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Saturday Puzzle-Contest: Flea Market Finds
Saturday, August 5th, 2023

UPDATE: The winner is…Jennifer Beyer!

My daughter and I were having a coffee outside in the early morning the other day. During the summer, early mornings are the only times we have privacy for a chat because, you know, kids surround us all day long.

Anyway, we were talking and decided that this year is the first time we’re not eager to have school start so we have some peace. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed their company this summer. No huge blowouts. They’ve been so helpful in caring for the new chickens/ducks/geese, our horse, goats, and dogs. We didn’t take any big trips, but we did fill up the summer with visits to the theme park in Hot Springs, some nighttime concerts, movies, trips to the local water park, and of course, swimming in our own pool and movie/finger-food nights where we just nosh at home. It’s been an idyllic summer, actually. We’ll miss it once we’re in the hustle and bustle of getting them ready for school each day.

One thing I do look forward to doing more of once we’re “free” during the day is hitting the local flea market more often. I don’t ever do the grocery shopping. I don’t clothes shop—that’s what the Internet is for. The one place I do like to “noodle” around is the flea market. I love-love-love that my daughter has the same obsession.

We go with a thought toward adding to our “collections.” She collects ’70s/Mid-Century decor, plus vintage Pyrex. I currently hunt down vintage tins and vintage enamel bowls—especially those on the small side, 4″ to 6″ because they look wonderful, but I use them for organizing projects and storing art supplies. If I happen across a vintage ladies’ powder jar, I’m all over that, too.

I chose today’s image for the puzzle because that kind of display outside a junk shop would catch my eye for sure. I have a ton of vintage tins (mostly in better shape than these), but I’d root through everything, hoping to find hidden treasure.

So, for today’s challenge, solve the puzzle then tell me what sorts of items would catch your eye! Leave a comment for a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card!

Flea Market Finds & Open Contests!
Monday, February 27th, 2023

It’s Monday. I have an appointment with the doctor regarding my hand. I’m hoping he’ll say I don’t have to wear the splint anymore. I still get twinges when I turn my hand a certain way or hold something heavy (a full coffee cup!). Maybe he’ll tell me I can take it off when I type. That would be enough to make me very, very happy.

I mentioned before that my dd and I went to the flea market with two of the kids last Saturday. Thought I’d share a couple of our found “treasures.” This first one is a ceramic cup from Germany dating back to the 90s. No real value here, but we collect this sort of thing and use them. I have a very nice set of pottery dishes I bought when I was stationed there, so it’s a nostalgic treasure for us both.

Then there’s this mustachioed man.

My daughter collects vintage Pyrex and has joined all kinds of online Pyrex groups. Some of the avid collectors decorate their display cabinets with vintage ceramic figurines. She found this man-with-a-moustache cup, and when she Googled it, she discovered it’s highly collectable. It’s called something like the “gay moustache man.” A cookie jar of this pattern sold for over $300, so she thinks the 2 bucks she paid was well-spent, and doesn’t he look cute in the cabinet?

My best find was an antique book with yellowed pages and illustrations. Something about a boy who goes on a journey to become a knight. The pages are falling out of it and are very brittle, so I won’t feel the least bit guilty about tearing them out for collaging. I also found a Japanese divided bowl with a pretty, ornate cover. I figure I will use it on my beading table to store something. Just because it’s a workspace doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty. (Not that it is now. It’s a junky mess!)

Anyways, it’s Monday. Time to get my butt in gear. I have tons to accomplish! Do you have a lot on your plate to accomplish, too?

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Happy National Thrift Shop Day! (Contest)
Wednesday, August 17th, 2022

UPDATE: The winner is…Terra Oenning!

Yes, it’s a THING! And it’s the only kind of shopping I love! Hunting for treasure—what’s not to love? See my hauls from old “treasure” hunts!

The old-fashioned jewelry is perfect for mixed media projects (like pulls for tops of painted boxes!). See the letter holder? All it needs is a pretty coat of paint to update it and voila! The tin can be cut up for jewelry projects, too! The pretty bottle in the center is a large vintage hand-painted snuff bottle (which I collect!). It’s topless, but for a buck, I couldn’t resist!

My dd collects vintage Pyrex! I collect mid-century George Briard pieces (the gold tray). The trivet at the bottom of the photo will be great for pressing impressions in clay and paint! And I collect vintage vanity powder jars (see the swan?). And again, a tin to cut into jewelry dangles!

Lots of craft-worthy stuff here, too! Things to press, paint, glue!

Yeah, I know. Most of y’all would look at my hauls like they’re a bunch of junk, but there’s joy in DISCOVERY!

Help me celebrate National Thrift Shop Day by telling me about your favorite thrift or garage sale finds for a chance to win a download of a book from my backlist of stories!

Life in the Devlin House (Contest)
Sunday, January 10th, 2021

UPDATE: The winner is…Jeanine Lesperance!

Just a quick note about what this day means to me, and then I’ll move on. One year ago today, my mom passed away. She was at home, being cared for by my dd and myself because she wanted to be home until the end and knew she wasn’t going to beat her pancreatic cancer. I’d just walked away to get a washcloth to clean her face and returned. I began gently cleaning her face, talking to her, telling her that my sister was nearly there, hold on, when I realized she wasn’t breathing. One minute later, my sister arrived, too late to tell her goodbye. It was such a sad, sad day, but the only thing I can be thankful for is that she didn’t live to see what was to come just two months later. She left in peace.

So, here we are…how many months in? We cope. We also find joy. Little things matter more. My 16-year-old granddaughter has become our hairstylist. She watched YouTube videos so she could cut our hair. Here she is giving her 7-year-old sister a trim last night.

And isn’t she lovely? All that lovely strawberry-blond hair. She’s going to be a redhead like her mama.

We mostly stick close to home. Get our groceries delivered curbside, pick up our takeout masked. The one place we frequent, because it’s a big open, well-ventilated warehouse is our local flea market. We make that an event. See the treasures we found yesterday?

My mother had a collection of that old-fashioned, mid-century white Corning Ware with the blue flowers. We’ve been slowly adding pieces (it’s very collectible!). We paid $6 for two pieces, now we’ll have to hunt down lids on eBay (something else we enjoy—the hunt!). My dd got rid of all our plastic storage dishes and mixing bowls, and we’re replacing them with midcentury Pyrex (also, very collectible!). That brown set with the mushrooms we got for $40. If you think that’s insane, see how much it goes for on eBay! See the bent glass serving tray? It’s midcentury as well by George Briard ($10).

I added some odd bits to our haul—the yellow tin ($1) that I intend to cut up for tin jewelry, the small wood inlay picture frame ($1.50) that I’ll fill with a painting, the ceramic disk with raised lettering depicting the Cherokee alphabet ($6), which I will use to set my brush pot on for use on my art table, and I think I’ll press it against a gel plate covered in paint for background marks. See the yellow swan? It arrived in the mail today, so I added it to the display. I used a picture of it for the last jigsaw puzzle I posted.

So, we craft and “hunt” and have family movie nights. We’re fortunate, and we know it, because we aren’t hurting for money or searching for food banks. This situation isn’t normal, but the kids are happy, learning to cook and cut hair, and we have a little farm of animals they care for. We’re busy and not feeling especially stressed out about the restrictions. My police officer SIL got the vaccine this week, which is a huge relief. Hopefully, sometime this year, the rest of us will get it, too. We have lots to look forward to—warmer weather, swimming this summer, working on flower beds. We spend evenings talking about the trips we want to make to familiar haunts once it’s safe—Beale Street in Memphis, New Orleans.

We’re enjoying simple pleasures. Grateful we’ve, so far, dodged the virus while missing my parents and grandmother, who left us just before all this hit. We are finding things to be happy about and grateful for during this long-ass pandemic.

I’d love to hear how y’all are coping and whether the vaccine is headed your way soon. What plans do you have for when we get back to something approaching “normal” again. Comment for a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card.

Hidden Treasures (Puzzle-Contest)
Saturday, November 28th, 2020

UPDATE: The winner is…Joy Boutwell!

My family keeps me locked down tight. I don’t leave the house except on rare occasions. I’ve been to one dentist appointment, the ER (when I fell and injured my hand), the ortho doctor’s office, and physical therapy twice. That’s it since March—except for one “treat” they allow me every couple of months—a trip to our local flea market.

I arrive there beyond thrilled. It’s a large warehouse building with high ceilings and industrial fans running through it. Everyone’s masked. We made a trip right before Thanksgiving and there were only two cars outside, so yippee! We pretty much had the place to ourselves. We inspected every single stall searching for hidden treasure. Sometimes, I come away with maybe one item. This last trip, I found so many! Here’s the proof. And hold your eyerolls until I tell you what we found. 🙂

The stamps on the left were brand new, unused, and super cheap ($1 apiece), so I’m adding them to my considerable collection of art stamps. The handmade leather journal is brand new. The pages inside are a thick art paper—perfect for use as an art journal and just $9! I bought the crappy old leather wallet for a dollar because I intend to clean the outside and paint it with acrylic paint. Just a fun project I may toss, but an experiment for me.

More treasures! See the lidded swan jar? Well, I collect antique glass powder jars, in particular, those with animals on the lids. So, yes, I paid too much ($20), but I had to have it!!!! The praying boy is collectible Fenton glass for my dd ($8). Fenton’s hard to find here locally because everyone grabs it, but we got to this one first! See the little English double-decker bus tin? It was $1, but I plan to cut out the “windows” and use them for earrings. The biggest treasure? See those dishes? It’s 10 pieces of antique Wedgwood dinnerware, that we paid $8 for! We could sell individual pieces for more, so we’re still deciding whether to build out the collection for our own use or to sell it on Ebay. We came away totally stoked!

So, see? You can still have adventures—treasure hunts—in the midst of a pandemic!

Puzzle Contest

Solve the puzzle then choose one item that interests you for a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card!

Getting back into the swing…? Not so much (Contest)
Saturday, April 6th, 2019

UPDATE: The winner is…Karen!

Let me tell you what I’d rather do than write. I’d much rather go junk shopping. See the “treasure” above that I found at a flea market? It has a heavy glass/crystal base with a lovely tarnished metal adornment depicting cherubs affixed to the top. Yup, a paperweight. I paid a buck for it, and I love it. I’d much rather comb through stalls for little treasures than sit my butt in a chair to write.

Here’s another couple of clues about what I’d rather be doing…

Those are both items I recently completed. I’d much rather make some more just like them. In fact, I’ve been on a whirling dervish reorganizing my very crowded, hoardery art room so I can make room to lay out a dozen projects I’m itching to begin—some painted, some beaded—all not the most important thing I should be doing, but so much more attractive to me at the moment.

I have been editing. And yes, MJ, I’m nearing the end of your story. I’m also working through edits of the stories that will appear in Stranded, which releases at the end of this month. It’s not crunch time yet, but I do need to light a fire under my ass, because I have to write a story for it, too!

And yes, I know I have a gazillion reasons, good ones, why I’m unable to commit to filling a page with new words. Grief, emotional exhaustion—all those things weigh a soul down. But it is true that for months and months I neglected my environment while I whipped through work and family obligations. I do need to restore order for my own peace of mind. (See? I’m making excuses for not writing!)

In the meantime, I’m setting little goals. Edit one short story. Edit 20 pages of MJ’s lovely novel. Then return to the art room to sort through the chaos.

So, here’s a question for you…

Is there anything you’re dragging your feet getting done?
Answer for a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card!