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Lainey Reese: The Inspiration Behind a New Series (Contest)
Thursday, March 3rd, 2022

Thanks so much to Delilah for having me on her blog today – squee! I’m Lainey Reese and I’m the USA Today Bestselling Author of the New York Series and other works. I’m thrilled to be here with you to share the story of how my brand new BDSM series came about – it’s called The Kimberly Chronicles and follows the story of a sassy, submissive hairstylist who barges her way into an FBI investigation. The first book in the series, Lace & Flames, released just two days ago with two more books to come soon. Here’s a quick summary!

When Kimberly trolls the local BDSM club after her friend goes missing, she finds herself ensnared in something a hell of a lot bigger and more sinister than she had bargained for. She also finds herself face to face with her sexy new therapist.

Dean Ackles is deep undercover with the FBI and from the moment his fiery new client entered the Lion’s Den, he should have known it would only be a matter of time until he gave in to the temptation to make her his own. With Kimberly suddenly in the hot seat smack dab in the middle of his case, it’s going to take both Dean along with his partner and best friend Sam to see her safely through it.

So, that’s the crazy, sexy story in a nutshell. But you could have read as much from the back of the book. It was suggested to me that I share with you how this story came to be, so that is what this blog will be about.

I went to my first ever KallypsoCon last November and it literally saved my life. I was in the grips of a deep depression while I was there and the women I met turned everything around for me. Everyone there from the amazing Kallypso Masters herself on through to each and every reader I encountered was incredible. Kally’s readers really know how to treat an author right!

There is one woman in particular who stood out from the crowd like she had a spotlight on her wherever she went. She was tall, lusciously curved and had the sort of beauty you see on billboards.

I found her irresistible.

At one point during the con, we toured a real life BDSM club and Kimberly floated from room-to-room regal as a queen in a high collared black number that hugged her rich curves. She’d had her gorgeous, honeyed locks piled high on her head with a flutter of lace showcasing her jawline and I knew I had to write her somehow.

It wasn’t until the two of us toured Universal Studios together and bonded over our love of Harry Potter that her story came to me. God bless her, she just uttered one sentence and the entire series fell into my lap.

Here’s how that went: We were in line for our lunch in The Leaky Cauldron and discussing mental health and my need for a therapist (of all things to be discussing in an amusement park!?). I explained to her that I knew I needed to see a therapist and that the problem wasn’t finding one, it was picking one. My insurance had sent me a list to choose from that was multiple pages long. I had been aghast and quite frankly overwhelmed at the plethora of choices, I told her.

“Hmm;” she huffs with her beautiful face scrunched, “I wonder how you could narrow it down. What if you tried looking up their reviews online?”

And that did it. Instantly I burst into laughter so loud the people around us turned to see what was so funny. I knew what she meant but my mind shot immediately to Fictional Kimberly picking out her therapist based on Yelp reviews. And The Kimberly Chronicles was born.

As soon as I got home I started writing. I have never written a book so fast in my life and I love it. I love the energy of the story and the spunk and sass of Kimberly. I love the way she keeps her FBI men on their sexy toes and the villain in this story is one I really love to hate.

Since being home, the depression has become manageable thanks almost entirely to Kimberly, both fictional and real. The woman behind the fantasy has become one of my most cherished friends and I consider myself damn lucky she loves Harry more than Mickey or none of this would be happening.

So, that is the story of how one hell of a real woman birthed one hell of a fictional one.

As for me and my depression? I’m doing great these days and spend most of my time buried in my computer and letting the words flow. I feel like the darkest days are finally behind me and there is more than sadness and grief ahead. For the first time in a very long time, there is hope on the horizon and I owe it all to the KallypsoCon and the amazing women I met there. They saved me that weekend and for that I will always be grateful.

Lace & Flames Blurb & Buy Links

The search for her missing friend will ignite dangerous desires…

Before her best friend went missing, the most stressful things in Kimberly Lace’s life were her demanding hairdressing clients and trying not to flirt with her gorgeous therapist. But with no
answers from the police, Kimberly decides to investigate her friend’s disappearance for herself.

Undercover FBI forensic psychologist Dean Ackles needs to keep his mind on the job. Five women are missing, but his distracting thoughts about his client Kimberly are almost as bad as the
guilt he feels about lying to her. When he and his partner Sam find Kimberly searching for answers at The Lion’s Den, things get heated.

For Kimberly, the flames of desire are ignited for not one, but two men. And while she might be happy to submit to them in the bedroom, there’s no way Kimberly is giving up for the search for
her friend, no matter how much they insist on keeping her safe.

Their powerful attraction will lead Kimberly into the heart of danger and tempt her to risk everything for passion, including her own life.

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I’d love to give you the chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card! Just follow the link below and answer the question. I’ll choose one winner on March 5 and my assistant will send it out.

About the Author

Lainey – born in Tacoma, Washington – was raised mostly in Nevada and California. The youngest of five, Lainey dreamed of being an actress and starring in blockbuster movies she wrote herself. As she grew, the dreams of being on the big screen faded but the ones of writing those fantastic stories never did. At 17 Lainey read her first romance novel and knew she’d found her calling. Here were the stories like the ones in her own heart and mind, and like tumblers falling into position on a combination lock, everything just clicked into place and the world was open to her.

It took a long time before she could work up the courage and belief in herself to try but finally, in 2010 Lainey held her breath and took the leap. Her first novel A Table for Three debuted in February and she hasn’t looked back since. Nor has she given up hope that one day, she will be sitting in a theater, and it will be one of her stories on the big screen…

Along with her husband and two dogs, Lainey lives in Marysville, Washington and they have a daughter going to college in Bellingham.

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