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Sunday Tarot & Open Contests!
Sunday, November 19th, 2023

It’s Sunday. The day I play with my work plans to figure out how to get everything done that has to be done this week. But first, I pull a card…

This is one I’ve never pulled before in any spread. Let’s have a look at the Queen of Swords.

When I look at the card, I shiver. The setting is barren, with snow-covered mountains in the background, so you know it’s cold. She wears a crown, so she’s some queen or privileged princess. Her expression is hard and cold. She holds a silver sword in one hand and a silver urn in the other, from which she’s letting water spill on the ground.

I’m not sure who she represents, but I’ll take a quick peek inside The Mythic Tarot to find out.

I remember her. Not her name, but the story! This Atalanta. She’s the daughter of a king who was so disappointed she was a girl, he set her out in the cold wilderness to die. However, the goddess Artemis took pity and sent a she-bear to the rescue. The bear suckled her and kept her warm. She then grew up surrounded by a group of hunters who taught her to hunt and fight. When she grew into adulthood, she met her father. Only after she’d proven her worth as a warrior did he warm up to her, but of course, he still wanted a male heir, so he decided he’d find a prince to marry her. Atalanta wasn’t so keen on the idea, so she told her father she’d marry a prince if he could beat her in a foot race. If the prince lost, he would be killed. Many princes died trying to win her hand, until one prince met her and fell in love with her and asked the goddess of love, Aphrodite, for some help. She gave him three golden apples and instructions to drop them one at a time during the race to distract her. He won. They were married, but alas, they were doomed. Melanion, her husband, chose to lie with her in a place Zeus considered his own. Zeus turned them both into lions, which was awful, because Greeks believed lions only mated with leopards, so they were forever kept apart.

So, a haughty princess spilling her water on barren land… What does it mean? I think the water represents something squandered—like time or love. She’s holding the sword to assert her independence and protect it. What does that mean to me?  The book says I may be expecting perfection in myself, and while I do that, I may lose something. (I’m thinking time or some emotional gift). Ha! I get it. This week, maybe today, I’ll finish Little Green Dreams. I may be tempted to go over and over it to make it perfect, while I have my family here at home, enjoying the holiday. I’m guessing I should put it aside and enjoy being with them.

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