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July into August (Contest)
Sunday, July 31st, 2022

UPDATE: The winner is…Debra Guyette!

Another month gone! 2022 is flying! This month, the kids go back to school and my weekdays will be quieter. Soon, twice daily swims will be reduced to one as the water cools. 🙁 But there’s the string of lovely holidays coming with fall, so I won’t be sad for long…


Montana Bounty Hunters: Dead Horse

Here’s what I managed to accomplish…


  1. I completed writing and published Gabriel, Book #7 in my MBH: Dead Horse, MT, series. Fig finally got her man!
  2. I completed 2 editing projects for other authors in July.


  1. I have not climbed back aboard the Weight Watchers wagon. However, I maintained 25 pounds of my loss since January. Motivation is still lagging…
  2. As for physical activity, I’ve upped my steps and make multiple trips up and down the stairs! I’m swimming at least once a day, usually twice.
  3. I visited the dermatologist this month. I had a spot of skin cancer in the past, but this checkup was all clear. Yay!


  1. I volunteered to serve on the board of my local art guild, so I HAVE to get out of the house and mingle with real people. Along with my board position, I committed to twice monthly “art days” where I paint at the art center with my artist friends.
  2. I committed to participating in this year’s Festival of the Arts, so I must get some decent paintings done to sell in September! Yikes!
  3. Here are a few of my recent pieces…


Do these covers excite you?

Hard Knox

For work-related, I plan:

  1. To complete a story set in my sister’s Brotherhood Protector’s world! The cover is coming soon!
  2. To revise and compile the Danger Zone trilogy into a single bundle and get it ready for publishing in August!
  3. To plot and chart out Hard Knox, my first We Are Dead Horse story!
  4. To complete 5 editing projects in August!

For health related, I plan:

  1. To restart Weight Watchers (count those points!) and hope to lose at least 5 pounds, remembering: Slow is good!
  2. To swim at least one time a day while I can! Mid-September is when the water gets a little too nippy…
  3. To begin some low-impact aerobics. I’ll do more housework, too, because my art room is a disaster!

For happiness-related, I plan: 

  1. To inventory the art I have and determine what I need to do next to get ready for the show!
  2. To produce at least four finished pieces of art every week!
  3. To blog about art (on my Emerald Casket site) just to keep myself honest! (No one actually has to read it! No one except my pal Susan does!)


Comment on anything you’ve read in this post. Tell me what you’re doing to make yourself happier and healthier. Tell me what you plan to read…

Like I said, comment on anything for a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card!

14 comments to “July into August (Contest)”

  1. Pansy Petal
    · July 31st, 2022 at 9:03 am · Link

    I love this concept of goal setting and holding oneself accountable. I admire those who do it. I appears so empowering. It is something I have been unable to do. I am not entirely sure why. I will add that to my list of things I need to work on. I love that you share this, and appreciate the motivation. Thank you.

  2. Delilah
    · July 31st, 2022 at 9:18 am · Link

    Thank you, Pansy. I was a project manager in my military and corporate days. I love lists/plans, and as I get older, I NEED them because I’m a little more forgetful than I used to be… 🙂

  3. Laura
    · July 31st, 2022 at 9:37 am · Link

    Congratulations on all you have accomplished in July and through out the year. It is very impressive and motivating.

    I wish I was a goal oriented person. I have set goals and then forget about them or just ignore them.

  4. Misty Dawn
    · July 31st, 2022 at 9:53 am · Link

    Congratulations on maintaining your weight lose, because I know from experience it’s hard. I like to set goals too, but I aim for small goals then work my way up (because I beat myself up too much if I don’t reach my goal). July has seemed to fly by!

  5. Colleen C.
    · July 31st, 2022 at 12:42 pm · Link

    Time is flying! My nephew starts high school this week… I hope things go smoothly for him… I do not think any of his friends are going to the same school…

  6. Mary Preston
    · July 31st, 2022 at 4:25 pm · Link

    I love the fact that you highlight Happiness-Related. Self care is important.

  7. bn100
    · July 31st, 2022 at 7:26 pm · Link

    nice art pieces

  8. Diane Sallans
    · July 31st, 2022 at 9:51 pm · Link

    You and some ‘reels’ I’ve been watching on facebook have inspired me to try some artwork myself – when I get back from visiting family for vacation I’ll have to get some supplies. The reels I’ve been watching on FB & Instagram are by ‘Andrea.Nelson.Art’ – check her out for her techniques.

  9. Debra Guyette
    · August 1st, 2022 at 6:30 am · Link

    I plan to get back on track. I lost my brother and am really struggling with it.

  10. ButtonsMom2003
    · August 1st, 2022 at 11:35 pm · Link

    I’m not good at setting or keeping goals. Having said that, hubby and I joined a new workout place very near us before it opened. It finally opened sometime in June but we didn’t make it there that month. We did make it there once in July and we started off this month with a visit on the 1st. At this point anything we do is better than nothing but we’re obviously taking it slow. 🙂

  11. Jennifer Beyer
    · August 4th, 2022 at 5:25 pm · Link

    I love the cover of Hard Knox. It cracks me up!

  12. K. Campos
    · August 5th, 2022 at 1:27 pm · Link

    Making lists helps me, too. It always helps me keep my mind on track until I’m able to cross of everything on it at the end of the day. Love the artwork, it’s so pretty, especially the second canvas! I hope to get back into reading more, I’ve been in a slump for the last 2 months. I get so anxious just thinking about picking up my kindle and nit being able to find a book that keeps my interest. And hopefully also getting back to cycling as a form of exercise, too.

  13. miki
    · August 6th, 2022 at 1:09 pm · Link

    danger zone sure caught my interest!

  14. Delilah
    · August 13th, 2022 at 5:30 am · Link

    Thanks to everyone who commented!

    My random number generator chose #2 — oh! that’s me! One more time… #9 is…Debra Guyette! Congratulations!

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