her sides and over her buttocks before pulling her tight against his lower body. An erection pressed through his slacks and against her belly. Did he think he could do whatever he wanted?

Her nipples squeezed to pebble hardness and her clit stiffened. An internal war broke out. Push him away?

His big hands began massaging her buttocks, and she wanted him immediately. His lips continued brushing over her mouth, her cheeks, down her neck. Her nostrils flared and her legs shivered.

“Has anyone serviced your needs recently?” he whispered against her neck. “Are you distracted from your business, Miss McClure?”

“No, I….I’m, yes, I’m distracted.”

Should she do this? Could she refuse? Whatever she did with Dan wouldn’t fill the hole left by Alex. Her desire for Dan fit an entirely separate part of her. But maybe it was all she could ever get. And it would help her forget her disappointment with Alex.

Rationalization? Justification? So what? She didn’t owe Alex anything.

Whatever Dan wanted her to say, she would say it. If he wanted her submission, she would happily give it. Any time she came under his control would feel like relief from the loneliness and regret she carried around every day. His arms held her in an iron grip. Heat blazed up her chest.

“Distracted is not acceptable, Miss McClure.” He stepped back. “Lucky for us, I anticipated this might be the case.”

Dan walked to his things at the couch and returned with a small bag. “You’ll find your garments in here. Get dressed and let me see you.”

Bryn’s mind went blank. It was an absurdly familiar and thrilling moment, his demands, the full realization of what might come next. One singular truth became clear—Dan was her dom.

Maybe Dan didn’t twist her heart the same as Alex, but it was better this way. Sex without commitment, without demoralizing emotional baggage. She glanced up at him. A sly smile curled his mouth but didn’t extend up to those calculating pale eyes, watching her, demanding.

Beyond that was the absolute certainty that he would take care of her.

In the bedroom, she shook out the bag and surveyed the contents. After discarding her clothes, she slid into an abbreviated white blouse with little cap sleeves and a shirttail tie that fastened under her breasts. A red plaid skirt with wide pleats, also quite small, fit low on her hips if she pulled it down far enough to barely cover her buttocks. White hosiery included elastic bands that held them at mid-thigh. She added a pair of her white thong panties then stared at herself in the mirror.

Gooseflesh rippled down her body as she studied her image. She hardly recognized herself, some trollop in a super trashy outfit. This had nothing to do with Wade. The outfit reeked of Dan.

In a sudden inspiration, she pulled down her ponytail, quickly dividing her hair and weaving it into two loose braids on either side of her head. If schoolgirl was what he had in mind, she could give it. With a deep breath, she walked out of the bedroom.

He waited near the wood stove. He had closed the window curtains against the arrival of evening. Another martini had been mixed and poured into their glasses. He lifted his glass toward her as she appeared at the bedroom door.

“Well, now,” he said in a husky voice. “You look ready for school.”

She clasped her hands behind her back. “Yes, master.”

His intense gaze lingered over her body. He remained fully clothed with his white shirt sleeves rolled against his tanned forearms and his thighs tugging against the dark slacks. He drained his glass and set it on the table before walking to her.

“You’re quite a handful, so easily distracted from your studies.” His hands grazed her tingling breasts, thumbing the rigid nipples before trailing down past the skirt and finding the panties.
He snapped the thong’s elastic band. “Can you not follow even the simplest instruction?” He yanked the panties to her knees and let them fall to the floor around her ankles.

She licked her lips. “I…need correction,” she murmured as his hands slid back up her thighs.

His fingers traced through her slick crease, lightly stroking her erect clit.

“Severe correction. Sir,” she added.

“Yes, I can see that.” He led her to the table then tied one of her wrists to a chair back. In moments he had fastened the ankle and wrist of her left side to one chair and the other ankle and wrist to another chair. With the chairs on either side of her, she remained upright as he again fondled her.

“The problem about your discipline,” he said, plying her breasts with his free hand, “is that there’s no secret you enjoy it. Now if I could manage to truly punish you,” he said with a hard pinch on her nipple, “so that you learned to stop making the same mistakes.” He pinched the other nipple. “Then perhaps you wouldn’t need so much correction.” He slapped her buttocks. Hard.

He walked away and took another drink of his martini before bringing her glass and holding it so that she had to gulp half the liquid. Then he opened his briefcase and took out a familiar wooden paddle.

“I gave this a lot of thought, Miss McClure,” he continued, striking the paddle against his hand in a loud slapping noise.

Her thighs clenched. She was soaked, sliding into complete submission. It felt glorious.


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Thanks for reading!

Lizzie Ashworth