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Another treasure hunt…
Monday, June 10th, 2019

When I’m stressed out, the family knows exactly what helps me find a little sanity—a treasure hunt!

Yes, my dd took me to the thrift store again. I’ve been working on two sets of edits that are both due tomorrow. My eyeballs are bloodshot, and I tend to stare into space when I’m in the middle of conversations. Those two clues gave away my sorry state. My dd dragged me out the door. Really, she had to.

Which means, I also can’t spare the brain matter to think of a lively topic for today’s blog, so I told my dd to snap a pic of my finds…

My daughter looked dubious when I had her try to arrange them all into something presentable. She doesn’t get it. Maybe you will.

Let’s move in a circular pattern, clockwise from the upper left corner. The orange box is a treasure trove of out-of-date road maps! She shook her head. “Who needs maps, mom? We have apps.” Huh. I know that. However, maps are very useful in mixed media art. I can make paper beads, decoupage, use them for collaging, etc. She had the nerve to roll her eyes after I finished my defense of the map box.

See that thing in the background that reads “pony beads”? Well, it’s a large plastic bag crammed with art supplies, from foam glue sticks to paint sticks, to sequins, pom-poms, pony beads, ribbon, and on and on. I bugged my eyeballs at her. “You have kids underfoot all summer. Don’t you think some arts and craft activities will be helpful? Now, you don’t have to raid my stash!”

Two sewing patterns. Yes, I know. I can only sew straight lines. The patterns aren’t to help me sew a dang thing. I want them for some mixed media art and collaging. No boos and hisses from all you sewing-persons out there.

The packs of scrapbook papers and paper doilies? Self-explanatory, I think. Mixed media and Gelli prints. Duh.

The blue doily? My mom loves doilies, and I’m just not that wonderful a daughter to want to crochet one for her…

Lastly, the To Do pad. Because I had to have it. It’s paper. It says “To Do”. Nuff said.


Getting back into the swing…? Not so much (Contest)
Saturday, April 6th, 2019

UPDATE: The winner is…Karen!

Let me tell you what I’d rather do than write. I’d much rather go junk shopping. See the “treasure” above that I found at a flea market? It has a heavy glass/crystal base with a lovely tarnished metal adornment depicting cherubs affixed to the top. Yup, a paperweight. I paid a buck for it, and I love it. I’d much rather comb through stalls for little treasures than sit my butt in a chair to write.

Here’s another couple of clues about what I’d rather be doing…

Those are both items I recently completed. I’d much rather make some more just like them. In fact, I’ve been on a whirling dervish reorganizing my very crowded, hoardery art room so I can make room to lay out a dozen projects I’m itching to begin—some painted, some beaded—all not the most important thing I should be doing, but so much more attractive to me at the moment.

I have been editing. And yes, MJ, I’m nearing the end of your story. I’m also working through edits of the stories that will appear in Stranded, which releases at the end of this month. It’s not crunch time yet, but I do need to light a fire under my ass, because I have to write a story for it, too!

And yes, I know I have a gazillion reasons, good ones, why I’m unable to commit to filling a page with new words. Grief, emotional exhaustion—all those things weigh a soul down. But it is true that for months and months I neglected my environment while I whipped through work and family obligations. I do need to restore order for my own peace of mind. (See? I’m making excuses for not writing!)

In the meantime, I’m setting little goals. Edit one short story. Edit 20 pages of MJ’s lovely novel. Then return to the art room to sort through the chaos.

So, here’s a question for you…

Is there anything you’re dragging your feet getting done?
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